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Monday, January 6, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
5:16pm Retro City Rampage- "Half Steppin'" - The Music of . . . (VBlank)
5:13pm Los Microwaves- "Forever" - Life After Breakfast (POsh Boy)
5:10pm -- Tumble Thyme
5:07pm Ex-Cult- "Through the Blinds" - Mister Fantasy (Goner)
5:04pm Cop City Chill pillars- "Brand New Neighbor Blues" - Gift Shop (Hozac)
5:01pm Factrix- "Tables Turned" - Tables Turned (Backwards)
4:58pm Black Lips/Mark Sultan- "I Wanna Dance With You" - I Wanna Dance With You (Hozac)
4:54pm Elizabeth Cotton- "Two Guitar Pieces" - S/T (KBOO)
4:51pm Bobbie Gentry- "Niki Hoeky" - Ode to Billie Joe (Capital)
4:50pm -- Tumble Thyme
4:48pm Blind Idiot God- "Raining Dub" - S/T (SST)
4:45pm Lorne Greene- "The Man" - The Man (RCA)
4:42pm Louis Prima- "The Lip" - The Wildest! (Capital)
4:39pm Bull Moose Jackson- "I Want a Bow-legged Woman" - Sings His All Time Hits (Audio Lab)
4:36pm Lulu Reed- "Sick N' Tired" - Gabe's Dirty Blues (S/R)
4:33pm Dinah Shore- "Memphis Town" - Bouquet of Blues (RCA)
4:27pm Boingo- "Hey!" - S/T (Grant)
4:24pm -- Tumble Thyme
4:20pm The Reflektors- "Side 2 Track 2" - Reflektor (Merge)
4:14pm Philippe Petit- "Movement 2" - Extraordinary Tales of a Lemon Girl-Chapter 2: Fire-Walking to Wonderland (Aagoo)
4:13pm The Spaceheads- "Gobsmacked!" - S/T (Dark Beloved Cloud)
4:06pm Rocket From the Tombs- "30 Seconds Over Toyko" - The Day The Earth Met The . . . (Smog Veil)
3:59pm -- Tumble Thyme
3:54pm White Hills- "False Revolution Toward a Click Mirror" - Timeless Tracks For Aural Pleasure (Thrill Jockey)
3:49pm Hovercraft- "Anthropod" - Experiment Below (Mute)
3:47pm ExclusiveOr- "Arcahea" - Archaea (Carrier)
3:45pm Jonny Greenwood- "Proven Lands" - There Will Be Blood (Nonesuch)
3:40pm Aphrodite's Child- "The Grass Is No Green" - End of the World (Esoteric)
3:33pm Vincent- "The Plan" - Earth (Looking Good)
3:32pm -- Tumble Thyme
3:27pm Pat Boone- "Crazy Train" - In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy (Hip-O)
3:25pm Metalachi- "Immigrant Song" - Uno (S/R)
3:24pm -- Tumble Thyme
3:21pm The Electric Peanut Butter Co.- "The Rain" - Trans Atlantic Psych Classics V2 (Ubiquity)
3:16pm The Bombay Royale- "Sute Sote Adhi Raat" - You Me Bullets Love (Hope Street)
3:11pm The Lost Vegas- "Baby You're a Rich Man" - Before the Collapse (Worldwide Ocean)
3:08pm Anna Hilburg- "Bodie's Behind" - S/T (California Clap)
3:05pm -- Tumble Thyme
3:02pm Joe West- "Jam Bands in Colorado" - The Human Cannonball (S/R)
2:54pm Geoff Muldaur- "Chevrolet/Big Alice" - The Secret Handshake (Hightone)
2:45pm Dorian Wood- "Gissellalla" - Rattle rattle (S/R)
2:40pm -- Tumble Thyme
2:34pm Sirocca- "Estrlela" - 3 (S/R)
2:30pm Aphex Twin- "Philip Glass, Heroes, Aphex Twin Remix" - 26 Mixes for Cash (Wing)
2:27pm Bill Laswell and Terre Thaemiltz- "Open URL" - Web (Subharmonic)
2:22pm Bardo Pond- "Fir" - Peace on Venus (Fire)
2:13pm Los Jaivas- "Danzas" - Cancion Del Sur (EMI)
1:56pm Marzette Watts & Company- "Backdrop For Urban Revolution" - S/T (ESP-Disk)
1:44pm Omar Souleyman- "Warni Warni" - Wenu Wenu (Ribbon Music)
1:23pm John Handy & Ali Akbar Khan- "The Soul and The Atma" - Karuna Supreme (Audiofidelity)
12:55pm Rhys Chatham- "Harmonie Du Soir" - Harmonir Du Soir (Northern Spy)
12:04pm William Parker Quartet- "Alphaville/Daughter's Joy/The Golden Bell" - Wood Flute Songs: Anthology/Live 2006-2012 (AUM Fidelity)
11:58am Stranahan, Zaleski, Rosato- "Rock Song" - Limitless (Capri)
