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Friday, August 12, 2022
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
9:42pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
9:37pm Pole- "Tangente" - Tangente (WMG - Mute (Artist Intelligence))
9:31pm Sunroof- "1.8 - 2.3.19" - 1.8 - 2.3.19 (WMG - Parallel Series)
9:25pm Phelimuncasi- "Kolamula Ukusa" - Ama Gogela (MERLIN - Nyege Nyege Tapes)
9:23pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
9:15pm Wayne Horvitz- "One Bright Day" - The President (Periplum)
9:10pm Sons Of Kemet- "The Godfather" - Burn (Virgin Music UK LAS (S&D))
9:04pm Black Masters Band- "Wonnin a Bisa" - Essiebons Special 1973 - 1984 (BELIEVE - Analog Africa)
9:02pm Podington Bear- "Blue Highway" - Soul (MERLIN - HUSH)
8:54pm Automatisme- "Marwees" - Gap/Void (MERLIN - Constellation)
8:51pm Hector Zazou- "Chez Le Commandeur" - Reivax Au Bongo (Crammed Discs)
8:45pm Tuxedomoon- "In The Name Of Talent (Italian Western Two)" - Desire / No Tears (Crammed Discs)
8:41pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
8:37pm Mort Garson- "Ode to an African Violet" - Mother Earth's Plantasia (Sacred Bones Records)
8:32pm Matmos- "Resemblage / Parasamblau017c" - Regards/Uku0142ony dla Bogusu0142aw Schaeffer (Thrill Jockey)
8:24pm Prolaps- "Detoxifying Smoke" - Ultra Cycle Pt. 3: Autumnal Age (MERLIN - Hausu Mountain)
8:20pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
8:17pm Circuit des Yeux- "Do the Dishes" - In Plain Speech (Thrill Jockey)
8:13pm Dumama;Dylan Greene;Kechou;Angel Bat Dawid- "uveni" - buffering juju (Mushroom Hour Half Hour)
8:08pm Hatis Noit- "Jomon" - Aura (MERLIN - Erased Tapes)
8:02pm Clara Engel- "Seven Minutes Past Sunrise" - Hatching Under the Stars (Clara Engel)
8:00pm Dan Gibson's Solitudes- "Windchimes" - Nature's Many Moods (Solitudes)
7:54pm Sam Prekop- "Approaching" - Comma (Thrill Jockey)
7:53pm RainbowArlows- "Holmi" - Higher than U (RainbowArlows)
7:23pm Dino Sabatini- "Afra" - Mantis 06 (Delsin Records)
7:18pm Vitorijoski- "Black Stone" - Banica EP (Invisible Inc)
7:14pm Stereolab- "Robot Riot" - Robot Riot (Duophonic UHF Disks / Warp Records)
7:06pm Carl Finlow- "Surface Control" - Cocoon Compilation T (Cocoon Recordings)
7:00pm Captain Beefheart- "The Witch Doctor Life" - Ice Cream For Crow (UMG - Virgin Records)
6:57pm Wall Of Voodoo- "Spy World" - Call Of The West (UMG - A&M Records)
6:52pm Units- "The Right Man" - Daniele Baldelli - Cosmic - The Original (BELIEVE - Goodwind Records)
6:43pm Minoru Fushimi- "Thanatopsis" - Thanatos Of Funk (180g)
6:41pm u041au043eu0444u0435u0439u043du044f u041cu0443u0437u044bu043au0430- "u0412u0438u0434u0435u043du0438u044f (u0420u0435u0441u0442u043eu0440u0430u043du044b)" - u041eu0442u0435u043bu0438 (u0410u0442u043cu043eu0441u0444u0435u0440u0430) (Raffles Gramophone Company)
6:31pm OFF!- "Red White and Black" - Wasted Years (WMG - Vice Music)
6:31pm Circle Jerks- "Live Fast Die Young" - Group Sex (ORCHARD - Circle Jerks)
6:26pm The Paranoyds- "Single Origin Experience" - Talk, Talk, Talk (Third Man Records LLC)
6:24pm Taste Test- "Instant This Instant That" - Instant This Instant That (MERLIN - Modern Harmonic)
6:23pm Jill Kroesen- "I Am Not Seeing That You're Here" - I Really Want To Bomb You (MERLIN - Modern Harmonic)
6:20pm Charles Bradley- "Stay Away" - Daptone Records Singles Collection: Volume 4 (MERLIN - Daptone Records)
6:15pm Spindrift- "MKULTRA" - Classic Soundtracks Vol. 3 (ORCHARD - Alternative Tentacles)
6:12pm Sababa 5- "Popcorn" - Popcorn (Batov Records)
6:05pm Metz- "Demolition Row" - Demolition Row (MERLIN - What's Your Rupture?)
