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Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
8:54am Fire Engines- "Hungry Beat" - Hungry Beat (Acute)
8:52am Grass Widow- "Goldilocks Zone" - Internal Logic (HLR)
8:48am Nature- "Workout" - Workout (M'Lady's)
8:37am The Pack AD- "Big Shot" - Do Not Engage (Nettwerk)
8:35am Audacity- "Couldn't Hold A Candle" - Butter Knife (Suicide Squeeze)
8:33am The Coathangers- "Go Away" - Larceny & Old Lace (Suicide Squeeze)
8:30am Eddy Current Suppression Ring- "It's All Square" - S/T (Goner)
8:26am Toy- "It's Been So Long" - Join The Dots (Heavenly Recordings)
8:18am Azure Blue- "Willows And Pines" - Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt (Matinee)
8:13am Siouxsie And The Banshees- "Belladonna" - Hyaena (Geffen)
8:10am Cranes- "Everywhere" - Adrift (Dedicated)
8:06am Altered Images- "A Day's Wait" - A Day's Wait (Epic)
8:02am Life Without Buildings- "Let's Get Out" - Any Other City (DCBaltimore)
7:54am Dresses- "Painting Roses" - Sun Shy (Side One Dummy)
7:52am Cibo Matto- "Check Out" - Hotel Valentine (Chimera)
7:48am Hawnay Troof- "Said Once" - Daggers At The Moon (Retard Disco)
7:45am Prissy Clerks- "Blast-Off Girls" - Bruise Or Be Bruised (Forged Artifacts)
7:41am Hospitality- "Rockets And Jets" - Trouble (Merge)
7:29am Habibi- "Tomboy" - S/T (Burger)
7:28am Sweater Girls- "Space Crush" - Sweater Girls Were Here (HHBTM)
7:26am Gaze- "Anyway" - Mitsumeru (K)
7:24am Sourpatch- "Things You Say" - Stagger And Fade (HHBTM)
7:21am The Manhattan Love Suicides- "Skulls" - S/T (Magic Marker)
7:14am Wild Assumptions- "Run Like You" - Run Like You (Plan-It X)
7:12am Make-Up- "Gospel 2000" - Sound Verite (K)
7:09am Wipers- "Taking Too Long" - Youth of America (Park Avenue)
7:05am La Luz- "Big Big Blood" - It's Alive (Hardly Art)
7:01am Chastity Belt- "Seattle Party" - No Regerts (Help Yourself)
7:00am Fernando
6:58am The Rainbows- "Mary Lee" - Doo Wop Box (Rhino)
6:55am Luis Oliveira and His Bandodalua Boys- "Chihuahua" - Ultra-Lounge vol. 2 (Capitol)
6:53am Tony Farrell- "Stumpy Stump" - Rockin' on Broadway: The Time Brent Shad Story (Ace)
6:50am Collins Kids- "Hound Dog" - Rockin' on TV (Krazy Kat)
6:48am Nipple Erectors- "Nervous Wreck" - Bops, Babes, Booze + Bovver (Big Beat)
6:45am Chin-Chin- "Cry in Vain" - Stop! Your Crying (Farmer)
6:43am Shop Assistants- "Safety Net" - Safety Net (53rd & 3rd)
6:41am Tiger Trap- "Puzzle Pieces" - s/t (K)
6:37am Nelson Riddle- "Lolita Ya Ya" - Cocktail Mix vol. 4 (Rhino)
6:33am Vacation Club- "Daydream" - Daydream (Randy)
6:30am Pooh Sticks- "Who Loves You" - Who Loves You (Sweet Virginia)
6:26am Bubblegum Lemonade- "Your Valentine (Takes Me Back in Time)" - Some Like It Pop (Matinee)
6:23am Cocktails- "Friday" - Friday (Grazer)
6:22am Cali Giraffes- "All My Life" - All My Life (Fin)
6:17am David Marks & the Marksmen- "Travelin'" - Lost Legends of Surf Guitar vol. 2 (Sundazed)
6:14am Barracudas- "Campus Tramp" - Drop Out (Zonophone)
6:11am The Freshies- "My Tape's Gone" - My Tape's Gone (Razz)
6:09am Cockney Rejects- "Bad Man!" - Bad Man! (EMI)
6:06am The Offs- "Everyone's a Bigot" - Everyone's a Bigot (415)
5:57am Jim Waller & the Deltas- "Latin'ia" - Lost Legends of Surf Guitar vol. 2 (Sundazed)
5:55am Riff Raff- "Sweet as Pie" - I Wanna Be a Cosmonaut (Chiswick)
5:53am Radiators from Space- "Blitzin' at the Ritz" - TV Tube Heart (Chiswick)
5:49am The Press- "Alcoholic" - Bloodstains across Australia (s/r)
