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Friday, January 30, 2015
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
8:42am Dope Body- "Loner Stoner" - Nupping (Hoss)
8:38am Double Dagger- "Camouflage" - More Than Any Other Day (Thrill Jockey)
8:31am Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band- "Intensity Ghost" - Intensity Ghost (No Quarter)
8:27am Bell Gardens- "She Does" - Slow Dawns for Lost Conclusions (Rocket Girl)
8:19am Futureheads- "Hounds of Love" - S/T (Sire)
8:15am Phantom Planet- "Wishing Well" - The Guest (Epic)
8:10am Hollands- "Sugarplums" - Restless Youth (S/R)
8:05am Magic Bronson- "Shivers" - Wildlife (War Cry)
7:57am Coldcut- "Timber (As One Mix)" - Timber (Ninja Tune)
7:52am Lord Raja- "Black Top" - A Constant Moth (Ghostly International)
7:45am Charanjit Singh- "Raga: Todi" - Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat (Bombay Connection)
7:38am Clark- "There's A Distance In You" - S/T (Warp)
7:24am Bessie Jones and The Georgia Sea Island Singers- "Beulah Land" - Get In Union (Tompkins Square)
7:18am Dead Brothers- "Heart Of Stone" - Black Moose (Voodoo Rhythm)
7:01am Philip Corner- "The Gothic Dances" - Satie Slowly (Unseen Worlds)
6:49am Edgar Froese- "Ypsilon In Malaysian Pale" - Ypsilon In Malaysian Pale (Virgin)
6:43am Spiritualized- "Symphony Space" - Lazer Guided Melodies (Dedicated)
6:33am Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra- "Soft Metal Tongue" - Elephant Road (s/r)
6:28am Poolside- "Between Dreams" - Pacific Standard Time (s/r)
6:18am Ravel/Tomita- "Bolero" - Bolero (RCA)
6:12am Aphex Twin- "Early Morning Clissold" - n/a (s/r)
6:05am Paul Hardcastle- "19" - s/t (Chrysalis)
5:59am Aphex Twin- "Girl Boy Dark Version" - n/a (s/r)
5:53am Auscultation- "Automated Jade" - s/t (1080p)
5:51am Smashing Pumpkins- "Tiberius" - Monuments To An Elegy (Martha's Music)
5:48am Theophilus London- "Neu Law" - Vibes (Warner Bros.)
5:44am Soopafly- "I Don't Hang" - I Don't Hang 12" (Warner Bros.)
5:37am Lush- "Fallin' In Love" - Black Spring (4AD)
5:35am The Beach Boys- "Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)" - Pet Sounds (Capitol)
5:30am Fennesz- "Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)" - Fennesz Plays (Moikai)
5:28am The Beach Boys- "Caroline No" - Pet Sounds (Capitol)
5:25am Ariel Pink- "Nude Beach A Go-Go" - Pom Pom (4AD)
5:03am Edgar Froese- "Maroubra Bay" - Ypsilon In Malaysian Pale (Virgin)
4:54am Tycho- "Dictaphone's Lament" - Past Is Prologue (Merck)
4:50am Boards of Canada- "Dawn Chorus" - Geogaddi (Warp)
4:44am Cris Williamson- "Waterfall" - The Changer And The Changed (Olivia)
4:33am BFC- "Chicken Noodle Soup" - Elements 1989-1990 (Planet E)
4:30am Arca- "Xen" - Xen (Mute)
4:25am Ultrademon- "1996" - Seapunk (Fire For Effect)
4:17am Submotion Orchestra- "Awakening" - Alium (Counter)
4:12am Spirojazz- "Alien Abduction 3001" - Space and Alienation (s/r)
4:07am Dimitri Sillato-Luminal- "Chanson de la Duchesse" - Schwarze Seele (El Gallo Rojo)
3:55am Blur- "Tender" - 13 (Food/Virgin)
3:51am Bell Gardens- "She Does" - Slow Dawns for Lost Conclusions (Rocket Girl)
3:47am John Cage- "First Interlude" - Sonatas and Interludes/In a Landscape (Navona)
3:40am Aphex Twin- "07 B" - n/a (s/r)
3:38am Aphex Twin- "Snar2" - Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 EP (Warp)
3:31am Aphex Twin- "On" - On EP disc 1 (Warp)
3:20am amaevolution- "in the city"
3:15am brian glaze- "crazy/leader of the band" - s/t (bg productions)
3:10am john robbin- "summer dress" - these here shoes (jahcowboy)
