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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
6:25am Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band- "Yellow Brick Road" - The Buddah Years (Sony BMG Music UK)
6:22am Sue Garner- "Let Us Out" - Still (Thrill Jockey)
6:19am BEAK>- "PIJ" - Couple in a Hole (Original Soundtrack) (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
6:14am Ginger Baker Trio- "East Timor" - Going Back Home (Atlantic Jazz)
6:12am Viktor Vaughn- "Mr. Clean" - Vaudeville Villain (Sound Ink)
6:10am Lofi Beats- "Lofi Iced Coffee" - Lofi Chill (Lofi Beats Alien)
6:08am Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (Trees & Cyborgs)
6:03am Hella- "Post-Ivy League Depression" - Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass (Narnack Records)
6:02am Wil Blades;Scott Amendola;Amendola Vs. Blades- "Hi-Lo" - Everybody Wins (Royal Potato Family)
5:55am Do Make Say Think- "End Of Music" - & Yet & Yet (Constellation)
5:50am El Ten Eleven- "My Only Swerving" - El Ten Eleven (Bar/None Records)
5:44am Giardini Di Miru00f2- "A New Start (For Swinging Shoes)" - Rise and Fall of Accademic Drifting (Santeria)
5:41am Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (Trees & Cyborgs)
5:37am ellis the vacuumchild- "Decapitation Spree" - Peace by extermination (Chalksounds)
5:34am Liquid Liquid- "Scraper" - Slip In And Out Of Phenomenon (Domino Recording Co)
5:30am Yoink- "Subcloning" - Interactome (Broth IRA)
5:24am Holy Fuck- "Korg Rhythm Afro" - Holy Fuck (Dependent Music)
5:21am Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (Trees & Cyborgs)
5:06am Max Romeo- "Time 4 Jah" - A Little Time For Jah (Mediacom)
5:03am Dub Syndicate- "J.A. Minor" - Strike The Balance (On-U Sound)
5:01am Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (Trees & Cyborgs)
3:34am FloFilz- "Blue Orchard" - Chillhop Essentials Spring 2018 (Chillhop Records)
1:41am Chris Burger- "Kit 'n' Kaboodle" - Luv Phenomena, Vol. 1 (Panther Fist Studios)
1:21am Bang Data- "Don't Know" - La Sopa (Rockolito Music)
1:01am Bay City Rollers- "Saturday Night" - Original Album Classics (SME - Arista/Legacy)
12:52am Tangerine Dream- "Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)" - Sorcerer (GEFFEN)
12:51am John Carpenter- "Underground (Film Version) [Bonus Track]" - They Live - Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition (AHI)
12:49am Hans Lazer Alien Slam- "Judgement Time" - Action Metal (LAZERCITY1984 RECORDS)
12:49am Alan Howarth- "Assault On Precinct 13" - Assault On Precinct 13 / Dark Star (music From The Motion Pictures) (BSX Records, Inc.)
12:48am SculptingPower- "Dawn of Man" - Dawn of Man (Independent)
12:48am John Carpenter- "The Cheese Dip" - They Live - Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition (AHI)
12:41am Vampire Sound Inc.- "Droge CX 9" - Vampyros Lesbos - Sexadelic Dance Party (Miau)
12:38am Goblin- "Blind Concert" - Cinevox Best B-sides (Cinevox Record)
12:36am Magnet- "Procession" - The Wicker Man (Silva Screen Records)
12:31am John Carpenter- "Underground (Film Version) [Bonus Track]" - They Live - Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition (AHI)
12:30am The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Herbert von Karajan- "Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 I. Einleitung (Introduction aka 2001 A Space Odyssey Opening Title Music)" - Richard Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 (Remastered) (Harrison James Music)
12:29am Munich Symphony Orchestra- "Also Aprach Zarathusa (2001-A Space Odyssey)" - Clint to Kubrik - Soundtrack to a Century 2 (NPL)
12:24am Tangerine Dream- "Abyss" - Sorcerer (GEFFEN)
12:20am John Carpenter- "The Fog Enters Town" - The Fog (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Expanded Edition] (Silva Screen Records)
12:16am Existereo- "Sometimes Before" - Dirty Deeds & Dead Flowers (Dead Guy Records)
12:12am Ennio Morricone- "Man With A Harmonica" - Once Upon A Time In The West (Revolver Records)
12:09am John Cameron and Frog- "Abby's Nightmare" - Psychomania (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Trunk Records)
12:07am Peter Thomas Sound Orchester- "Nazca: Imaginary Landing In Peru (Theme From Chariots Of The Gods?)" - Chariots Of The Gods? (Jazz Club) (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
12:05am John Williams- "Earthquake: Special Effects" - Earthquake (Varese Sarabande)
12:01am Alan Howarth- "Assault On Precinct 13 (Main Title)" - Assault On Precinct 13 / Dark Star (music From The Motion Pictures) (BSX Records, Inc.)
Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:39pm Karolina Rojahn- "II: Nana" - Sergio Cervetti: Transits u2013 Minimal to Mayhem (Navona)
11:07pm Sonmi451- "Eiger" - Four Peaks (TIME RELEASED SOUND)
11:00pm Chihei Hatakeyama- "Prince of the Sea" - Moon Light Reflecting over Mountains (Room 40)
10:53pm Gojogo- "Miwok Bunker" - Asleep Under Waves (Gojogo)
10:48pm Hernandez Hideaway- "Ukrainian Dance, No. 13" - Klezmerotica Sweethearts (Round Whirled Records)
10:43pm Marisa Anderson- "Down Off the Mountain" - Mercury (Chaos Kitchen Music)
10:40pm Samara Lubelski- "Caravan" - Spectacular of Passages (The Social Registry)
10:31pm Carla Bozulich- "Gonna Stop Killing" - Boy (Constellation)
10:28pm Julianna Barwick- "Offing" - Nepenthe (Dead Oceans)
10:24pm Itasca- "The Hermit S View" - Unmoored By The Wind (New Images)
10:21pm Mary Lattimore- "The White Balloon" - Slant of Light (Thrill Jockey)
10:11pm Magik Markers- "State Number" - Balf Quarry (Drag City)
9:57pm Circuit des Yeux- "A Story Of This World" - In Plain Speech (Thrill Jockey)
9:41pm Circuit Des Yeux- "Dream of TV" - In Plain Speech (Thrill Jockey Records)
9:21pm Fursaxa- "Sheds Her Skin" - Alone In The Dark Wood (ATP/Recordings)
9:06pm Abronia- "Glass Butte Retribution" - Obsidian Visions / Shadowed Lands (Water Wing Records)
9:00pm Hans Reichel- "Le Bal" - Yuxo: A New Daxophone Operetta (a/l/l)
8:58pm Magno Garcia & Retrospec- "Steady Grow" - Sadness Is Closer Than It Appears (Merrill St Productions)
8:54pm Jeff Bridges- "Feeling Good" - Sleeping Tapes (Isle of Jura Records)
8:49pm Peter Green- "Gotta See Her Tonight" - Gotta See Her Tonight (WMG - Sanctuary Records)
8:45pm Ryuichi Sakamoto- "M7 - love" - M7 - love (WMG - Milan Records)
8:45pm Fleetwood Mac- "Albatross" - English Rose (SME - Sony Music UK)
8:39pm John Martyn- "Go Down Easy (Album Version)" - Solid Air (Universal/Island)
8:31pm Lil Silva- "Fall Again" - Help (Carrying Colour)
7:55pm Alton Ellis- "You Make Me Happy" - Mr. Soul of Jamaica (Push Music)
7:50pm RS Produu00e7u00f5es- "REFLEXu00c3O" - REFLEXu00c3O (1247673 Records DK)
7:49pm Ringo Jack- "Gold Reserve" - Old Tombstone (West Valley Music)
7:26pm Wilma Archer- "Decades" - A Western Circular (Weird World)
7:23pm Asthenos- "morning" - morning (Apex Records)
7:23pm Coby Sey- "Petals Have Fallen" - Petals Have Fallen (Coby Sey)
7:18pm Nautic- "Without You" - Extraordinary Renditions (Deek Recordings)
7:14pm King- "The Right One" - We Are King (KING CREATIVE LLC)
7:12pm Nailah Hunter- "Ruins" - Spells (Leaving Records)
7:07pm Molero- "El Espanto En Sierra Nevada" - Ficciones Del Tru00f3pico (Holuzam)
7:00pm Heather Leigh- "Island" - Glory Days (Boomkat Editions | Documenting Sound)
6:58pm Red Astaire- "Follow Me" - Nuggets for the Needy (Groove Distribution)
6:57pm Bells of Kyoto- "Swiss Air" - Intenta (Les Disques Bongo Joe)
6:49pm Peter Philippe Weiss- "Subway (Intenta Version)" - Intenta (Les Disques Bongo Joe)
6:47pm Heather Leigh- "Take Just a Little" - Glory Days (Boomkat Editions | Documenting Sound)
6:42pm Depeche Mode- "Agent Orange" - Strangelove (U.S. Maxi Single) (Reprise/Mute)
6:40pm Yellow Magic Orchestra- "Light in Darkness (2019 Bob Ludwig Remastering)" - Technodelic (Sony Music Direct(Japan)Inc.)
6:33pm Strawberry Switchblade- "Trees and Flowers" - Strawberry Switchblade (WM UK)
6:28pm dBridge- "Cold Hands" - Inhibited LP (Exit Records)
6:21pm CS Kreme- "The Whale's Tail" - Snoopy (The Trilogy Tapes)
6:16pm The Cure- "Dressing Up" - The Top (Rhino/Elektra)
6:05pm Sampha- "Kora Sings" - Process (Young Turks Recordings)
6:02pm Joni Mitchell- "Lucky Girl" - Dog Eat Dog (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
6:00pm Thundercat- "Lost In Space / Great Scott / 22-26" - It Is What It Is (Brainfeeder)
5:58pm Madeleine Peyroux- "Laid Back" - 99 xJazz (Universal Music)
5:57pm Cupids Bow- "In My Ufo" - Wake the Love Up! (BABYSOULOVE PRODUCTIONS)
5:57pm Billie Holiday- "Moonglow" - Look at (cappo digital)
5:49pm T. Rex- "Jeepster (Remastered Single/LP Version)" - Electric Warrior (Expanded & Remastered) (US Release) (Rhino/Warner Bros.)
5:46pm The Polecats- "Make A Circuit With Me" - 80s New Romantic Hits (Re-Recorded / Remastered Versions) (Cleopatra Records)
5:43pm The Meteors- "Little Red Riding Hood" - Halloween Rockabilly & Psychobilly (Rock-A-Billy Records)
5:40pm Plus-Tech Squeeze Box- "Scene 2: Citybilly Lived Happily Ever After" - Fakevox (Sur La Plage)