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Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
8:10pm Harry Partch- "Cloud Chamber Music" - The Collection V. 1 (New World)
8:06pm Claudio Parodi- "Horizontal Mover (Homage to Alvin Lucier)" - Horizontal Mover (Homage to Alvin Lucier) (Extreme)
8:02pm Stefan Wesolowski- "Route" - Liebestod (Important)
7:54pm Taxi Girl- "Seppuku" - Seppuku (Fan Club)
7:51pm Belly- "Dusted" - Star (4AD)
7:46pm Television- "Friction" - Marquee Moon (Elektra)
7:43pm Black Oak Arkansas- "Hot Rod" - Raunch N Roll (Atco)
7:41pm Boudeewijn de Groot- "Tante Julia" - Grootste Hits (Decca)
7:38pm Cowsills- "Indian Lake" - Captain Sad and His Ship of Fools (MGM)
7:35pm Shorty Long- "Function at the Junction" - Beg Scream and Shout V.2 (Rhino)
7:31pm Buddha Bass and Soul Food- "Enigmatica" - Buddha Bass (S/R)
7:27pm Robert Palmer- "What Do You Care" - Clues (Island)
7:23pm Graham Parker- "Jolie Jolie" - The Up Escalator (Arista)
7:19pm Sonic Avenues- "In Your Head" - Mistakes (Dirtnap)
7:16pm Spencer Owen- "Deserve You More" - Blue Circle (S/R)
7:11pm Paramount Singers- "There's A Leak in This Old Building" - Work and Pray On (Arhoolie)
7:08pm Charley Patton- "Hang it On the Wall" - Screamin' and Hollerin' The Blues (Revenant)
7:06pm Ry Cooder- "Nohting Out There" - Paris Texas OST (Warner Bros.)
7:04pm Palace Music- "The Brute Choir" - The Last Blues (Drag City)
7:02pm Painted Saints- "Miles of Twine" - Company Town (Sopping Thursday)
7:00pm Dolly Parton- "Two Sides to Every Story" - A Real Live Dolly (RCA)
6:57pm Truckstop Honeymoon- "Running Like a Child" - The Madness of Happiness (Squirrel)
6:49pm Plaid- "Tether" - Reachy Prints (Warp)
6:46pm Peaches- "You Love It" - Impeach My Bush (XL)
6:41pm Ultravox- "Accent on Youth" - Rage in Eden (Chrysalis)
6:37pm The Faint- "Unseen Hand" - Doom Abuse (SQE)
6:30pm Busta Rhymes- "Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check" - Single (Flipmode)
6:26pm Panjabi MC- "Bheer" - Dhol Jageero Da (Snoop)
6:23pm Chimurenga Renaissance- "Go Go Gettem" - Rize Vadzimu Rize (Brick Lane)
6:20pm Ratking- "Remove Ya" - So it Goes (HXC)
6:11pm Les Loups Noirs- "Pile Ou Face" - Haiti Direct (Strut)
6:06pm Errol Parker and the Contemporary Jazz Ensemble- "G Major Samba" - African Samba (Sahara)
6:00pm Rufus Harley- "Eight Miles High" - King/Queens (Atlantic Records)
5:55pm Oceanography- "Drinking Water" - Parachutes of Plenty (s/r)
5:53pm --
5:50pm The Mops- "I'm Just a Mops" - Sixties Japanese Garage Psych Sampler (AEPI)
5:46pm Zein L Abdin Ahmed- "Huba" - Songs the Swahili Sing (Original Music)
5:44pm Song of the Little Red Guards- "Study Hard for the Revolution" - Children's Songs (China Record Co)
5:36pm Dusan Dobricanin- "Marko Pije Uz Ramazan Vino" - Slavic Gusle Music of the Seventh Century (Olympic)
5:32pm National Park System- "Egg Song" - s/t (s/r)
5:32pm --
5:29pm S. Mullorizhanova- "Ba Dilbar (My Beloved)" - Through Asiatic USSR in Hi Fi (Bruno)
5:26pm Elenkrig's Orchestra- "Fiselekh, Fieselkh" - Klezmer Music: The First Recordings (Folklyric)
5:24pm Los Caminantes- "Siempre hace frio" - Norteno Accordion Part 2 San Antonio the 1940's and 50's (Arhoolie)
5:21pm Flaco y Max- "Mi primer amor" - Legends and Legacies (Smithsonian Folkways)
5:16pm Los Chijuas- "Te Quiero" - Los Nuggets (Rock Beat)
