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Saturday, December 7, 2019
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
8:16pm --- "--" - --
8:14pm Joe Chambers- "Mind Rain" - Double Exposure (Muse)
8:09pm Nas- "N.Y. State of Mind" - Illmatic (Columbia)
8:06pm Dillon- "Tax Season" - Tails of Lobsterdamus (Full Plate)
8:05pm Shutups- "9-29-2018" - KALX Live Archives (KALX)
8:04pm --- "--" - --
8:01pm Brass Ring- "Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet" - Evolution of... (Itco)
7:58pm Ikebe Shakedown- "No Going Back" - Kings Left Behind (Colemine)
7:50pm Afro Blue Persuasion- "Night in Tunesia" - Live at Haight Levels vol. 2 (Mo-Jazz)
7:48pm --- "--" - --
7:37pm Cut Chemist- "Spoon" - The Audience is Listening (Beatdown)
7:33pm Giberto Gil- "2001" - Ceebro Eletronico (PolyGram)
7:29pm --- "--" - --
7:26pm Stan Getz- "Corcovado (ft. Astud Gilberto)" - Getz au Go Go (Verve)
7:21pm Cujo- "A Vida" - Adventures in Foam (Nine Bar)
7:17pm Plug- "Cheesy (Amen remix)" - EPs 1, 2, & 3 (Nothing)
7:15pm --- "--" - --
7:11pm Meatsock- "Another Place" - Invisible Superstars vol. 1 (Secret Life of Sound)
7:08pm Lorn- "Sega Sunset" - Rarities (Wednesday Sound)
7:06pm Patten- "Pixacao" - Psi (Warp)
7:04pm Stark Reality- "Comrades" - Hoagy Chramichael's Music Shop (Now Again)
7:02pm Billy Woods- "Windhoek (ft. Mach-Hommy)" - Terror Management (Backwoodz Studioz)
7:00pm --- "--" - --
6:57pm Clams Casino- "I'm God" - Instrumentals vol. 2 (S/R)
6:55pm Imogen Heap- "Just For Now" - Speak For Yourself (Megaphonic)
6:51pm FKA Twigs- "Sad Day" - Magdalene (Young Turks)
6:48pm Elkie Brooks- "Just an Excuse" - Shooting Star (A & M)
6:42pm Mala- "Alicia" - Alicia 12" (I & I)
6:39pm Rotary Connection- "Didn't Want to Have to Do It" - Rotary Connection (Cadet)
5:25pm Mercyful Fate- "Melissa" - Melissa (Megaforce)
5:24pm ---- "---" - --- (---)
5:20pm Steve Hauschildt- "Nonlin" - Nonlin (Ghostly International)
5:17pm ---- "---" - --- (---)
5:15pm Rancid Hell Spawn- "Vermin Sewer Rat From Hell" - Axe Hero (Wrench)
5:11pm Desert Sessions- "Vols. 11 + 12" - Vols. 11 + 12 (Matador)
5:06pm Rollins Band- "Going Out Strange" - Nice (Sanctuary)
5:02pm Alice In Chains- "Check My Brain" - Black Gives Way to Blue (EMI)
4:58pm ---- "---" - --- (---)
4:54pm Brak- "Institutionalized" - Dr. Demento Covered In Punk (Demented Punk)
4:50pm Midnite Snaxxx- "I Just Need Myself" - Music Inside (Slovenly)
4:46pm Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky- "In The Air" - In The AIr/More Than Words (Sacred Bones)
4:43pm ---- "---" - --- (---)
4:40pm Battles- "They Played It Twice" - Juice B Crypts (Warp Records)
4:38pm Battles- "A Loop So Nice..." - Juice B Crypts (Warp)
4:34pm Freddie King- "Going Down" - Getting Ready (Shelter Press)
4:31pm My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- "Dirty Little Secrets" - Above The Night (Interscope)
4:29pm Thumb Of The Maid- "Forever Is Already There" - S/T (Deaf Khan)
4:25pm Lyniece- "Rub A Dub" - Rub A Dub (Tin Pan Apple)
4:22pm ---- "---" - --- (---)
4:17pm Space Art- "Watch It" - Trip In The Center Head (If)
4:14pm Adrian Belew- "The Times We Live In" - Pop Sided (S/R)
