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Sunday, December 16, 2018
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
5:58pm --
5:57pm Horrible/Adorable- "Santa Dear" - Merry Holiday love, Horrible/Adorable (self released)
5:55pm Velons- "Hearts Desire" - Come And Get The Memories (Solid Smoke)
5:53pm Astronautalis- "Sike!" - Cut the Body Loose (SideOneDummy)
5:52pm Notus- "Trois Pieces Pour Quatuor A Cordes" - Of Radiance & Refraction (Innova)
5:51pm Farao- "Melodiya" - Pure-O (Western Vinyl)
5:48pm Girls At Our Best- "Getting Nowhere Fast" - Getting Nowhere Fast / Warm Girls (Record Records)
5:47pm Master Hawaiians- "Blue Sparks" - Hawaian Steel Guitar 1920's-1950's (Arhoolie)
5:46pm Cosmo- "I'm A Little Mixed Up" - Desperate Rock 'N' Roll (Flame)
5:44pm K'in Sventa- "Black Narcissus Bucle" - Bucles (77 Rise)
5:42pm Lake Cube- "Fit In-Light Gone" - Beta Sclips (self released)
5:40pm --
5:39pm CCR Headcleaner- "I'm Alive" - Tear Down The Wall (In The Red)
5:37pm Norman Salant- "Accidents" - Accidents (Alive)
5:35pm Brighter- "Poppy Day" - Brighter (Sarah)
5:32pm Bright Coloured Lights- "Open Your Eyes" - Open Your Eyes (Slumberland)
5:28pm Outskirts- "Blue Line" - Blue Line (True Religion)
5:20pm --
5:18pm Briefs- "Squash Me Like A Bug" - Briefs (Subpop)
5:16pm Berries- "Chains of Hate" - Start All Over Again (Run For Cover/Help Yourself)
5:13pm E-Types- "The Right Combination" - Primitive Rock 'N" Roll Performed by Today's Teens (Music Maniac)
5:12pm Beautys- "Hello Floor" - Thing of Beauty (Cheetahs)
5:10pm Teen Generate- "Just Head" - She's Dumb/Just Head (Wallabies)
5:08pm Screaming Trees- "Days" - Change Has Come (double 7 inch) (Subpop)
5:05pm --
5:02pm She & Him- "Little Saint Nick" - A Very She & Him Christmas (Merge)
4:59pm Sonics- "Psycho" - Introducing the Sonics (Sundazed)
4:56pm Les Cole And The Echoes- "Be Boppin' Daddy" - The Fifties: Rockabilly Fever (Ace of Hearts)
4:50pm Beths- "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Carpark)
4:47pm Grand Vapids- "Aubade" - Guarantees (self released)
4:45pm Culture Abuse- "Dave's Not Here (I Got The Stuff Man)" - Bay Dream (Epitaph)
4:43pm --
4:41pm Emily's Sassy Lime- "Pineapple Boys Need Not Apply" - Right Is Here (Xmas)
4:39pm Gritty Kitty- "Kickball" - Gritty Kitty (Kindercore)
4:36pm Your Old Droog- "Bangladesh" - Packs (Droog)
4:32pm Boy Hasher- "Morphine" - Yr Body Is Nothing (DKA)
4:30pm Robohands- "Lost" - Green (Village Live)
4:27pm Artichokes- "Nothing" - Seaside Curios (Seaside Curios)
4:23pm Kill Emil- "Missing Pages" - Ghost Diary (Portpartum)
4:20pm --
4:18pm Remains- "Don't Look Back" - Remains (Fan Club)
4:15pm Embarrassment- "Patio Set" - Heyday 1979-83 (Barnone)
4:13pm Frumpies- "She's A Real Cutie Pie" - Frumpie One Piece (Kill Rock Stars)
4:10pm Black Fork- "Fortune Cookie Nookie" - Hormel Is Giving Away Free Red, White, and Blue Sports Tubes to 1000 Lucky Corn Dog Lovers (Zanfio)
4:07pm Smokers- "Falling Backwards" - Falling Backwards (Mouth Magazine)
4:05pm Magnet Hearts- "California Christmas" - Something Shocking from The Stocking: 19 Monstrous Rock and Roll Christmas Songs (JoZee)
