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Monday, August 19, 2019
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
4:58pm Cat Power- "You May Know Him" - Moon Pix (Drag City)
4:55pm Exit Music- "The Cold" - Passage (Secretly Canadian)
4:50pm Dorian Wood- "The Real" - Bolka (S/R)
4:41pm Tomoyoshi Date and Stijn Huwels- "Tou" - Hocku-Ekki-Tou (Home Normal)
4:36pm Robert
4:33pm Loren Connors- "The Meteor" - Wound (Carbon)
4:25pm Hypoxia- "Active Tension" - Hypoxia (Bl_k Noise)
4:17pm Jake Xerxes Fussell- "The River St. Johns" - Out of Sight (Paradise of Bachelors)
4:12pm Foehn- "It's Oh So Strange" - Insideout Eyes (S/R)
4:12pm Foehn- "It's Oh So Strange" - Insideout Eyes (S/R)
4:08pm Pye Corner Audio- "The Black Mill Video Tape" - Sleep Games (Ghost Box)
3:59pm Death and Vanilla- "The Hum" - Are You a Dreamer? (Fire)
3:56pm Simple Minds- "Homosapien" - Neon Lights (Eagle)
3:54pm J. Vandrogenbrock and M. Monsen- "Group Meditation" - Unusual Sounds (Kemado)
3:48pm Papa's Culture- "Toes" - Papa's Culture, but.... (Elektra)
3:45pm Jan Gardarek- "Traneflight" - Esoteric Circle (Phonogram)
3:40pm Beta Band- "Won" - Hot Shots II (Regal)
3:35pm East Star All-Stars- "Great Gig in the Sky" - Dubber Side of the Moon (S/R)
3:25pm Clara Engel- "At Night They Race Through the Stars" - Where a City Once Drowned (S/R)
3:11pm Alessandro Cortini- "Stella" - Forse Two (Important)
3:04pm Gail Seymour- "Just Relax" - Just Relax..... (S/R)
3:00pm Karma Moffett- "Golden Bowls" - Golden Bowls (The Tibet Shop)
2:55pm Andrew Tasselmyer and Patrick Spatz- "Interior Current Number 4" - Interior Currents (Constellation Tatsu)
2:50pm Proem- "False Hope" - Until Here For Years (n5MD)
2:45pm --
2:40pm Versing- "Entryism" - 10000 (Hardly Art)
2:38pm Tapes and Topographies- "Wiretaps" - Signal To Noise (Simulacra)
2:35pm Cup and Saucer- "Uhlekani emzini (Why are you happy?)" - Iscathamiya: Zulu Worker Choirs in South Africa (Heritage)
2:30pm Abafana Baseqhudeni- "Ubu Gowele" - Rhythm of Resistance (Virgin)
2:25pm Ricchi e Poveri- "Acapulco" - Acapulco (Carrere)
2:18pm The Cure- "Fascination Street (Extended Remix)" - Fascination Street (Test Press)
2:14pm --
2:10pm Froth- "Syndrome" - Duress (Wichita)
2:06pm Midnight Oil- "Beds Are Burning" - Diesel and Dust (Sprint)
2:04pm The Spiral Electric- "A Descent into the Maelstrom" - The Spiral Electric (S/R)
2:00pm Cleaners from Venus- "I Can't Stop (Holding On)" - On Any Normal Monday (Captured Tracks)
1:56pm --
1:49pm Strand of Oaks- "Weird Ways" - Eraserland (Dead Oceans)
1:45pm Faye Webster- "Room Temperature" - Atlanta Millionaire's Club (Secretly Canadian)
1:40pm Aretha Franklin- "You Send Me" - You Send Me (Atlantic)
1:38pm Sly and the Family Stone- "Stand!" - Stand! (Epic)
1:35pm --
1:30pm Grupo Jejeje- "Cumbia Con Jazz" - Grupo Jejeje (Discos Rolas)
1:28pm Alejandro Duran- "Cumbia Costeña" - Remolino De Oro (Domino Sound)
1:26pm Desmond Baker and the Clarendonians- "Rude Boy Gone a Jail" - Studio One Rude Boy (Soul Jazz Records)
1:24pm The Skatalites- "Ska-Ba" - Oldies But Goodies (Studio One)
1:20pm Jesse Crawford- "Selections from the 'Love Parade'" - Poet of the Organ (1927-1929) (Doric)
1:15pm --Campus Calendar--
