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Sunday, March 15, 2020
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
4:45am Mr. clean- "Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner" - TEEVEE Toons (TVT Rescords)
4:41am Renaldo And The Loaf- "Gurdy Hurding" - Gurdy Hurding (Secret Records)
4:37am Akiko Yano- "Kino Wa Mon" - Irohani- Konpeiton (We Want Sounds)
4:33am David Bowie- "The Bewlay Brothers" - Honky Dory (Ryko)
4:28am --------- "--------" - ------ (-------)
4:25am Pere Ubu- "Heart of Darkness" - Datapanik in the Year Zero (Nearpar Records)
4:19am Lee Renaldo & Raul Refree- "The Art of Losing" - Names of North End Women (Mute Records)
4:15am Ricardo DIas Gomes- "Swallow the Sky" - This Whole Emptiness (Timballo)
4:10am -------- "---------" - -------- (--------)
4:03am OOIOO- "Kawasemi Ah" - Nijimusi (Thrill Jockey)
4:00am Kawao Siangthong- "Bong Ganja" - Classic Productions by Surin Phaksiri: Luk Thung Gems From the 1960s-80s (Em)
3:57am Charlie Megira- "Tomorrow's Gone" - You're Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
3:50am Cute Heels- "Watch The neon" - Spiritual (Dark Entries)
3:45am --------- "---------" - -------- (--------)
3:41am Alice Botte- "Hamburger Lady" - Tribute To Genesis Breyer P-orridge (UPR)
3:38am Throbbing Gristle- "Ecoli" - D.o.A (Mute Records)
3:30am Genesis P-Orridge with Splinter Test- "One THee Way to thee Garden: Cortex" - Thee Fractured Garden (Miss Jackie Songs)
3:25am Mary Goes Round- "The Promised Land" - Sunset (Editions Fair And Square)
3:22am Seablite- "Skipping Stones" - High-Rise Mannequins (Emotional Response)
3:21am Kitty Doswell- "Evil Gal Blues" - The Night Blooming Jazzmen (Red Lion)
3:20am ---
3:15am Calibro 35- "Death Of Storytelling" - Momentum (Record Kicks)
3:11am Positive Noise- "When Lightning Strikes" - When Lightning Strikes (Statik)
3:08am Poundsign- "Disaster" - Postal/Poundsign (split) (Small-Fi)
3:06am Letting Up- "Visions" - Letting Up Despite Great Faults Untogether (self released)
3:04am ---
3:00am Cisco Houston- "Little Dogie" - Passing Through (Verve)
2:56am Strawberry Story- "Ashlands Road" - Caroline E.P. (Parasol)
2:53am Third Rail- "Dark Ages" - It's One Now/Dark Ages (Spoonfed)
2:50am Mary Onettes- "Void" - Mary Onettes (Labrador)
2:46am Vampire Lovers- "Buzzsaw Popstar" - Buzzsaw Popstar (self released)
2:44am ---
2:41am Mary Love- "Prana" - Seesaw (Radio Cerna Hora)
2:38am Anne Clark- "Leaving" - Hopeless Cases (10 Records LTd./Virgin)
2:35am Lane 8- "Groundhog Day" - Brightest Lights
2:32am Emmavie- "Vitamin C" - Honeymoon (Fresh Selects)
2:29am Rufus Thomas- "Do The Funky Chicken" - Funky Chicken (Fantasy Inc.)
2:26am Untouchables- "So Long Honey" - So Long Honey (Foo King Music)
2:23am ---
2:20am Yuji Oniki- "Paper Tigers" - Orange (1 Plus 1)
2:17am Professor Cunningham & His Old School- "I Wanna To Be Just Like You" - Sings Disney (Arbors)
2:14am Kayton & Iva Lee Roberts- "Opryland Swing" - Kayton & Iva Lee Roberts (Stoneway)
2:11am Marty Robbins- "Tennessee Toddy" - Rockin' Rollin' Robbins (CBS Special Products)
2:09am Obsequies- "Cell" - Organn (Knives)
2:06am ---
2:02am Impressions- "Check Out Your Mind" - Get Ready With The Impressions (Get Back)
1:59am Felt- "Dirty Girl" - Felt 2: A Trib to Lisa Bonet (Rhymesayers)
1:56am Dark Time Sunshine- "Rock Off" - ANX (Fake Four Inc.)