5:47am The Lurkers- "This Dirty Town" - This Dirty Town (Clay)
5:44am Nightmare Boyzzz- "Problem Child" - Bad Patterns (Slovenly)
5:43am Straight Arrows- "Can't Stand It" - Never Enough (HoZac)
5:37am The Menn- "Ian Fleming Theme" - Lost Legends of Surf Guitar vol. 1 (Sundazed)
5:31am Gun Club- "For the Love of Ivy" - s/t (Slash)
5:28am Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds- "I Don't Like" - Haunted Head (In the Red)
5:24am Cheap Time- "Exit Smiles" - Exit Smiles (In the Red)
5:22am Raped- "Escalator Hater" - Seeds IV: Punk (Cherry Red)
5:21am Scraper- "I'm in the Way" - s/t (Cut Rate)
5:18am Leyton Buzzards- "Villain" - 19 & Mad (Small Wonder)
5:13am Hot Butter- "Popcorn" - Best of Moog (Loud)
5:10am Capital City vs. the Bangkok Lady Boys- "Clinically Dumb" - s/t (Westlink Multimedia)
5:06am The Fall- "Rowche Rumble" - Early Years 77-79 (Faulty Products)
5:04am Crushed Butler- "It's My Life" - Uncrushed (Radio Heartbeat)
5:02am Guitar Wolf- "Bad Reputation" - split with The Statics (Wallabies)
4:59am Heinz- "Twenty Flight Rock" - Tribute to Eddie (Castle)
4:54am Jackie Davis- "Glow Worm Cha-Cha-Cha" - Ultra-Lounge vol. 2 (Capitol)
4:52am Rita Chao & the Quests- "How to Catch a Girl" - Girls in the Garage vol. 9 (Romulan)
4:49am Sonic Chicken 4- "Shalalalalove" - s/t (In the Red)
4:47am Slushy- "Pocket" - Candy (Randy)
4:44am Television Personalities- "Part-Time Punks" - Where's Bill Grundy Now? (Kings Rd.)
4:40am Marshall Holland- "Radio Style" - And The Etceteras (s/r)
4:33am Nelson Riddle- "Lolita Ya Ya" - Cocktail Mix vol. 4 (Rhino)
4:29am Habibi- "Tomboy" - s/t (Burger)
4:26am La Luz- "Call Me in the Day" - It's Alive (Hardly Art)
4:24am Peach Kelli Pop- "Eenie Meenie Minie Moe" - s/t (Infinity Cat)
4:21am Rose Melberg- "Cupid" - split with the Magpies (Slumberland)
4:18am Jesus and Mary Chain- "My Girl" - The Complete John Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
4:16am The Classics- "Till Then" - Doo Wop Box II (Rhino)
4:11am Perrey-Kingsley- "Winchester Cathedral" - Best of Moog (Loud)
4:10am Animated Sounds- "(Sock It to Me Baby) In the House of Shock" - Party Party Party (Arf! Arf!)
4:07am The Creation- "Biff-Bang Pow" - How Does It Feel to Feel (Edsel)
4:06am Gentleman Jesse and His Men- "Going Outta My Mind" - I Don't Wanna Know (Douche Master)
4:02am The Chords- "Maybe Tomorrow" - So Far Away (Polydor)
4:00am Vice Creems- "Like a Tiger" - Danger Love (Zig Zag)
3:56am Glen Miller Orchestra w/Tex Beneke- "Chatanooga Choo Choo" - The Complete Glenn Miller 1940-1941 Volume VI (Bluebird)
3:52am I See Hawks In LA- "Tongues of the Flame" - Mystery Drug (Western Seeds)
3:49am Scott H Biram- "I'm Troubled" - Nothing But Blood (Bloodshot)
3:46am Laura Cantrell- "Letter She Sent" - No Way There From Here (Thrift Store)
3:44am Moe Bandy- "It Was Always So Easy (to Find an Unhappy Woman)" - It Was Always So Easy (to Find an Unhappy Woman) (GRC)
3:40am Ruby Pins- "Gagging on the Obvious" - s/t (M'Lady's)
3:35am Malaria- "Thrash Me" - Berlin Super 80 (Monitorpop Entertainment)
3:30am Material- "Square Dance" - Memory Serves (Celluliod)
3:26am Hababi- "Sweetest Talk" - s/t (Burger)
3:23am Doors- "Love Street" - Waiting For the Sun (Elektra)
3:20am Would-Be-Goods- "No More Tearstained Makeup" - A Sunday Matinee (Matinee)
3:16am Go-Betweens- "Five Words" - Spring Hill Fair (Sire)
3:14am We Are Scientists- "Dumb Luck" - Business Casual (Pine Alone)