1:10pm Miyoshi Umeki- "I Give My Heart To You" - Miyoshi Sings American Songs in Japanese (Mercury)
1:08pm Kouta Katsutaro- "Ooshima okesa" - Kouta Katsutaro (Death Is Not The End)
1:00pm Leonard Cohen- "Dress Rehearsal Rag" - Songs of Love and Hate (Columbia)
12:58pm --
12:55pm Nots- "Half Painted House" - 3 (Goner)
12:50pm Dante Elefante- "Never Trust A Junkie" - Never Trust a Junkie (KCSB Bank Burner)
12:45pm Clairo- "Bags" - Immunity (Fader)
12:42pm Car Seat Headrest- "Maud Gone" - Monomania (S/R)
12:38pm --
12:34pm Clara Rockmore- "De Falla: Pantomime" - Theremin with Nadia Reisenberg on Piano (Mississippi Records / MOOG)
12:20pm Siggi String Quartet- "Mamiko Dis Ragnarsdottir: Fair Flowers" - South of the Circle (Sono Luminus)
12:18pm --
12:12pm Francis Bebey- "Binta Madiallo" - Music for the Sanza (Original)
12:08pm Nephew Lagoon- "Hoot Outside" - Sendy Q (S/R)
12:03pm Edgar Allen Poe- "The Masque of the Red Death" - Read by Basil Rathbone (Caedmon)
12:01pm French Vanilla- "All The Time" - How Am I Not Myself? (Danger Collective)
12:00pm Brian Eno- "Thursday Afternoon" - Thursday Afternoon (EG)
11:55am Girl Friday- "Rabbithole" - Fashion Conman (Hardly Art)
11:54am Dehd- "Wild" - Water (Fire Talk)
11:52am Okay- "Loveless" - Huggable Dust (Absolutely Kosher)
11:42am Madeline Kenney- "Interview" - -- (--)
11:36am Lambchop- "A Hold Of You" - OH (Ohio) (Merge)
11:32am Bleu Nuit- "Le Meme Discours" - Le Jardin des Memories (Michel)
11:27am The Cure- "A Forest" - Greatest Hits (Elektra)
11:22am Fontaines D.C.- "The Lotts" - Dogrel (Partisan)
11:07am Madeline Kenney- "Live Performance" - -- (--)
11:00am Black Midi- "953" - Schlagenheim (Rough Trade)
10:54am Clairo- "Closer to You" - Immunity (Fader)
10:51am Madeline Kenney- "The Flavor of the Fruit Tree" - Perfect Shapes (Carpark)
10:48am Julia Shapiro- "Natural" - Perfect Version (Hardly Art)
10:45am Jeanines- "Hits the Bone" - Jeanines (Slumberland)
10:43am Seablite- "Lollipop Crush" - Grass Stains And Novacaine (Emotional Response/Mountains in the Sea)
10:37am Converge- "Under Duress" - The Dusk In Us (Epitaph)
10:32am Daughters- "Long Road, No Turns" - You Won't Get What You Want (Ipecac)
10:29am Show Me The Body- "Madonna Rocket" - Dog Whistle (Loma Vista)
10:27am Death Grips- "Get Got" - Money Store (Epic)
10:19am Mannequin Pussy- "Drunk II" - Patience (Epitaph)
10:16am Necking- "Still Exist" - Cut Your Teeth (Mint)
10:13am Mal Blum- "See Me" - Pity Boy (Don Giovanni)
10:11am Sarchasm- "Garbage" - Beach Blanket Bummer Pop (Asian Man)
10:07am Spoon- "Hot Thoughts" - Hot Thoughts (Matador)
10:00am Spoon- "Spoon Interview" - -- (--)
9:54am Fury- "Goodtime" - Failed Entertainment (Run For Cover)
9:52am Cursive- "Red Handed Sleight of Hand" - The Ugly Organ (Saddle Creek)
9:49am Dismemberment Plan- "Gyroscope" - Emergency & I (DeSoto)
9:45am PUP- "The Coast" - The Dream Is Over (Side One Dummy)
9:42am Get Up Kids- "Lou Barlow" - Problems (Polyvinyl)
9:40am Kitty Kat Fan Club- "Happy Now, Loving You" - Dreamy Little You (Asian Man)
9:35am Kiwi Jr.- "Nothing Changes" - Football Money (Mint)
9:33am Dumb- "Club Nites" - Club Nites (Mint)
9:26am Beat Happening- "Tiger Trap" - You Turn Me On (Sub Pop)
9:24am Boyracer- "Bewitched" - Bored & Lonely (Emotional Response)