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Friday, October 31, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
6:39pm Jean Pierre Massiera- "H.I.A." - L'Etrange Mr. Whistler (Finders Keepers)
6:37pm Narrator- "The Headless Horseman" - Famous Ghost Stories (Pickwick)
6:36pm John Harrison- "Prologue" - Creepshow (La La Land)
6:33pm Tim Krog- "The Boogeyman Suite" - The Boogeyman (Howling Wolf)
6:20pm Pye Corner Audio- "Electronic Rhythm Number Eight" - Black Mill Tapes Volume 1-4 (Type)
6:18pm John Carpenter- "B3" - Halloween 3 (DEath Waltz)
6:14pm Ensembe Economique- "Forever Eyes" - Psychical (Video Treasures)
6:10pm Screaming Tribesmen- "Date With a Vampyre" - Date With a Vampyr (Dutch East India Trading)
6:06pm Hoodoo Gurus- "Dig It Up" - Stoneage Romeos (A&M)
5:26pm Rockin' Continentals- "Count Dracula" - Surfin' In The Midwest (Unlimited Productions)
5:23pm The Birthday Party- "Release The Bats" - A Collection (Missing Link)
5:20pm Screaming Lord Sutch- "Dracula's Daughter" - Story (7777)
5:17pm Tough Shits- "Holding A Séance" - S/T (Burger)
5:14pm Ulterior Motive- "Haunted House" - It Came From Canada (OG)
5:09pm Almighty Defenders- "Ghost With The Most" - S/T (Vice)
5:04pm Frantics- "Werewolf" - Songs The Cramps Taught Us (STCTC)
5:01pm Satan's Pilgrims- "Gravewalk" - Halloween Hootenanny (Zombie A Go-Go)
4:59pm Ghost Wolves- "Grave Dollas" - Man, Woman, Beast (Plowboy)
4:57pm Reynolds Family- "Eyeball Skeleton" - Merry Christmas (S/R)
4:55pm The Moontrekkers- "Night of the Vampire" - It's Hard To Believe It: The Amazing World of Joe Meek (Razor & Tie)
4:52pm Hollywood Flames- "Frankenstein's Den" - Madness Invasion (GMG)
4:49pm The Crystals- "Frankenstein Twist" - Twist Uptown (Philles)
4:47pm Johnny Fuller- "Haunted House" - Original Rock Oldies (Specialty)
4:42pm Unicorns- "Ghost Mountain" - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone (Rollino)
4:40pm Music For Monsters- "Ghouls Glide" - Music For Monsters (Sounds)
4:37pm Atlas Sound- "A Ghost Story" - Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel (Kranky)
4:34pm The Bird and the Bee- "Witch" - Ray Guns are Not Just The Future (Blue Note)
4:32pm Gothic Archies- "City of the Damned" - The New Despair (Merge)
4:30pm Dreamdate- "Monster Mash" - N/A (N/A)
4:25pm Misfits- "Halloween" - Legacy of Brutality (Plan9)
4:20pm Itchy-O- "Inferno No Corridor" - Burn the Navigator (Alternative Tentacles)
4:18pm Cellular Chaos- "Waves of Fear" - S/T (UgExplode)
4:15pm Inflatable Boy Clams- "Skeletons" - Skeletons (Subterranean)
4:13pm Danny Elfman- "Witches Egg" - Forbidden Zone (Varese Sarabande)
4:11pm Christine Pilzer- "Dracula" - Swinging Mademoiselles Deux (Silvascreen)
4:06pm Mad Parade- "Hollywood Vampires" - S/T (Important)
4:04pm Blast Rocks!!!- "My Boyfriend is a Zombie" - You're Fired (Spam)
3:57pm Quintron- "Witch in the Club" - Swamp Tech (Tigerbeat)
3:56pm Box Elders- "Necro" - Alice and Frie (Goner)
3:53pm Crimony- "Vampire Party" - Taste Test #1 (New Alliance)
3:47pm Robert Johnson- "Me and the Devil Blues" - The Complete Recordings (Columbia)
3:41pm Skip James- "Devil Got My Woman" - Greatest of the Delta Blues Singers (Melodeon)
3:39pm Eagles of Death Metal- "Midnight Creeper" - Peace Love Death Metal (Ant Acid)
3:37pm The Monsters- "Teenage Werewolf" - Garage Punk Vol. 1
3:34pm The Sonics- "The Witch" - S/T (Beat Rocket)
3:33pm King Tuff- "Demon From Hell" - Black Moon Spell (Sub Pop)
3:22pm 999- "Homicide" - Separates (United Artists)
3:18pm Flesh Eaters- "See You In The Boneyard" - A Minute To Pray A Second To Die (Superior Viaduct)