5:15pm Glow God- "No Maybe Don't" - House of Distractions (Dust House)
5:10pm --
5:07pm Sommai Salat- "Pin solo" - Thailand: Lao Music of the Northeast (Lyrichord)
5:03pm Les Maitres du Salegy- "Mama" - s/t (Aventour)
5:00pm Bronze- "Longing" - World Arena (Not Not Fun)
4:57pm Liam Finn- "Wild Animal" - The nihilist (Yep Roc)
4:53pm --
4:51pm Grupo de Mirando do Douro- "Gaiteros" - Country Fair in Douro (Request)
4:40pm Auktyon- "Tam-dam" - Girls Sing (s/r)
4:35pm The Kandinsky Effect- "If Only" - Synesthesia (Cuneiform)
4:31pm -- (Cuneiform)
4:28pm Les Mogol- "Wild Flower" - Dances and Rhythms of Turkey (World Psychedelia)
4:26pm Asha Bhosle, Praeful Dave and Chorus- "Kali Kali Vadali ma vijali zabuke" - Jantar-walo Juwaan (polydor)
4:23pm Ananda Shankar- "Dance Indra" - s/t (Reprise)
4:20pm Insect Surfers- "Bay of Bengal" - InfraGreen (Marlin)
4:17pm Ghost Beach- "Close Enough" - Blonde (Nettwerk)
4:15pm Johnny Dynamites- "The Night the Angels Cried" - Wigan Casino Soul Club (Charly)
4:10pm --
4:07pm The Herms- "Now Everyone" - Record Machine (Jackpine)
4:04pm Edmund Welles- "Passive Illumination" - Tooth and Claw (Zeroth Low)
4:00pm The Gospel Truth- "A Lonely Man does Foolish Things" - A Lonely Man does Foolish Things (12XU)
3:55pm Mystic Braves- "Bright Blue Day Haze" - Desert Island (s/r)
3:51pm Caetano Veloso- "Quero" - Abracaco (Nonesuch)
3:47pm --
3:46pm Nuru Kane- "Niane" - Sigil (World Music Network)
3:39pm Gamana- "Jangoany" - Le Marija (Lyrichord)
3:35pm Scrunter- "Animals" - Soca Party (Charlie's)
3:30pm Entertainment Calendar
3:26pm Ibibio Sound Machine- "Got to Move, Got to Get Out!" - s/t (Soundway)
3:20pm Eddie Gale- "It Must Be You" - Black Rhythm Happening (Water)
3:17pm Sam Goldsmith- "So it goes" - Summer Victory Dance (Sting-A-Bee-Back)
3:12pm --
3:09pm Galwad and Mynydd- "Merch yn Eistedd ar y bryn" - s/t (Finders Keepers)
3:06pm Dim Peaks- "Time of Joy" - Time of Joy (Gold Robot)
3:00pm Genders- "The Wilderness" - Get Lost (s/r)
2:55pm Pink Mountaintops- "New Teenage Mutilation" - Get Back (Jagjaguwar)
2:50pm Ichi Ni San Shi- "Watch Them Grow" - Slow Truth (Super Secret)
2:46pm Optigonally Yours- "Gepetto" - Exclusively Talentmaker! (Absolutely Kosher)
2:44pm Discordia- "Discordia's Five Year Plan" - Y Sun Over Discordia (Fortuna Pop!)
2:38pm HTRK- "Chinatown Style" - Psychic 9-5 Club (Ghostly International)
2:32pm Fever the Ghost- "Calico" - Crab in Honey (Complicated Game)
2:27pm Raphe Malik- "Hightail" - The Short Form (eremite)
2:17pm Giraffes? Giraffes!- "A Quick One While She's Away" - More Skin with Milk Mouth (Loves in Heat)
2:11pm Rebecca Gates- "Suite Seals" - The Float (12XU)
2:06pm Hugo Hans- "Cannibals" - Beginners (Banquet Man)
2:02pm The Sound- "Total Recall" - In the Hothouse (Statik)
1:57pm S. Carey- "Fleeting Light" - Range of Light (Jagjaguwar)
1:52pm The Muffs- "Right in the Eye" - Guilty 7" (Au Go Go)
1:46pm Col. Frank Borman- "From Sputnik to Lunar Landing" - Sounds of the Space Age (National Geographic)
1:43pm Nicole Atkins- "Girl You Look Amazing" - Slow Phaser (Oh Mercy!)
1:36pm The Pixies- "The Happening" - Bossanova (4AD)
1:31pm The Faint- "Help In the Head" - Doom Abuse (SQE)
1:28pm The Swirlies- "Didn't Understand" - What To Do About Them (Taang!)
1:23pm DTCV- "Shut Up" - Hilarious Heaven (Xemu)