Recent Songs on KALX

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
8:26pm Blevin Blechtum- "Deathrattlesnake" - Emblem Album (Aagoo)
8:22pm Glaxo Babies- "Dinosaur Disco Meets the Swampsstomp" - Nine Months To The Disco (Superior Viaduct)
8:19pm Tony Von- "N'Hoca" - Angola Soundtrack 2 (Analog Africa)
8:14pm 45 RPM
8:10pm Siouxsie & the Banshees- "Helter Skelter" - Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
8:07pm X-Ray Spex- "Oh Bondage Up Yours" - Germ Free Adolescents (Caroline)
8:03pm Rita Chao & the Quests- "Hanky Panky" - Girls in the Garage vol. 9 (Romulan)
8:01pm Beavers- "Why Baby Why" - Sixties Japanese Garage-Psych Sampler (Bamboo)
7:59pm Sultan Bathery- "Something Good To Me" - s/t (Slovenly)
7:57pm Simple Circuit- "Loose Tooth" - s/t (s/r)
7:54pm 45 RPM
7:51pm Feral Ohms- "Living Junkyard" - Living Junkyard (Valley King)
7:48pm MC5- "Looking At You (original A-Square single version)" - The Big Bang (Rhino)
7:43pm Death- "Politicians in My Eyes" - For The Whole World To See (Drag City)
7:39pm VKTMS- "The Ballad of Pincushion Smith" - SF Underground (Subterranean)
7:36pm Mutants- "New Dark Ages" - Fun Terminal (White Noise)
7:27pm Numbers Band- "Animal Speaks" - Jimmy Bell's Back in Town (Exit Stencil)
7:26pm 45 RPM
7:21pm Clan of Xymox- "Muscoviet Mosquito" - Lonely Is An Eyesore (4AD)
7:18pm Soviet Soviet- "Hidden" - Fate (Felte)
7:11pm Cure- "One Hundred Years" - Pornography (A&M)
7:08pm Dum Dum Girls- "Rimbaud Eyes" - Too True (Sub Pop)
7:04pm Mekons- "Ghosts of American Astronauts" - So Good it Hurts (Twin/Tone)
7:02pm 45 RPM
7:00pm Offs- "Zero" - Californian Skapunk Pioneers (Lost & Found)
6:58pm Black Randy- "San Francisco" - Pass the Dust I Think I'm Bowie (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
6:53pm Tuxedomoon- "19th Nervous Breakdown" - Can You Hear Me: Live From the Deaf Club (Optional/Walking Dead)
6:50pm Pink Section- "Shopping" - Shopping (s/r)
6:45pm Bronze- "Played" - Worlds Arena (Not Not Fun)
6:42pm Damaged Bug- "Gloves For Garbage" - Hubba Bubba (Castle Face)
6:41pm 45 RPM
6:38pm Hawkwind- "Electronic No. 1" - Space Ritual (EMI)
6:30pm White Hills- "Forever in Space (Enlightened)" - So You Are...So You'll Be (Thrill Jockey)
6:25pm Johnny Casino- "Take Me Down To Your River" - Live at the Hanging Tree (Off the Hip)
6:21pm MX-80- "White Night" - Out of Control (TEC Tones)
6:19pm 45 RPM
6:16pm Spyrals- "Comn Down" - Out of Sight (Mock)
6:13pm Fun 4- "Singing in the Showers" - Punk Territory Vol. 2 (Anthology)
6:11pm Los Nuns- "Media Control" - Punk Territory Vol. 1 (Anthology)
6:08pm Avengers- "Teenage Rebel" - Teenage Rebel (Superior Viaduct)
6:06pm Vee Dee- "Tet Midwest" - Further (Criminal IQ)
6:04pm Negative Trend- "Meathouse" - We Don't Play We Riot (Subterranean)
6:01pm Crime- "Hot Wire My Heart" - Hot Wire My Heart
5:59pm Meatypaws- "End Of Show" - xx (xx)
5:55pm Sarah Harmer- "Luther's Got The Blues" - I'm a Mountain (Cold Snap)
5:52pm Moot Davis- "How Long" - Man About Town (Highway Kind)
5:48pm Marshall Holland- "Radio Style" - And The Etceteras (s/r)
5:30pm xx- "xx" - KALX Evening News (xx)
5:26pm FM 359- "I'll Be On My Way" - Truth Love And Liberty (Pirates Press)
5:22pm Muddy Udders- "Born Leader Boogie" - Bloody Murders (Ionik)