4:11pm November Group- "Picture Of The Homeland" - S/T (Modern Method)
4:07pm Fucked Up- "Queen Of Hearts" - Queen Of Hearts (Matador)
4:02pm Brother Ali- "De La Kufi" - Secrets & Escapes (Rhymesayers)
1:41pm Dude York- "Longest Time" - Falling (Hardly Art)
1:35pm Melody Echo Chamber- "Cross My Heart" - Bon Voyage (Fat Possum)
1:30pm awakebutstillinbed- "saved" - what people call low self esteem is really just seeing yourself the way other people see you (Tiny Engines)
1:25pm ---- "---"
1:24pm Le Tigre- "Eau D'Bedroom Dancing" - Le Tigre (Mr. Lady)
1:19pm Mazzy Star- "Flowers in December" - Among my Swan (Capitol)
1:16pm ---- "---"
1:10pm AJJ- "Final Cut" - Ugly Spiral (Side One Dummy)
1:06pm Hikes- "Been Thinkin'" - Mahal Kita (To Lose La Track)
1:00pm West- "Sad About the Times" - Sad About the Times (Anthology)
1:00pm Julia Shapiro- "Around the Block" - Perfect Version (Hardly Art)
12:53pm ---- "---"
12:44pm On Drugs- "Lofi Hip Hop Beats to Listen to While Studying" - Uckhole Futah (Postmark)
12:40pm Girl Band- "Couch Combover" - Talkies (Rough Trade)
12:35pm Jeffrey Lewis- "Big A Little a" - 12 Crass Songs (Rough Trade)
12:31pm ---- "---"
12:29pm Blues Lawyer- "Something Different" - Something Different (Mt St Mtn)
12:27pm Teengenerate- "Johnny and Dee Dee" - Tokyo Trashville (Au go go)
12:23pm Dilly Dally- "Marijuana" - Heaven (Partisan)
12:16pm Stargazer Lilies- "Dizzying Heights" - Occabot (Rad Cult)
12:15pm ---- "---"
12:07pm Alien Boy- "Somewhere Without Me" - Sleeping Lessons (Tiny Engines)
12:03pm Breathe Blow Burn- "The Name of the Sparrow" - Breath Blow Burn (Super Invincible)
12:00pm Duster- "Heading For the Door" - Stratosphere (Sunday Service)
11:59am Duster- "Moon Age" - Stratosphere (Sunday Service)
11:57am Robert Heinlein- "Green Hills of Earth" - Green Hills of Earth (Caedmon)
10:59am Brian Eno- "Through Hollow Lands" - Before and After Science (EG Records)
10:58am mic break
10:55am Graham Parker and the Rumour- "Waiting for the UFO's" - Squeezing Out Sparks (Arista)
10:52am Dave Edmunds- "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" - The Dave Edmunds Anthology (Rhino)
10:49am Nick Lowe- "Big Kick, Plain Scrap" - Labour of Lust (Yep Roc)
10:48am mic break
10:44am Kraftwerk- "The Model" - The Man-Machine (Capitol)
10:39am Throbbing Gristle- "Hot on the Heels of Love" - Throbbing Gristle Bring You 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Industrial Records)
10:35am The Pop Group- "Thief of Fire" - We Are Time (Freaks R Us)
10:29am Grace Jones- "Corporate Cannibal" - Hurricane ([PIAS] America)
10:25am mic break
10:21am CAR- "Making Plans for Nigel" - 4 Down (DEEK)
10:17am Anamanaguchi- "On My Own" - [USA] (Polyvinyl)
10:13am Bat for Lashes- "Safe Tonight" - Lost Girls (AWAL)
10:10am FKA Twigs- "Sad Alien" - Magdelene (Young Turks)
10:08am mic break
10:05am Operation Ivy- "Bad Town" - Operation Ivy (Lookout Records)
10:03am Minutemen- "Viet Nam" - Double Nickels on the Dime (New Alliance Music)
9:59am Ruts- "Babylon's Burning" - The Crack (Virgin Records)
9:56am Anti-Nowhere League- "Streets of London" - Anti-Nowhere League Anthology (Eagle Records)