1:50am Love Nest- "Shiver" - A Howard Poem (Divine Sound)
1:49am Deep State- "No Idea Pt. II" - Thought Garden (Friendship Forever)
1:46am Decollage- "Friendlings" - Magnetize (Misra)
1:43am ---
1:41am Dick Curless- "Cupid's Arrow" - Tombstone Every Mile (Sundazed)
1:39am Steve Piccolo- "Fast Life" - Domestic Exile (Mental Experience)
1:37am Color TV- "Anybody's Girl" - Typical Girls, Vol. 5 (Emotional Response)
1:34am Null & Void- "Crap" - Still ...... It Must Go On (self released)
1:31am Doye O'Dell- "Diesel Smoke Dangerous Curves" - Diesel Smoke Dangerous CurvesDiesel Smoke Dangerous Curves (Longhorn)
1:27am Mary's Danish- "What To Do" - There Goes The Wonderstruck (Chameleon)
1:25am ---
1:20am Pastels- "Something Going On" - Something Going On (Creation)
1:18am Twig- "Fall Of Love" - Fall Of Love (Harriet)
1:13am Martinho Da Vila- "Cade A Farinha" - Batuqueiro (RCA)
1:11am Larry Harlow (Orquestra Harlow & Ismael Miranda)- "Esta Noche Me Emborracho" - Con Mi Viejo Amigo (Fania)
1:07am Passage- "Animal In Me" - xoyo (Cherry Red)
1:04am Phillip Glass- "Etude 9" - Taktus: Mirrored Glass (Compositions By Ann Southham and Phillip Glass) (Ravello)
1:02am ---
12:04am Sneaky Feeling- "Coming True" - Positively George Street (Flying Nun)
12:00am ---
Saturday, March 14, 2020
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:03pm UC Jazz Ensemble- "KALX Live archived performace" - -- (--)
11:00pm Wormfarmer- "KALX Live archived performace" - -- (--)
10:47pm The Mall- "KALX Live archived performace" - -- (--)
10:36pm OMNI- "KALX Live archived performace" - -- (--)
10:15pm Cate Le Bon- "KALX Live archived performace" - -- (--)
10:00pm French Cassettes- "KALX Live archived performace" - -- (--)
9:13pm Chastity Belt- "KALX Live archived performace" - -- (--)
9:07pm Car Seat Headrest- "Can't Cool Me Down" - Can't Cool Me Down [Single] (Matador)
8:59pm Yppah- "Shadows Climb the Wall" - Sunset in the Deep End (Future Archive)
8:58pm --- "--" - --
8:54pm Bonobo- "If You Stayed Over (demo & reprise)" - Days to Come bonus disk (Ninja Tune)
8:49pm Arthur Verocai- "Sylvia" - Arthur Verocai (Luv N' Haight)
8:46pm Os Catedraicos- "Terra de Ninguem" - Ataque (Far Out)
8:44pm Walter Wanderley- "I Live Dreaming" - Quarteto Bossamba (World Pacific)
8:41pm Dillon & Batsauce- "Goin Dutch" - Self Medicated (Full Plate)
8:38pm John Cameron- "Sunny Speed" - Setting the Scene (Groove Attack)
8:36pm Blockhead- "Black Silhouette" - The Art of the Samples (Young Heavy Souls)
8:34pm --- "--" - --
8:30pm Lamb- "Softly" - Fear of Fours (Mercury)
8:23pm Count Basic- "Speechless (Kruder & Dorfmeister remix" - K & D Sessions (!K7)
8:20pm Clint Mansell- "2(pi)r" - Pi OST (Thrive)
8:18pm --- "--" - --
8:11pm El-P- "Tasmanian Paint Coaster" - I'll Sleep When You're Dead (Def Jux)
8:07pm Busdriver- "Sphix's Connery" - Fear of a Black Tangent (Mush)
8:03pm Frank Zappa- "Peaches in Regalia" - Hot Rats (Bizzare)
8:00pm --- "--" - --
7:57pm Heliocentrics- "99% Revolution" - Infinity of Now (Madlib Invasion)
7:55pm Cool Calm Pete- "Cool Calm Science" - Cool Calm Pete (Embedded)
7:49pm Roots- "Episodes" - Iladelphia Halflife (Geffen)
7:45pm Quincy Jones- "Summer in the City" - Sampled vol. 3 (Virgin)
7:42pm --- "--" - --
7:39pm 24 Carat Black- "Ghetto Misfortune's Wealth" - Ghetto Misfortune's Wealth (Fantasy)