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Sunday, November 18, 2018
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
1:20pm --- "--" - -- (--)
1:16pm The 3 Pieces- "Cool It" - Vibes of Truth (Fantasy)
1:12pm Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio- "Ain't It Funky" - Close but No Cigar (Colemine)
1:03pm Lonnie Smith- "Layin' in the Cut" - Move Your Hand (Blue Note)
12:57pm Mongo Santamaria- "Mongo's Boogaloo" - Mongomania (Columbia)
12:56pm Soft Sailors- "Dancing in the Dark" - Spring 2018 Mixtape (Vanity Projects)
12:54pm --- "--" - -- (--)
12:51pm Public Image Ltd- "Seattle" - Hang the DJ (Rhino)
12:50pm Deviants- "I'm Coming Home" - The Perfumed Garden Vol.2 (Psycho)
12:48pm Wild Nothing- "Canyon on Fire" - Indigo (Captured Tracks)
12:45pm Vobrigdi- "Kjot" - Geyser: An Anthology of The Icelandic Independent Music Scene of The Eighties (Enigma)
12:42pm Peter Kardas- "Other Playgrounds" - Switched on Eugene (Numero Group)
12:39pm --- "--" - -- (--)
12:30pm Opeth- "Ghost of Perdition" - Ghost Reveries (Roadrunner)
12:25pm Bloodrock- "D.O.A." - Bloodrock 2 (Capitol)
12:18pm --- "--" - -- (--)
12:14pm Paul McCartney- "Back in Brazil" - Egypt Station (Capitol Records)
12:09pm Maribou State- "Feel Good (ft. Khruangbin)" - Kingdoms in Colour (Counter)
12:02pm Bembeya Jazz National- "Waraba" - Discotheque 70 (Melodie Distribution)
12:00pm Helene Martin- "Pablo Mon Ami" - Aragon/Elegie a Pablo Neruda (Cavalier)
11:57am --- "--"
11:53am Bananarama- "White Train" - Venus (London)
11:48am Grapetooth- "Death" - Grapetooth (Polyvinyl)
11:45am Porches- "Now The Water" - The House (Domino)
11:42am Vector Command- "Ports of Venus" - System 3 (Hozac)
11:40am --- "--"
11:37am Clock DVA- "The Sonology of Sex II" - Sound Mirror (Wax Trax)
11:34am Exit Group- "Subtle Persuasion" - Adverse Habitat (Castle Face)
11:29am These Immortal Souls- "Hyperspace" - I'm Never Gonna Die Again (Mute)
11:26am Hole- "Credit In The Straight World" - Live Through This (Geffen Records)
11:22am Miserable- "Loverboy" - Loverboy/Dog Days (Sargent House)
11:17am --- "--"
11:14am Claw Hammer- "Shrivel Up" - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Not Devo... (Sympathy)
11:11am Dodos- "Ono Fashion" - Certainty Waves (Polyvinyl)
11:09am All- "Frog" - Allroy Saves (Cruz)
11:06am Nemo- "He Looked Like Neil Sedaka" - Nemo (Rainbow Quartz)
11:04am Killbilly- "Maybelline" - Stranger in this Place (Flying Fish)
10:59am Bela Fleck- "Slipstream" - Drive (Rounder)
10:56am --- "--"
10:53am People Like Us- "Old Cow Whoopee" - A Fistful Of Knuckle (Caciocavallo)
10:50am Dawn- "I Can't Believe How Much I Love You" - Tuneweaving (Bell)
10:46am Rexy- "Nervoso" - Running Out Of Time (Alien)
10:42am Papercuts- "Walk Backwards" - Parallel Universe Blues (Slumberland)
10:39am Clean- "Slug Song" - The Clean Compilation (Au-go-go)
10:36am --- "--"
10:33am Paupiere- "K.O." - A Jamais Prive de Responses (Lisbon Lux)
10:25am Miquel Brown- "So Many Men, So Little Time" - So Many Men, So Little Time (TSR)
10:21am Drew Barrymore- "ET The Extra-Terrestrial" - ET The Extra Terestrial (Disneyland)
10:18am Mr Twin Sister- "Alien FM" - Salt (Twin Group)
10:16am --- "--"
10:13am WaldoThe Dog Faced Boy- "Hassan Chop" - Tingle (Win)
10:10am Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings- "My Man Is a Mean Man" - Naturally (Daptone)
10:06am Jack Moves- "Penn Station" - Free Money (EverLoving)
10:02am Valvola- "Cupa atmosfera" - Harpsichord 2000 (S.H.A.D.O.)
