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Friday, February 14, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
5:46pm Red Paintings- "Streets Fell Into My Window" - The Revolution Is Bombastic (The End)
5:42pm High Highs- "Open Season" - Open Season (Never Leave Never Sleep)
5:37pm Tony Orlando & Dawn- "Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman" - Greatest Hits (Arista)
5:33pm Adam Wade- "The Writing On The Wall" - Greatest Hits (Epic)
5:30pm Joni James- "Hey There" - 100 Strings & Joni On Broadway (MGM)
5:26pm Nat King Cole- "Those Lazy - Hazy - Crazy Days Of Summer" - Those Lazy - Hazy - Crazy Days Of Summer (Capitol)
5:23pm Original Cast Recording- "Jet Song" - West Side Story (Columbia)
5:19pm Alice Cooper- "Gutter Cats vs. The Jets" - Schools Out (Warner Bros)
5:14pm Old Firm Casuals- "Army Of One" - Army Of One (Oi!! The Boat)
5:11pm Donnas- "Take It Off" - Spend the Night (Atlantic)
5:06pm Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs- "Get It Off" - Girl (Possibility)
5:02pm Black Angel- "My Name Is Legion" - Pleasuredome (s/r)
4:56pm Moon Hoax- "Time Jugglers" - Moon Hoax (Tkliwi Nihiliści)
4:55pm --- "--" - -- (--)
4:49pm Charles Mingus Orchestra- "Tonight At Noon" - Tonight At Noon (Dreyfus)
4:45pm Acronym Orchestra- "Miss Coconutz" - Initially (Ramjet)
4:39pm Matthew Halsall- "Fletcher Moss Park" - Fletcher Moss Park (Gondwana)
4:32pm Zara McFarlane- "Police And Thieves" - If You Knew Her (Brownswood)
4:27pm John Coletrane and Johnny Hartman- "My One And Only Love" - John Coletrane and Johnny Hartman (Impulse!)
4:24pm --- "--" - -- (--)
4:19pm Mehliana- "Hungry Ghost" - Mehliana: Taming The Dragon (Nonesuch)
4:15pm Cecile McLorin Salvant- "No Regrets" - Cecile (S/R)
4:09pm Joe Pass Trio- "Night and Day" - Eximious (Pablo)
4:07pm Julie London- "My Funny Valentine" - Sharky's Machine OST (Warner Bros.)
4:04pm euryphonic- "--" - -- (--)
4:02pm Jean Charles- "Music Maestro Please/A Foggy Day" - Demo (S/R)
3:57pm Swamp Dogg- "The Love We Got Ain't Worth Dead Flies" - I'm Not Selling Out/I'm Buying In (Takoma)
3:53pm Esther Phillips- "Home is Where the Hatred Is" - S/T (Kudu)
3:50pm The Outcasts- "Love is for Sops" - Good Vibrations (Good Vibrations)
3:47pm Skrewdriver- "I Don't Like You" - The Early Years 1977-1979 (SKD)
3:43pm Hank Williams- "My Love For You Has Turned to Hate" - His Greatest Hits Vol. 1
3:40pm Oozing Wound- "Sustained by Hatred" - Retrash (Thrill Jockey)
3:34pm Manowar- "Hatred" - Into Glory Ride (Megaforce)
3:23pm Slow Horse- "Wicked Game" - Slow Horse (Smoking in Bed)
3:21pm Bessie Banks- "Go Now" - 26 Years of Ace (Ace)
3:14pm Ted Nugent- "My Love is Like a Tire Iron" - Intensities in 10 Cities (Epic)
3:11pm Episode Six- "Love Hate Revenge" - The Roots of Deep Purple (Sequel)
3:06pm Pentagram- "20 Buck Spin" - Pentagram (Pentagram)
3:01pm The Muffs- "Sick of You" - Hamburger (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
2:57pm Joan Jett & the Blackhearts- "I Hate Myself for Loving You" - Up Your Alley (CBS)
2:54pm The Continental Co-Ets- "I Don't Love You No More" - Girls in the Garage Vol. 2 (Romulan)
2:51pm Russel Cohen- "I'm Gonna Leave You" - Explosivos (Vampi Soul)
2:49pm Barbara Howard- "I Don't Want Your Love" - I Don't Want Your Love (S. Reece)
2:47pm Gloria Jones- "Tainted Love" - My Bad Boy's Coming Home (Champion)
2:42pm The Child Molesters- "I'm Gonna Punch You in the Face" - I'm Gonna Punch You in the Face (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
2:40pm Johnny Cash- "Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart" - Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison (Columbia)