11:55am mic break
11:51am Juan Albanes Aldama (108 yrs)- "Urut et jtpa (El guajolote y el coyote)" - Grupos Etnicos de Baja California Norte vol. 4 (Archivo Etnografico Audiovisual del Instituto nacional indigenista)
11:45am Musicians of the National Dance Company of Cambodia Homrong- "Breu Peyney" - s/t (Real World)
11:42am mic break
11:37am Tsinandali Choir- "Kakhuri Mravaljamiere" - Harvest Song (Musical Expeditions)
11:34am v/a- "Side A Track 2" - Folk Songs of Taiwan (King)
11:30am Eo Sinh and Namh Hao- "Vc Love Song" - Ho! Roady Music from Vietnam (Trikont)
11:28am Danny Brown- "Lonely" - Old (Fool's Gold)
11:25am The Herms- "This Operation" - Drop Out Vol 1 (Castle face)
11:21am mic break
11:19am The United States Navy band- "Brazil" - Travel the World in Song (GXTV)
11:15am v/a- "O Sabor poetica da literatura de cordel" - Carnival in Rio (Olympic)
11:13am Watazumido-Shuso- "Nezasa no shirabe" - The mysterious sounds of the Japanese Bamboo Flute (Everest)
11:12am Sarah Cahill- "Frederic Rzewski: Peace Dances (2007/2008)" - A Sweeter Music (Other Minds)
11:07am Donny Hathaway- "I'll Love You More than you Ever Know" - Never My Love: The Anthology (Rhino)
11:04am mic break
11:00am Blind boys from alabama- "I've Been Searching (feat tune-yards)" - I'll Find A Way (Masterworks)
10:55am All Rounder- "Innocent Jimmy" - Soca Music from Trinidad (Rounder)
10:50am The Nyari- "Song of the Harp" - Music of the Rain Forest Pygmies of the North East Congo (Zaire) (Lyrichord)
10:47am Rokia Traore- "Kouma" - Beautiful Africa (Nonesuch)
10:43am mic break
10:41am v/a- "Dzil Duet" - Africa: Ancient Ceremonies, Dance Music and Songs of Ghana (Nonesuch explorer)
10:37am Tierra Caliente- "Andarele Vamanos" - Ecuador and COlombia: Marimba Masters and Sacred Songs, The Afro-descendent musicians of the Pacific Coastal Region (Multicultural Media)
10:33am Boogarins- "Lucifernandis" - As plantas que curam (other)
10:31am Ruth Welcome- "Mis Flores Negras" - Latin Zither (Capitol)
10:28am Sol Hoopii- "Lepe Ula Ula" - Hawaiian Steel Guitar 1920s to 1950s (Arhoolie)
10:24am mic break
10:20am Kandinsky Trio- "Bagatelle" - On Light Wings (Omnitone)
10:17am Rita Abadzi- "Ta Hanumakya" - Greek Oriental Songs and Dances (Arhoolie)
10:13am Omar Souleyman- "Ya Yumma" - Wenu Wenu (Ribbon Music)
10:09am Sir Victor Uwaifoand his melody Maestroes- "Sesese" - Sir Victor Uwaifo Big Sound (West African)
10:05am mic break
10:02am Inf- "Bubblegum Heist" - Music for Crime Scenes (Beats broke)
9:58am Carlos Mejia et al- "Hay que aprender que leer" - Convirtiendo la oscurana en claridad (ocarina)
9:53am Experimental Sound Collective of ICAIC- "Eternamente Yolanda" - Cuba Va! Songs of the New Generation of Revolutionary Cuba (Paredon)
9:50am Fatimita- "Urbano de Castro" - Angola Soundtrack 2 (Analog Africa)
9:46am mic break
9:42am Adolphus Micah- "Gonje Songs" - Africa: Ancient Ceremonies, Dance Music and Songs of Ghana (Nonesuch Explorer)
9:36am va Asuit- "Auminaity Ashufeak Ya-alby" - Arab Music: Music of the Near East (Lyrichord)
9:33am Sidi Toure- "Street Medicines" - Alafia (Thrill Jockey)
9:30am mic break
9:27am Shad- "Fam Jam" - Flying Colors (Black Box)
9:24am Bettye Swann- "I'm Lonely for You" - s/t (Honest Jons)
9:19am va- "Giant Catfish Fry" - Radio Thailand (Sublime Frequencies)
9:14am mic break
9:11am Volapuk- "Des objets de la plus grande importance" - Rer quarterly vol 4 #2 (ReR)
9:03am Lonnie Holley- "The Start of a River's Run (One Drop)" - Keeping a Record of It (Dust to Digital)