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Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
1:54pm Royal Baths- "After Death" - Litanies
1:50pm Prince Rama- "Raghupati" - Shadow Temple
1:47pm The Chocolate Watchband- "No Way Out"
1:36pm Harold Budd- "Juno" - The Pavilion of Dreams
1:34pm Psychic Reality- "Fanta" - Vibrant New Age
1:32pm Minimal Man- "All the Answers"
1:27pm New Order- "Mesh"
1:22pm Wire- "I Should Have Known Better"
1:14pm Chelsea Wolfe- "We Hit a Wall"
1:11pm Cocteau Twins- "Wax and Wane" - Garlands
1:09pm Tatsuya Yoshida- "Drums/Voice I" - Solo Works
12:59pm Jesus and the Mary Chain- "Psycho Candy" - BArbed Wire Kisses
12:56pm Beck- "Asshole" - One Foot in the Grave
12:53pm Captain Beefheart- "Electricity"
12:51pm Chrome- "Don't Move Like That"
12:44pm Shangri Las- "I Can Never Go Home Anymore"
12:43pm The Endeavors- "I've Got a Feeling" - Zell's Girls
12:40pm Baby Washington- "I've Got a Feeling" - Baby Washington
12:37pm Blood Orange- "Uncle Ace" - Cupid Deluxe
12:33pm Hank Williams- "Lost Highway"
12:27pm Arthur Brown- "Confusion" - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
12:25pm Matt Baldwin- "In the Black Channel" - Night in the Triangle
12:13pm Wolf Eyes- "Chattering Lead" - No Answer: Lower Floors
12:04pm Om- "Haqq al Yaqin" - Adviatic Songs
11:56am exclusiveOr- "World on a Wire" - Archaea (Carrier)
11:54am - "---"
11:51am Sharp Objects- "Left Without a Heart" - S/T (Modern Action)
11:48am Nightbirds- "Maimed for the Masses" - Maimed for the Masses (Fat Wreck Chords)
11:45am Engine 88- "Manclub" - Snowman (Caroline)
11:40am Jerome Miniere- "Un avis de defaite" - S/T (Lithium)
11:38am Percy Mayfield- "Life is Suicide" - For Collectors Only (Specialty)
11:36am Orquestasde Cuerdas- "El Gato Negro" - The End of a Tradition (Arhoole)
11:34am - "---"
11:31am Maybellines- "Drama Queen" - Chatfield Holiday (Best Friends)
11:27am Stiff Little Fingersq- "Wasted Life" - All the Best (EMI)
11:25am Paint It Black- "Headfirst" - Invisible (No Idea)
11:22am Neurosis- "A Sun that Never Sets" - A Sun that Never Sets (Relapse)
11:18am Nice Strong Arm- "You'll Never Know Me" - Mind Furnace (Homestead)
11:10am Yamantaka // Sonic Titan- "One" - Uzu (Suicide Squeeze)
11:08am Tuxedo Moon- "Joeboy the Electronic Ghost" - Pinheads on the Move (Crammed Discs)
11:05am Kiss Offs- "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm" - Rock Bottom (Peek a Boo)
11:03am Nervous Eaters- "Loretta" - Eaterville #1 (Penniman)
10:57am Tame Impala- "Alter Ego" - InnerSpeaker (Modular)
10:55am - "---"
10:52am Luxurious Bags- "Stranger" - Voluntary Lifelong Quarantine (Twisted Village)
10:48am Louis Logic- "They Don't Make Em Like they Used to" - Look on the Blight Side (Fake Four Inc)
10:45am Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf- "Devotion 92" - V/A Peanut Butter Wolf's Jukebox (Stones Throw)
10:42am Paul McCartney- "Save Us" - New (MPL Communications Inc)
10:31am Kraftwerk- "Trans Europe Express" - Trans Europe Expressq (Capitol)
10:25am Orchestra of Spheres- "Journey" - Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music (Fire)
