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Sunday, January 19, 2020
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
3:21am Fischer Z- "Right Hand Man" - Marliese (Liberty)
3:18am Beliefs- "Swamp Core" - Habitat (Hand Drawn Dracula)
3:15am Lovelies- "Weekenderman" - Something Cool (Cher Doll)
3:12am Retsin- "Swallow" - Sweet Luck of Amaryllis (Carrrot Top)
3:08am Secret Shine- "Way Too High" - After Years (Tone Vendor)
3:06am Die Moulinettes- "Strano Mondo Di Tanti Nomi rmx." - Alpha Bravo Charlie (Shado)
3:03am Teebs- "Shells" - Anicca (Brainfeeder)
3:01am ---
2:58am Urbie Green- "How About You?" - East Coast Jazz Series 6 (Avenue Jazz)
2:56am Likwuid- "Faytal Silence" - Likwuid & 2 Hungry Bros (HipNOTT)
2:54am Gillian Hills- "Tut, Tut, Tut, Tut, Tut" - Tres Chic! (Ace)
2:52am Ursula 1000- "Esoterique Intro" - Esoterique (Insect Queen)
2:48am Polyrhythmia Ensemble- "Track A5 (in Bulgarian)" - Popular Pieces 2 (Balkanton)
2:45am Mermaidens- "I Might Disappear" - Look Me In The Eye (Flying Nun)
2:42am Lines- "Transit" - Memory Span (Acute)
2:40am ---
2:38am Submacide- "Bonus Beer Song" - This Is Why We Are The Drunks (Rust)
2:35am Fitz of Depression- "Jenny / 867-5309" - Jenny / 867-5309 (Negative Feedback)
2:33am Frumpies- "Tommy Slich" - Frumpie One Piece (Kill Rock Stars)
2:30am For Love Not Lisa- "Play" - For Love Not Lisa (East West)
2:27am Watson & The Sherlocks- "Funky Walk" - Soulful Sounds from Soulville: The Soulville Jaywalking Story (Get Hip)
2:25am Freddy King- "Sen-Sa-Shun" - Takin Care Of Business (Charly R&B)
2:23am Miss Mary- "Gimme, Gimme" - Hey Blue (Stereorrific)
2:21am ---
2:18am Omni- "Secretly Yours" - Networker (Sub Pop)
2:15am Deverons- "She's Your Lover" - Let's Dig 'Em Up! 18 Killing Garage Lashes From The Pulverizing 60's (No Tume)
2:11am Forgotten Rebels- "This Ain't Hollywood" - Tomorrow Belongs To Us (Other Peoples Music)
2:09am Blitz- "New Age" - New Age / Fatigue (Future)
2:06am Screaming Broccoli- "Eleanor Rigby" - Screaming Broccoli (Ruling Factor)
2:03am ---
2:00am Dea- "Drown The Curve" - Obscure Independent Classics: Volume 4 (Special Japanese Edition) (Cordelia)
1:56am Steve Hauschildt- "The Spring In Chartreuse" - Nonlin (Ghostly International)
1:52am Five or Six- "Another Reason" - Another Reason / Trial (Cherry Red)
1:49am Nancy Jacobs & Her Sisters- "Baby Are Yeng" - Township Jazz 'N' Jive (Music Club)
1:46am Resonance- "Song To John Pt.2" - All The Things I Never Said (Mandala)
1:43am Figurine- "Zero Degrees" - Zero Degrees (Motorway)
1:40am ---
1:37am Funky Wordsmiths- "Spoken\Anthologeez" - Spoken\Anthologeez (Blak Yang)
1:34am Blu & Fat Jack- "Good Life" - Underground Makes the World Go Round EP (Order Label)
1:31am WaqWaq Kingdom- "Girt From God" - Essaka Hoisa (Phantom Limb)
1:28am Ashtray Boy- "Corn Jack" - The Everyman's Fifth Dimension (Ajax)
1:25am Kacy and Clayton- "In A Time Of Doubt" - Carry On (New West)
1:22am Dee Lannon- "Until You're Mine" - Until You're Mine (I Loki)
1:20am ---
1:19am Michael Viner's Bongo Band- "Bongo Rock '73" - Bongo Rock The Story Of The Incredible Bongo Band (Strut)
1:16am Leather Nun- "Gimme Gimme Gimme" - Leather Nun Plays Abba: Gimme Gimme Gimme! (Wire)
1:12am Incomplete Monday- "Lost Sunday" - I Am (Silent)