5:18pm Rural Alberta Advantage- "The Deadroads" - Hometowns (Saddle Creek)
5:14pm xx- "xx" - xx (xx)
5:09pm Pine Valley Cosmonauts / Otis Clay- "Banks Of The Ohio" - Last Executioners Song (Bloodshot)
5:05pm Gangstagrass- "Banks Of The Ohio" - Broken Hearts and Stolen Money (Rench Audio)
5:03pm News- "State of the Day" - OHIO (xx)
4:58pm Ruby Dee And The Snake Handlers- "After The Flood" - North Of Bakersfield (Dionysus)
4:55pm Dee Lannon- "Honky Tonk Nightime Gal" - Honky Tonk Nightime Gal (Iloki)
4:53pm Quarter Mile Combo- "Knockout Punch" - Motels Gas and Beer (6 Volt)
4:49pm Rock And Roll Adventure Kids- "Ramblin Man" - Hillbilly Psychosis (Total Trash)
4:46pm Bim Skala Bim- "Get Us Out" - Chet's Last Call (s/r)
4:42pm Rock A Teens- "I Am Forgetting" - Cry (Daemon)
4:40pm xx- "xx" - xx (xx)
4:35pm Sleepin Rattlers- "The Cowboy Rides Away" - Punktry And Western Music (s/r)
4:31pm Imperial Rooster- "Your Friends Think I'm The Devil" - KALX (KALX)
4:26pm Scott H Biram- "Around The Bend" - Nothin But Blood (Bloodshot)
4:24pm Pat Roberts And The Heymakers- "Lonesome And Blue" - Lonesome And Blue (Electric Lotus)
4:20pm Nightwatchmen- "Let Freedom Ring" - One Man Revolution (Epic)
4:18pm xx- "xx" - xx (xx)
4:13pm Donna The Buffalo- "I Can See How You Are" - Tonight Tomorrow and Yesterday (Sugar Hill)
4:09pm Nitty Gritty Dirt Banc- "Stuck In The Middle" - Speed Of Life (Sugar Hill)
4:06pm Nick 13- "Nashville Winter" - s/t (Sugar Hill)
4:04pm Haden Triplets- "Tiny Broken Heart" - s/t (Third Man)
3:59pm Carlene Carter- "I Fell In Love" - I Fell In Love (Reprise)
3:56pm Rhonda Vincent- "I'm Leavin'" - Good Thing Going (Rounder)
3:54pm xx- "xx" - xx (xx)
3:51pm Lily and Madeline- "Nothing But Time" - s/t (Asthmatic Kitty)
3:48pm Trampled by Turtles- "New Orleans" - Palomino (Banjodad)
3:45pm Orbans- "When We Were Wild" - When We Were Wild (s/r)
3:40pm Warm Soda- "Postcards" - Young Reckless Hearts (Castleface)
3:37pm Persephonie's Bees- "East / West" - Selections (s/r)
3:31pm xx- "xx" - Ent Cal (xx)
3:28pm Paleface- "The Show Is On The Road" - The Show Is On the Road (Ramseur)
3:27pm xx- "xx" - xx (xx)
3:22pm Split Lip Rayfield- "Record Shop" - Never Make it Home (Bloodshot)
3:20pm Sasparilla- "Bruised By Tears" - Ramshackle (Hearth)
3:15pm Laurie Lewis- "The Crooked Miles" - One Evening In May (Spruce & Maple Music)
3:12pm Peter Rowan- "Tea Party" - KALX (KALX Live)
3:05pm Ramblin Jack Elliott- "South Coast" - South Coast (Red House)
3:02pm Meatypaws- "Ballad Of The" - xx (xx)
2:56pm Bombay Bicycle Club- "So Long, See You Tomorrow" - So Long, See You Tomorrow (Vagrant)
2:52pm Crabapple- "Is It You?" - Is It You? (S/R)
2:49pm Butter The Children- "Earthbound" - S/T (S/R)
2:43pm Chance- "Sambo Do Morro" - Nao Wave (Man Recordings Berlin)
2:40pm The Clean- "Indigo Blue" - Anthology (Merge)
2:35pm The Verlaines- "Crisis After Crisis" - Juvenilia (Homestead)
2:32pm The Servants- "Rejection" - Small Time / Hey Hey We're The Manques (Captured Tracks)
2:27pm My Favorite- "Burning Hearts" - The Kids Are All Wrong (Double Agent)
2:19pm Kids On A Crime Spree- "Jean-Paul Sartre" - We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
2:18pm Kaito- "Sweet Allie" - Montigola Underground (Devil In The Woods)
2:15pm Go Sailor- "Together Forever In Love" - Together Forever In Love (Slumberland)