2:35am marshall tucker- "24 hrs/this ol cowboy" - where we all belong (capricorn)
2:30am cracker- "days gone" - b to b (429 records)
2:25am rocky horror- "I'm going home" - s/t (aristra)
2:10am jimbo trout- "st james infirmary" - and the fish people (fish wrap)
2:00am jackson browne- "1/6" - standing in the breach (inside recordings)
1:55am wil blades- "i get the blues" - field notes (royal potato)
1:45am afro Latin Vintage Orchestra- "pulsion" - pulsion (ubiquity)
1:40am lowell george- "willin" - waiting columbus (Warner Brothers)
1:30am jp harris- "9-10" - home is where (camisland)
1:15am bessie jones and Group- "blow gabrial" - s/t (tompkins Square)
1:10am tony allen- "afro Kungfu Beat" - film of life (harmonia Mundi)
1:00am moose- "brack and japanes e/land, water" - s/t (moose records)
1:00am stanley clarke- "loopsy loo" - s/T (reprise)
12:56am Kayleth- "Lies Of Mind" - Space Muffin (Argonauta)
12:48am Hellish Outcast- "Heresiarch" - Stay Of Execution (Listenable)
12:39am Sumac- "Thorn In The Lion's Paw" - The Deal (Profound Lore)
12:34am Gehennah- "Metal Police" - Metal Police (Metal Blade)
12:31am BAT- "Ruel Of The Beast" - Cruel Discipline (Hell's Headbangers)
12:29am In Cold Blood- "Blind The Eyes" - Straight Flush (A389)
12:25am Abominator- "Evil Proclaimed" - Evil Proclaimed (S/R)
12:19am Victim- "Blood Will Follow Blood" - Blood Will Follow Blood (S/R)
12:13am Verjagen- "Cold Oblivion" - Cold Oblivion (S/R)
12:08am Perdition Temple- "Scythes Of Antichrist" - TheTemptor's Victorious (Hell's Headbangers)
12:04am Goreaphobia- "Demented Omen Of Masochism" - New Release Sampler #2 (Dark Descent)
12:00am Gehennah- "Four Knuckle Face Lift" - Metal Police (Metal Blade)
Thursday, January 29, 2015
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:45pm Lamb- "Transfatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister)" - The K&D Sessions (!K7)
11:40pm Aphex Twin- "diskhat ALL prepared1mixed13" - Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments (Warp)
11:35pm mic break
11:30pm Clipse & Slim Thug- "Wamp Wamp" - Vodka & Milk The Remixes Volume II
11:27pm Del & Swollen Members- "One Big Trip" - One Big Trip (Hieroglyphics)
11:23pm Analog Players Society- "Coule' Ba" - Coule' Ba (Discovery)
11:17pm Derrick Laro And Trinity- "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" - Hutsle! Reggae Disco (Soul Jazz)
11:14pm Deee-Lite- "Groove Is In The Heart (JT reggae remix)" - Groove Is In The Heart (JT reggae remix)
11:11pm Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar- "Disco '82" - Bombay Disco (Cultures of Soul)
11:07pm Los Disco Duro- "Ritmo Pegajoso" - Ritmo Pegajoso (Discos Mas)
11:03pm Electric Wire Hustle- "By & Bye" - Love Can Prevail (Okay Player)
10:56pm mic break
10:53pm sylvano santorio- "We've Got It" - Disco Demands (BBQ Disco)
10:43pm Hot Chip- "Go Bang" - Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell (Yep Roc)
10:39pm DonBorisovitch De Balkan- "Serbian Cocek feat. Slonovski bal" - Serbian Cocek feat. Slonovski bal
10:36pm Wilmoth Houdini- "Black But Sweet" - Poor But Ambitous (Arhoolie)
10:33pm Hackney Colliery Band- "Money" - Wah Wah 45s: We Wah 15 (Wah Wah 45s)
10:27pm The Manhattans- "Crazy" - Crazy (Columbia)
10:23pm Tuxedo- "Number One" - Number One
10:18pm mic break
10:13pm Wura Samba & Gerbruder Teichmann- "Antere" - Ten Cities (Soundway)
10:05pm Howling- "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Monkeytown)
10:00pm The Knife- "Pass This On (with Shannon Funchess) (Shaken-Up Version)" - Shaken Up Versions (Rbid)
9:55pm Huxley- "Broken Dreams" - Blurred (Aus Music)