4:03pm Horrible/Adorable- "Merry Christmas, Baby" - Merry Holiday love Horrible/Adorable (self released)
4:01pm Dials- "Stuck Inside" - Flextime (Latest Flame)
3:59pm LTF- "Moon Echo" - Jazz Echo (Content (L)abel)
3:55pm Beliefs- "1994" - Habitat (Hand Drawn Dracula)
3:51pm Perfume Tree- "Blink" - Tide's Out (World Domination)
3:49pm --
1:55pm Solange- "Bad Girls (Verdine Version)" - True (Terrible)
1:52pm mic break
1:49pm Wampire- "Trains" - Curiosity (Polyvinyl)
1:46pm Jerry Paper- "The Moment" - Like a Baby (Stones Throw)
1:31pm mic break + Jerry Paper Interview
1:27pm Barbara Lewis- "Hello Stranger"
1:21pm Charles Bradley- "Victim of Love (feat. The Sha La Das)" - Black Velvet (Dunham)
1:17pm Sha La Das- "Just For a Minute" - Love in the Wind (Dunham)
1:15pm mic break
1:13pm Jerry Soloman- "San Francisco Way"
1:09pm The Memories- "Love is Not a Dream" - Love is The Law (Burger)
1:06pm The Yolks- "Don't Cry Anymore" - Don't Cry Anymore (Randy/ Bachelor)
1:00pm Frankie and the Witch Fingers- "Microscope" - Brain Telephone (Permanent)
12:59pm mic break
12:58pm System 7- "Interstate" - System Express (Butterfly Records)
12:55pm Jerry Paper- "Time Spent Waiting" - Feels Emotions (JPC)
12:55pm Four Fists- "Bobby Hill" - 6666 (Doomtree)
12:52pm Rose Droll- "Outside Looking In" - Your Dog (Father/Daughter)
12:48pm Blood Orange- "Charcoal Baby" - Negro Swan (Domno)
12:46pm Steve Lacy- "Looks" - Steve Lacy's Demo (Three Quarter)
12:45pm mic break
12:45pm Circles Around the Sun- "On My Mind" - Let It Wander (Rhino)
12:42pm Charlie Reed- "Love Hungover" - Love Hungover (Randy)
12:38pm The Cure- "A Night Like This" - The Head on the Door (Elektra/Asylum)
12:32pm The Perfect Kiss- "New Order" - New Order (QWest)
12:27pm A Mono Band- "Ghost Town (Vocal Version)" - Ghost Town (Dark Entries)
12:24pm mic break
12:10pm Alex Konadu Band- "Me-ara-me-ara" - Abiba Nagoodey (Makossa)
12:04pm Native Steel Drum Band- "Spur Dance" - Steel Drums (Tradition)
12:00pm Grupo Folklorico y Experimental Nuevayorquino- "Corta El Bonche" - Lo Dice Todo (Salsa Series)
11:55am Josh Ulrist- "Paragraph L, Section 8" - The Cold Equations (Yeggs)
11:53am --- "--"
11:51am Pedro Ayala- "Viva Mojara" - El Monarca Del Acordeon (Arhoolie)
11:48am Die Knodel- "Jet Polka" - Overcooked Tyroleans (Koch)
11:45am Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos- "Til You're Gone" - Rockstone (Colemine)
11:42am Delmonas- "Heard About Him" - Do The Uncle Willy (Skyclad)
11:39am Munya- "Hotel Delmano" - Delmano EP (Luminelle)
11:36am Caroline Says- "Ghost Pokes" - 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong (Western Vinyl)
11:33am --- "--"
11:30am Bangs- "Burnout" - Tiger Beat (Kill Rock Stars)
11:28am Poontwang- "Good Girls" - Recommended By Top Breeders (Sweaty Betty)
11:26am Plastic Bertrand- "Bambino" - Ca Plane Pour Moi (Sire)
11:22am Whispering Sons- "Alone" - Image (Smile)
11:19am Stranglers- "The Raven" - The Raven (United Artists)
11:16am Rudolph Dietrich- "Tickets For Disneyland" - Don't Miss The Past (Off Course)
11:13am --- "--"
11:11am Stomp- "Waterphonics" - ORbitones, Spoon Harps, and Bellowphones (Elipsis)
11:08am Velly Joonas- "Kaes on aeg" - Late Night Tales: BADBADNOTGOOD (Night Time Stories)