6:04pm The Spits- "Live in a Van" - Vol. IV (thriftstore records)
6:00pm Mary Simich- "Living Hell" - How Does One Begin (ORCHARD - Ernest Jenning Record Co./Khannibalism)
5:57pm Hinako Omori- "The Richest Garden in your Memory" - The Richest Garden in your Memory (MERLIN - Houndstooth)
5:56pm Venom- "At War With Satan" - At War With Satan (WMG - Noise Records)
5:48pm Projet Marina- "Noli me tangere" - Loin des dons cu00e9lestes (iMD-New Sinister)
5:45pm Spacemoth- "If I Close My Eyes And Pretend" - No Past No Future (MERLIN - Wax Nine Records)
5:41pm Yves Tumor- "Secrecy Is Incredibly Important To The Both of Them" - The Asymptotical World EP (Warp Records)
5:36pm The Honeymoon Killers|Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel- "Decollage" - The Honeymoon Killers (Crammed Discs)
5:35pm The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps- "The Star Spangled Banner (U.S. National Anthem) [Drum & Fife Version]" - 4th of July (Patriotic Music Unlimited)
5:28pm Bill Withers- "You" - Complete Sussex & Columbia Album Masters (SME - Columbia/Legacy)
5:21pm Lady Blackbird- "Nobody's Sweetheart" - Nobody's Sweetheart (WMG - Foundation Music)
5:17pm June Christy- "Something Cool" - Ultimate Jazz Divas Collection (Blue Note Records)
5:07pm Antonio Santana- "Japan Smooth (Original Mix)" - Japan Smooth (Original Mix) (MERLIN - Discoweey)
4:54pm Dan Boadi- "Play That Funky Music" - Real Sound Of Chicago And Beyond (BBE)
4:48pm Willie Colu00f3n- "Mi Sueno" - Fantasmas (Fania)
4:38pm Anton Kubikov- "Cat Walks Blue (Original Mix)" - Bright Flower Pattern (Original Mix) (MERLIN - Randomart)
4:31pm FPM- "Paragon" - Soundtracks [Remastered best tracks 2001-2015] (SM ENTERTAINMENT)
4:24pm Nitro Deluxe- "Let's Get Brutal" - Let's Get Brutal (ORCHARD - Cutting Records)
4:19pm OVEOUS- "Legacy (Dubstrumental)" - Legacy (Dubstrumental) (WMG - ITH Music Services - Yoruba Records)
4:18pm LTJ Bukem- "Coolin Out" - Producer 01 (goodlooking Records)
4:10pm Fab From Toulouseu00a0- "Febre Elu00e9trica do Carimbo" - Febre Elu00e9trica do Carimbo (MoBlack Records)
4:02pm Suba- "Felicidade" - Felicidade Remixes (Six Degrees)
3:55pm Off- "Electrica Salsa (Salsa Inferno)" - Organisation For Fun (Deluxe Edition) (ZYX Music)
3:50pm Crackazat- "Everybody Talks About It" - Everybody Talks About It EP (Freerange Records)
3:41pm Groovy Kaiju- "VTEC (feat. Tupperwave)" - VTEC (feat. Tupperwave) (Blue Line Collective)
3:36pm Afrorack- "bassPlus" - Afrorack (MERLIN - Hakuna Kulala)