10:22am the Kills- "What New York Used to Be" - Midnight Boom (Domino)
10:18am Romans- "Tuned Out" - You Only Live Once (Warning Label)
10:15am - "----"
10:12am Cruel Summer- "White Flag" - S/T (Mt St Mtn)
10:09am the Rondelles- "The Fox" - V/A Teenbeat 2000 (Teenbeat)
10:04am Niki and the Dove- "The Fox" - Instinct (Sub Pop)
10:01am Sleater Kinney- "The Fox" - The Woods (Sub Pop)
9:57am Burl Ives- "The Fox" - Burl Ives sings (Decca)
9:54am - "----"
9:49am Switchblade Kid- "Switchblade 1" - S/T (Miss Molly)
9:47am Neo Boys- "Give Me The Message" - Sooner or Later (K)
9:45am Mission of Burma- "This is Not a Photograph" - Catalog Sampler (Rykodisc)
9:42am - "----"
9:36am The Neutrons- "Living in the World Today" - Black Hole Star (United Artists)
9:32am Bel Canto- "White Out Conditions" - White Out Conditions (Nettwerk)
9:27am Bombay Dub Orchestra- "City of Amber" - Tales from the Grand Bazaar (Six Degrees)
9:23am Hard 2 Obtain- "Hip Hop Lifestyle" - Heels without Souls (Atlantic)
9:21am - "----"
9:16am Shoko Hikage- "Sakura-Zukiyo" - Inishie No (Women's Work Recordings)
9:14am Kirilola- "Kimigayo-hibiki (Harmony)" - Kimiyago-hibiki (Nuri-eMaki)
9:10am the Clash- "Magnificent Seven" - The Story of the Clash (Epic)
9:05am Queen- "Another One Bites the Dust" - The Game (Elektra)
9:00am !!!- "Storm the Legion" - !!! (Gold Standard Laboratories)
8:55am Boogarians- "Lucifernandis" - As Plantas Que Curam (Other)
8:54am Bad Daddies- "Dessert" - split (Emotional Response)
8:51am Teengenerate- "Mess Me Up" - Get Action (Crypt)
8:48am Cheater Slicks- "Please Give Me Something" - Skidmarks (Crypt)
8:44am Constant Mongrel- "Inflicted" - Heavy Breathing (Siltbreeze)
8:38am Bad Sports- "Rockin' The Noose" - Bras (Dirtnap)
8:35am CJ Ramone- "Shut Up" - Reconquista (Pirate's Press)
8:31am Resineators- "Underage Girl Get Out" - Don't ____ With The Fantasy (Siltbreeze)
8:29am The Trashies- "Future Pain" - Teenage Rattlesnakes (1234 Go!)
8:27am Giorgio Muderer- "Theme From Star Trek" - s/t
8:21am The Monsters- "I Love My Car" - Mask (Voodo Rhythm)
8:19am Link Wray- "Hold It" - Missing Links Vol. 2 (Norton)
8:17am John Lee Hooker- "Morning Blues" - Boogie Awhile (Krazy Kat)
8:13am Al bilali soudan- "Abak Kabok" - s/t (Clermont Music)
8:11am Lenz- "Airplanefiretruck" - Frozen Touch (Volar)
8:09am David Mitchell- "Dogs" - Making Losers Happy (Xpressway)
8:05am The Black Hollies- "Unless It's My Imagination" - Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere (EJRC)
7:59am The Herms- "Kalypso" - Drop Out Vol. 1 (Castle Face)
7:56am Jean Shepard- "Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar" - Best Of Jean Shepard
7:54am Hot Machines- "Tear It Apart" - Maybe Chicago (Criminal IQ)
7:52am Lilput- "Nighttoad" - s/t (Kill Rock Stars)
7:49am Los Culitos- "Estoy aqui por error" - Estoy qui por error (S/R)
7:44am Vex Ruffin- "Hard On Myself" - s/t (Stones Throw)
7:41am The Chuckleberries- "No No Song" - KALX Live (KALX Live)
7:39am Slushy- "Pocket" - Candy (Randy)
7:37am Dancer- "Do Ya Blame Me" - My Car Drives Fast (Guitars & Bongos)
7:31am The Gories- "I Think I've Had It" - The Shaw Tapes: Live In Detroit 5/27/88 (Third Man)