2:34pm Vastum- "Seasons in the Claustrum (The Libidinal Spring)" - Patricidal Lust
2:29pm Hammers of Misfortune- "Romance Valley" - 17th Street (Metal Blade)
2:23pm Radio Birdman- "Love Kills" - The Essential Radio Birdman 74-78 (Sub Pop)
2:20pm Carey's Problem- "Satanic Love Song" - Arena of Shame (Problemsongs)
2:18pm Anti-Nowhere League- "I Hate People" - The Animal!: Very Best of the Anti-Nowhere League (Cherry Red)
2:16pm Adolescents- "I Hate Children" - S/T (Frontier)
2:10pm Trio- "Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha" - Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha (Mercury)
2:03pm Heathen Dan- "I Like" - The World's Worst Records (Rhino)
1:58pm Motorhead- "Crying Shame" - Aftershock (UDR)
1:55pm Johnny Guitar Watson- "Gangster of Love" - The Very Best of Johnny "Guitar" Watson (Rhino)
1:52pm Thin Lizzy- "Hate" - Black Rose Session
1:50pm The Others- "I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye" - Garage Monsters (Vault Records)
1:46pm All the People- "Cramp Your Style" - Cramp Your Style (Blue Candle)
1:42pm Betty Davis- "Anti-Love Song" - S/T (MPC)
1:37pm Heart- "Heartless" - Magazine (Mushroom)
1:35pm Neil Sedaka- "Stupid Cupid" - Stupid Cupid (Camden)
11:32am Tuxedo Moon- "No Fear" - S/T (Time-Lapse)
11:28am Squeeze- "Is That Love?" - East Side Story (A&M)
11:26am --
11:20am Brianna Corrigan- "Simply Beautiful" - When My Arms Wrap You Round (WB)
11:13am Quinimine- "Knoxville Girl" - Filaments (Grey Flat)
11:08am Andrew Bird- "Hover 2" - I Want to See Pulaski At Night (Wigwam)
11:07am Zeek Sheck- "Hotel California" - I Love You (Skin Graft)
10:59am Michael Perkins- "Murder By Phone" - MR666 (Ghost Arcade)
10:55am Yek Koo- "I'm a Pure Wave" - Desolation Peak (S/R)
10:51am Fat- "I'm Rockin' Your Girl" - Hit (These)
10:48am --
10:44am Stephen Trask- "Sugar Daddy" - Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Atlantic)
10:42am Country Teasers- "Stand By Your Man" - S/T (Crypt)
10:40am Dolly Parton- "She Never Met a Man" - Coat of Many Colors (RCA Victor)
10:37am Elvis Presley- "I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)" - Let's Be Friends (RCA)
10:35am Foghorn Leghorn- "Love Me Tender" - Bugs and Friends Sing Elvis (WB)
10:33am Ricky and Lucy- "I Love Lucy Theme" - I Love Lucy (Star Merchants)
10:28am Metalachi- "Sweet Child o' Mine" - Uno (S/R)
10:27am -- Song for Whoevr V-Day Special . . . Tumble . . .
10:21am Bee Gees- "Lonely Days" - 2 Years Gone (Atco)
10:17am The Beautiful South- "You're the One That I Want" - Golddiggas (Sony)
10:14am The Bird and the Bee- "Sara Smile" - Interpreting the Masters, Volume 1: A Tribute to Dayrl Hall and John Oates (Blue Note)
10:11am Cul de Sac- "Song to the Siren" - Ecim (Northeastern/Lunar)
10:06am Alvarius B- "Side 4, Song 3" - The Invisible Hands (Abduction)
10:02am Lois Wyse- "I Love You Better Now/Do We Have to Out Tonight?" - I Love You Better Now (Amsterdam)
10:00am Add N to X- "Oh Yeah, Oh No" - Avant Hard (Mute)
9:56am Gary Numan- "Metal" - Cars (Atco)
9:54am The Traps- "Missed the Mark" - Boom Pow Awesome Wow (Castle Face)
9:50am The Black Hollies- "Unless It's My Imagination" - Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere (EJRC)
9:48am Beatles- "Words of Love" - On Air-Live at the BBC (BBC)
9:33am --
9:30am James- "Sometimes" - Laid (Phonogram)
9:26am Hoodoo Gurus- "Tojo" - Electric Soup (BMG)
9:23am The Gear- "Planet of Love" - Blim (Chocolate Moustache)
9:21am CJ Ramone- "Waitin' For My Man" - Reconquista (Pirates Press)
9:13am Big Star- "O, My Soul" - Radio City (Stax)
9:05am Dorian Wood- "Glassellalia" - Rattle Rattle (S/R)
8:59am --