9:59am Violettes- "1-2-3 Go!" - The Violetes (S/R)
9:54am --- "--"
9:51am Pussywillows- "Hold My Hand" - Rutles Highway Revisited (Shimmy Disc)
9:47am Roches- "Mr. Sellack" - The Roches (Warner Bros.)
9:45am Billy & Lillie- "La Dee Dah" - La Dee Dah (Swan)
9:42am U.S. Girls- "Work From Home" - Gem (Fat Cat)
9:40am Jerry Paper- "Grey Area" - Like A Baby (Stones Throw)
9:38am Shawsheen River Rats- "Jeepers Creepers" - Harmony Sweepstakes (Harmony Sweepstakes)
9:36am Johnnie Ray- "Don't Blame Me" - Spotlite (Columbia)
9:36am Johnnie Ray- "Don't Blame Me" - Spotlite (Columbia)
9:33am --- "--"
9:29am Winter & Triptides- "Raio Del Sol" - Estrela Magica (OAR)
9:27am Great Plains- "Duet Between Buyer and Seller" - Length of Growth (Old 3C)
9:24am Los Chiriguanos- "Llegada" - The Pulsating Sounds Of Paraguay (Elektra)
9:21am Sindo Garay- "Retorna" - Sindo Garay (Arlito)
9:16am Gilberto Rodriguez y Los Intocables- "Ojala" - Sabor Maracuya Desnuda (Timmion)
9:12am --- "--"
9:10am M.O.T.O.- "We Are The Rats" - Kill M.O.T.O. (Criminal IQ)
9:07am Mice- "Bye Bye Kitty Cat" - For Almost Ever/Scooter (Scat)
9:03am Baby Grande- "Zephyr" - Baby Grande (Hozac)
9:00am Scruffy The Cat- "My Fate" - Mr. Beautiful PresentsAll Hard (Modern Method)
8:55am Young Jesus- "For Nana" - The Whole Thing Is Just There (Saddle Creek)
8:53am --- "--" - -- (--)
8:45am Disco Inferno- "From the Devil to the Deep Blue Sky" - A Rock to Cling to - Single (Rough Trade)
8:44am --- "--" - -- (--)
8:38am Fennesz- "Circassian" - Venice (Touch)
8:33am Low- "Always Up" - Double Negative (Sub Pop)
8:30am --- "--" - -- (--)
8:25am Group Rhoda- "Sea or Be Sea" - Wilderless (Dark Entries)
8:13am Ashley, Robert- "The Backyard" - Private Parts (Lovely Music)
8:05am Hecker, Tim- "This Life" - Konoyo (Kranky)
8:00am Les Halles- "Final Mirage" - Zephyr (Not Not Fun)
7:57am --- "--" - -- (--)
7:52am Ellington, Mingus, Roach- "Solitude" - Money Jungle (United Artists)
7:44am Holley, Lonnie- "Coming Back (From the Distance Between the Spaces of Time)" - MITH (Jagjaguwar)
7:33am Tuma, Scott- "Beautiful Dreamer" - Hard Again (Truckstop)
7:30am --- "--" - -- (--)
7:22am Peter Nothnagle- "New Snow" - Switched-OnEugene (Numero Group)
7:15am Ackland- "Shadow" - Ackland (Capitol Records)
7:09am All Them Witches- "Rob's Dream" - ATW (New West)
6:59am Argent- "God GaveRockAndRollToYou" - Encore(LiveInConcert) (CBS)
6:54am Julia Holter- "Words I Heard" - Aviary (Domino)
6:50am Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever- "Talking Straight" - Hope Downs (Sub Pop)
6:48am --- "--" - -- (--)
6:43am Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever- "An Air Conditioned Man" - Hope Downs (Subpop)
6:37am Emma Ruth Rundle- "Darkhorse" - On Dark Horses (Sargent House)