3:31pm Speaker Music- "Black Secret Technology is a Traumatically Manufactured and Exported Good Necessitated by 300 Years of Unaccounted for White Supremacist Savagery in the Founding of the United States" - Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry (MERLIN - Planet Mu)
3:26pm Otoboke Beaver- "PARDON?" - Super Champon (Damnably)
3:22pm Hazy Sour Cherry- "Strange World" - Strange World (Damnably)
3:19pm Sparks- "The Decline and Fall of Me" - Angst In My Pants (MERLIN - Lil' Beethoven)
3:12pm Vicious Pink- "Why Me" - West View (Minimal Wave)
3:09pm Sexual Purity- "Never" - Paranoia (2618230 Records DK)
3:04pm Xmal Deutschland- "Danthem" - Danthem (MERLIN - 4AD)
3:01pm Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark- "Of All The Things We've Made" - Architecture And Morality (EMI Marketing)
3:00pm The Orb- "Into The Fourth Dimension" - The BBC Sessions 1991 - 2001 (Universal Music)
2:55pm Toshiyuki Hiraoka- "Seduction" - Waterphone II (Edgetone Records)
2:51pm Matt Evans- "Data Fog" - New Topographics (Whatever's Clever)
2:47pm Salamanda- "Mad Cat Party (feat. Ringo the Cat)" - ashbalkum (ORCHARD - PLANCHA)
2:43pm Tapani Rinne/Juha Mau0308ki-Patola- "Open, Pt. I" - Brevity (Hush Hush)
2:39pm Alister Fawnwoda- "Delayed" - Delayed (ORCHARD - AKP Recordings)
2:34pm La Musgau00f1a- "Charrada de Bercimuelle" - Lubicu00e1n (La Musgau00f1a)
2:29pm San Kazakgascar- "The Emerald Triangle" - Emotional Crevasse (Lather Records)
2:24pm Wendo Kolosoy- "Youyou aleli veka" - Marie Louise (MERLIN - Indigo)
2:16pm Dot Allison- "Forever's Not Much Time" - Heart-Shaped Scars (ORCHARD - SA Recordings)
2:11pm Bruce Langhorne- "Ending" - The Hired Hand (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (ORCHARD - Scissor Tail Records)
1:59pm Meridian Brothers- "Bomba Atomica" - Club Coco (MERLIN - Bongo Joe)
1:50pm Jason Kao Hwang- "Conscious Concave Concrete" - Human Rites Trio (True Sound Recordings)
1:47pm Amanda Whiting- "Up There" - Lost in Abstraction (Jazzman)
1:41pm Amanda Whiting- "Where Would We Be" - Lost in Abstraction (Jazzman)
1:39pm Winter & Triptides- "Doce Violeta" - Estrela Mu00e1gica (BELIEVE - OAR)
1:36pm Mitski- "That's Our Lamp" - Laurel Hell (MERLIN - Dead Oceans)
1:29pm Ibibio Sound Machine- "17 18 19" - Electricity (Merge Records)
1:08pm Young Disciples- "Freedom Suite:" - Road To Freedom (UMG - Talkin' Loud)
1:06pm AShamaluevMusic- "Funny" - Funny (AShamaluevMusic)
1:05pm Acid Twilight- "Deep Focus" - Mustang Zodiac (Not Not Fun)
12:55pm Rent Romus,Heikki Koskinen,Life's Blood Ensemble- "Ilman Llintu (The Bee)" - Manala (Edgetone Records)
12:49pm Medicine Singers- "Sunset" - Medicine Singers (MERLIN - Joyful Noise Recordings)
12:47pm Ennio Morricone- "Gabriel's Oboe" - Relax (Warner Classics)