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Monday, September 8, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
12:36am Octo Octa- "Come Closer" - Between Two Selves
12:30am Major Lazer- "Cash Flow (Classixx Glass Bottom Remix)" - Cash Flow (Classixx Glass Bottom Remix)
12:25am Lana Del Rey- "Summertime Sadness (Simon Large MK Dub)" - Summertime Sadness
12:21am William Onyeabor- "Atomic Bomb (feat. Hot Chip) [William Onyeabor vs. Hot Chip]" - What?! (Luaka Bop)
12:15am Gaiser- "Unstable Witness" - Unstable Witness
12:09am Gui Boratto- "Ballroom" - Take My Breath Away
12:00am Plastikman- "Exposed" - Ex (Mute)
Sunday, September 7, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:59pm Chuckleberries- "No No Song" - live in the KALX Studios (KALX LIVE!)
11:56pm Film School- "American Turnip" - Brilliant Career (S/R)
11:48pm Ty Segall- "The Singer" - Manipulator (Drag City)
11:44pm Ty Segall- "Tall Man Skinny Lady" - Manipulator (Drag City)
11:35pm Pavement- "No More Kings" - School House Rock! Rocks (Lava)
11:32pm Ween- "It's Gonna Be a Long Night" - Quebec (Sanctuary)
11:29pm Why?- "Berkeley By Hearseback" - Eskimo Snow (Anticon)
11:24pm Foxygen- "Middle School Dance (Song for Richard Swift)" - Take the Kids Off Broadway (Jagjaguwar)
11:22pm Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin- "High School" - Reverse Shark Attack (In the Red)
11:16pm The Flakes- "Back to School" - Back to School (Dollar Record)
11:08pm Cerritos Jazz-Rock Ensemble- "Come Together" - School Me! Volume One 1968-1975 (Stage Band Research)
11:05pm Various Artists- "Scorpio" - Schoolhouse Funk (Cali-Tex)
11:02pm Cindy & the Playmates- "Now That School is Through" - Home Schooled: The ABCs of Kid Soul (Numero)
10:53pm Glasser- "Apply" - Ring (True Panther)
10:47pm Mozart's Sister- "Bow a Kiss" - Being (Asthmatic Kitty)
10:43pm Got a Girl- "Everywhere I Go" - I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now (Bulk)
10:40pm Julia Holter- "Don't Make Me Over" - Don't Make Me Over (Domino)
10:37pm Allah-Las- "Nothing to Hide" - Worship the Sun (Innovative Leisure)
10:29pm Emily's Sassy Lime- "Teenage Heart attack" - Right Is Here (X-Mas)
10:26pm Team Dresch- "She's Amazing" - Personal Best (Lesbionic Action)
10:24pm Bikini Kill- "Demirep" - Peel Sessions (S/R)
10:20pm Future Death- "Post Everything" - Special Victim (Carrier)
10:13pm Yeah Yeah Yeahs- "Cheated Hearts" - KXLU Live Volume 9 (S/R)
10:09pm Au Pairs- "We're So Cool" - Playing With a Different Sex (Human)
10:04pm The Slits- "Ping Pong Affair" - Cut (Island)
10:01pm Essential Logic- "Brute Fury" - Fanfare in the Garden (Kill Rock Stars)
9:51pm Jenny Lewis- "Late Bloomer" - The Voyager (Warner Bros.)
9:48pm Slow Club- "Suffering You, Suffering Me" - Complete Surrender (Wichita)
9:44pm Cadallaca- "O Chenilla" - Introducing Cadallaca (K Records)
9:40pm Flaming Lips- "Pilot Can at the Queer of God" - Transmissions From the Satellite Heart (Warner Bros.)