1:09am Dead Monks Club- "Le Petitte Mort" - Book Of My Numberless Dreams (self released)
1:07am DJ Quest- "Live Human" - Turntables By The Bay (Hip Hop Slam)
1:05am Gorgeous- "Shed Boys" - Egg (sel released)
1:01am ---
12:58am Would Be Goods- "Motorbike Girl" - The Camera Loves Me (Richmond)
12:55am Les Autres- "Ce Que Je Prefere" - Belle Est Ta Tournee (Zoo)
12:51am Smitten- "Connected" - Smitten (Not Happy)
12:47am Dorothy's Melting- "Inside" - Unwhole EP (self released)
12:44am Virna Lindt- "Attention Stockholm" - Attention Stockholm (Compact)
12:42am Dexter Story- "Techawit" - Bahir (Soundway)
12:39am ---
12:36am Soul Rebels- "I'm So Confused" - Unlock Your Mind (Rounder)
12:34am Tobacco- "Home Invasionaires" - Sweatbox (Ghostly International)
12:32am Stromp Gordon- "Damp Rag" - Jumpin' The Blues (Ace)
12:28am The So Ons- "Short Shrift" - Tej / Short Shrift (Transistor Sound)
12:26am Sugar Pie DeSanto- "In The Basement Part 1" - Go Go Power (Kent)
12:24am Polynesians- "Bora Bora" - Hawaiian Paradise (Crown)
12:22am ---
12:20am Greasy Gills- "Mr. Rebel" - The Spring Collection (Hi Tide)
12:17am Libido- "Fish Taco" - Recipe (Self Released)
12:13am Siekiera- "Idziemy Na Skraj (We're Going To The Edge)" - Nowa Aleksandria (Tonpress)
12:11am Die Sterne (The Stars)- "Widerscein" - Die Sterne (L'age D'or)
12:06am Green Magnet School- "Ellipse" - Blood Music (Subpop)
12:04am MIghty Mighty- "Built Like A Car" - A Band From Birmingham (Vinyl Japan)
12:02am Tubetop- "Passes For Love" - Three Minute Hercules (Laundry Room)
12:00am ---
Saturday, January 18, 2020
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:30pm Dirty Boiz- "2019-05-18" - KALX Live! (KALX)
11:14pm DJ Marz- "Killer Cali Cut" - Turntables By the Bay (Hip Hop Slam)
11:11pm No Knife- "Academy Fight Song" - Fire in the City of Automatons (Time Bomb Recordings)
11:08pm Flying Lotus- "Galaxy in Janaki" - Cosmogramma (Warp)
11:04pm War- "Why Can't We Be Friends" - Why Can't We Be Friends (United Artists)
11:00pm Younger Lovers- "201-09-23" - KALX Live! (KALX)
10:28pm Enya- "Exile Miss Clare Remembers" - Watermark (Geffen)
10:22pm Enya- "Storms in Africa" - Watermark (Geffen)
10:00pm Hawak
9:40pm Camilo y Los Robot Ninjas- "2013-07-13" - KALX Live! (KALX)
9:28pm Wham!- "Last Christmas" - Music from the Edge of Heaven (Columbia)
9:18pm Toychestra- "2003-01-04" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:54pm Billy Cobham- "Heather" - Crosswinds (Atlantic)
8:52pm --- "--" - --
8:48pm Scott Matelic- "Ring Finger" - Ring Finger 7" (Bully)
8:44pm A Race of Angels- "Just Begin" - From LA With Love (Art Don't Sleep)
8:40pm Cravo & Canela- "Asa Branca" - Preco de Cada Um (Mr Bongo)
8:37pm Pierre Piccioni- "Officinate Stellare" - Officinate Stellar (CAM)
8:35pm --- "--" - --
8:29pm Maker- "Sandcastle" - Shooting the Breeze (Galapagos4)
8:25pm Mophono- "I Don't Cry" - I Cry (CB)
8:21pm FKA Twigs- "Home With You" - Magdalene (Young Turks)
8:19pm Floating Points- "Requiem for CS70 and Strings" - Crush (Ninja Tune)
8:15pm --- "--" - --
8:10pm Dinning Rooms- "Maria" - Numero Duex (Guidance)
8:07pm Tyler, The Creator- "Igor's Theme" - Igor (Columbia)
8:03pm Controller 7- "Bad Blue (last chance)" - Lunch Money Singles (Bully)