3:15pm Revillos- "She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man" - She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man (Superville)
3:13pm Davila 666- "Noche De Terror" - Tan Bajo (In The Red)
3:11pm 3-D Invisibles- "Wolfman on Your Trail" - It Came From the Grave II (Wanghead)
3:05pm Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs- "Brides of Satan" - Gates of Hell (Southpaw)
2:36pm Joy Division- "Day of the Lords" - Unknown Pleasures (Factory)
2:30pm Covenant- "Sweet and Salty" - Skyshaper (Metropolis)
2:27pm Lydia Ainsworth- "Moonstone" - Light From Real (Arbutus)
2:19pm The Coffin Dagger- "Interstellar Constellation" - S/T (S/R)
2:03pm The Meteors- "Wipeout"
1:50pm The Mummies- "Stronger Than Dirt"
1:46pm The Crocodiles- "Hollow Hollow Eyes" - Sleep Forever (Fat possum)
1:41pm The Walkmen- "The Witch" - Heaven (fat Possum)
1:37pm The Shaggs- "It's halloween"
1:29pm Dance of the Vampires- "Herbert's Song" - The Fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Neck Original Soundtrack (Bronze Rat)
1:24pm Timber Timbre- "Run From Me" - Hot Dream (Arts + Crafts)
1:18pm Dead Man's Bones- "My Body's A Zombie for You" - S/T (Anti-)
1:05pm Ministry- "Halloween (Remix)" - Halloween
12:59pm John Leyton- "Johnny Remember Me" - It's Hard To Believe It: The Amazing World of Jon Meek (Razor and Tie)
12:56pm Beasts of Bourbon- "Psycho" - The Axeman's Jazz (Big Time)
12:54pm The Jazz Butcher- "The Devil is my Friend" - Bloody Nonsense (Big Time)
12:51pm The Creatures- "Further Nearer" - Hai! (Instinct)
12:46pm Mudhoney & Sonic Youth- "Halloween" - Mudhoney/Sonic Youth Live in Hollywood
12:32pm Scott Walker & Sunn O)))- "Herod 2014" - Soused (4AD)
12:27pm Dune- "Dune (Desert Theme)" - Dune Soundtrack (Polydor)
12:21pm The Cramps- "Garbage Man" - Songs The Lord Taught Us (IRS)
12:18pm Groovie Ghoulies- "The Time Warp" - Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show (Springman)
12:13pm Wooden Shjips- "Vampire Blues" - Vol. 2 (Sick Thirst)
12:03pm Psycho- "Fuga; La macchina della polizia; Il parcheggio dell'usato; Il pacco; Il temporate" - Original Motion picture Soundtrack (Cinematre)
11:55am Live Island- "King (Home Dub)" - Acoustic Division Sampler (Acoustic Division)
11:54am --- "--" - -- (--)
11:48am Adult.- "Hand to Phone" - Resuscitation (Ersatz)
11:44am Michael Perkins- "Murder By Phone" - MR 666 (Ghost Arcade LTD)
11:42am Fantomas- "Rosemary's Baby" - Director's Cut (Ipecac)
11:40am Cremator- "Nomad" - Clear Air Turbulence (Series Aphonos)
11:38am --- "--" - -- (--)
11:30am Diamanda Galas- "Deliver Me" - Saint of the Pit (Mute)
11:29am Shel Silverstein- "Enter This Deserted House" - Where the Sidewalk Ends (Sony)
11:22am Darkside- "The Only Shrine" - Psychic (Matador)
11:19am --- "--" - -- (--)
11:15am My Brightest Diamond- "Resonance" - This Is My Hand (Asthmatic Kitty)
11:12am Deerhoof- "Paradise Girls" - La Isla Bonita (Polyvinyl)
11:08am Cristian Vogel- "Esquina del Sol" - Rescate 137 (Novamute)
11:03am Hypo- "rfm" - Karaoke a Capella (Active Suspension)
11:01am --- "--" - -- (--)
10:58am Helado Negro- "It's Our Game" - Double Youth (Asthmatic Kitty)
10:54am Chang Loo- "Mambo in a Foreign Land" - Chang Loo / Xiao Loo (EMI Pathe)
10:49am Arborea- "Phantasmagoria in Two" - Red Planet (Strange Attractors)
10:43am Haunt This House- "Vampyre" - Rural Introspection Study Group (S/R)
10:40am --- "--" - -- (--)
10:37am Fat White Family- "Bomb Disneyland" - Champagne Holocaust (Fat Possum)
10:31am Sonic Youth- "Death Valley '69" - Bad Moon Rising (Homestead)
10:28am Nurse With Wound- "Sheila Na Gig" - Large Ladies With Cakes in the Oven (United Dairies)