9:32pm Lunchbox- "Another Dancefloor" - Lunchbox Loves You (Jigsaw)
9:28pm Sebadoh- "Brand New Love" - Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock (Sub Pop)
9:23pm The Feelies- "The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness" - Crazy Rhythms (Stiff)
9:19pm The Rentals- "Thought of Sound" - Lost in Alphaville (Polyvinyl)
9:11pm Landlady- "Girl" - Upright Behavior (X-Ray Machine)
9:08pm Drenge- "Nothing" - S/T (Infectious)
9:04pm Audacity- "Rama Donna" - Juvajive (Cut Rate)
9:01pm Avi Buffalo- "Won't Be Around No More" - At Best Cuckold (Sub Pop)
8:57pm Rosanne Cash- "A Feather's Not a Bird" - The River & the Thread (Blue Note)
8:53pm Faye Wong- "Restless" - Restless (Cinepoly)
8:49pm Alien Army- "Daily Nightmares" - The End (Hip Hop Slam)
8:44pm DJ Quest- "Way Back-N-Da Mix feat. DJ Cue" - Questside (untold tales) (Hip Hop Slam)
8:40pm Wax Tailor- "The Man with No Soul feat. Charlotte Savory" - Hope & Sorrow (Decon)
8:37pm --- "--"
8:33pm Leila- "Daises, Cats and Spacemen" - Blood, Looms and Blooms (Warp)
8:27pm Foetus- "Cirrhosis of the Heart - Amon Tobin Mix" - Blow (Thirsty Ear)
8:23pm The Soft Pink Truth- "Beholding the Throne of Might" - Why do the Heathen Rage? (Thrill Jockey)
8:19pm Xeno & Oaklander- "Jasmine Nights" - Par Avion (Ghostly International)
8:15pm --- "--"
8:12pm Marta Kubisova- "Chci Pravo Trubky Mit" - Ne! The Soul of Marta Kubisova (Vampi Soul)
8:09pm Sheila- "Bang Bang" - Les Annees YeYe Vol 1 (East West)
8:05pm Miriam- "Questioningly" - Nobody's Baby (Norton)
8:02pm Donovan- "The Way" - Sutras (American)
8:00pm Sean Lennon- "My Hero" - Alter Egos Soundtrack (Chimera)
7:57pm Momus- "Space Jews" - Plays Ping Pong (Le Grand Magistry)
7:54pm Ravonettes- "Killer in the Streets" - Pe'Ahi (Beat Dies)
7:52pm --- "--"
7:48pm Cold Beat- "Collapse" - Over Me (Crime on the Moon)
7:46pm Stereolab- "Margerine Rock" - Margerine Eclipse (Elektra)
7:42pm Le Couleur- "Vacances de 87 (feat. French Horn rebellion)" - Voyage Love (Lisbon Lux)
7:38pm MC Lars- "Mr. Raven" - The Laptop EP (Sidecho)
7:35pm Deltron 3030- "City Rising from the Ashes" - Event II (Bulk)
7:31pm Keith Emerson- "Godzilla Final Wars End Titles" - At the Movies (Esoteric Recordings)
7:30pm --- "--"
7:26pm Mirah- "Goat Shephard" - Changing Light (K)
7:23pm Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes- "Frankie" - Baby Caught the Bus (Vanguard)
7:19pm Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas- "Run Run Run" - Secret Evil (Instant)
7:17pm --- "--"
7:14pm Wayne Hancock- "That's What Daddy Wants" - That's What Daddy Wants (Ark21)
7:10pm Mademoiselle Yulia- "Down Down" - Mademoworld (Sony)
7:07pm Misora Hibari- "Rockabilly Kenpou" - Hibari's Dreams on Stage (Nippon Columbia)
7:04pm Wayne Worley & the Worley Birds- "Red Headed Woman" - Rockabilly Gold Vol. 1 (Lucky)
7:02pm Wanda Jackson- "Hard Headed Woman" - Vintage Collections (Capitol)
7:00pm Hank Thompson- "Rockin In the Congo" - Spirit of the Cramps (Righteous)
6:59pm --- "--"
6:55pm The Phenomenauts- "Rocket Soul" - Escape Velocity (Silver Sprocket)
6:52pm Nikki Lane- "I Don't Care" - All or Nothin' (New West)
6:49pm Dominique Pruitt- "To Win Your Love" - S/T (Merovee)
6:45pm God Help The Girl- "God Help The Girl" - God Help The Girl (Milan)
6:43pm --- "--"
6:40pm Holychild- "Happy With Me" - Mindspeak (Glassnote)
6:37pm Got a Girl- "Did We Live Too Fast" - I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now (Bulk)
6:31pm Atropolis- "Realizations" - Transitions (Cumba Mela)
6:24pm Tom Ze- "Defect 2: Curiosidade - Amon Tobin Remix" - Postmodern Platos (Luaka Bop)
6:21pm Mia Doi Todd- "Menina, Amanha de Manha" - Floresta (City Zen)
6:17pm --- "--"
6:12pm The Zimmermans- "Portuguese Woman" - Livin' Lounge (Continuum Creations)
6:07pm Senor Coconut- "Pinball ChaCha" - Around the World (Nacional)
6:03pm Otto- "Janaina" - Certa Manha Acordei De Sonhos Intratranquilos (Nublu)
5:59pm Meta Meta- "Rainha da Cabecas" - Metal Metal (Mais um Discos)
5:58pm --
5:50pm Sonny Rollins- "Mysterioso" - Blue Note 1958, Vol 2 (Blue Note)
5:47pm --