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Monday, February 2, 2015
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
3:00am Todd Terje- "Johnny And Mary" - It's Album Time (Olsen)
2:55am Longwave- "Tidal Wave" - The Strangest Things (RCA)
2:48am Belle and Sebastian- "The Cat with the Cream" - Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance (Matador)
2:42am Decemberists- "Make You Better" - Make You Better (Capitol)
2:40am Futureheads- "Decent Days and Nights" - S/T (Sire)
2:36am Cut Off Your Hands- "Happy As Can Be" - You And I (French Kiss)
2:33am Cumulus- "Do You Remember" - I Never Meant It To Be Like This (Trans-)
2:28am Dodos- "The Tide" - Individ (Polyvinyl)
2:24am Eric Idle andNeil Innes- "Say Sorry Again" - Rutland Times (Passport)
2:21am Sleater Kinney- "No Cities To Love" - No Cities To Love (Sub Pop)
2:17am Dog Party- "Fly Away" - P.A.R.T.Y!!! (Half of Nothing)
2:14am Benjamin Booker- "I Thought I Heard You Screaming" - S/T (ATOmhenge)
2:06am Oh Hellos- "The Lament of Eustace Scrubb" - Through The Deep Dark Valley (S/R)
2:02am Mikaela Anne- "I'm Not Her" - Ease My Mind (Kingswood)
1:57am Dave Van Ronk- "Poor Lazarus" - Folksinger (Prestige)
1:52am Willie Watson- "Midnight Special" - Folk Singer Vol. ! (Acony)
1:48am Blind Pilot- "Ovideo" - 3 Rounds And A Sound (Expunged Records)
1:44am Weakerthans- "Night Windows" - Reunion Tour (Epitaph)
1:38am Architecture In Helsinki- "Souvenirs" - Fingers Crossed (Bar None)
1:32am Ludovico Einaudi- "Nightbook" - Nightbook (Panderosa)
1:26am Portugal. The Man- "Sleep Forever" - In The Mountain In The Cloud (Atlantic)
1:23am From Indian Lakes- "Ghost Rider" - Absent Sounds (Triple Crown)
1:18am Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness- "Cecilia and the Satellite" - S/T (Vanguard)
1:10am Bonobo- "Pelican" - Flashlight (Ninja Tune)
1:07am Clark- "Banjo" - S/T (Warp)
1:02am Doomtree- "Final Boss" - All Hands (Doomtree)
12:58am Thee Xntrx- "We Never Look Up (feat. Iame, Goldini Bagwell & Miz)" - All Your Friend's Friends (Kvitnu)
12:51am Outerlimitz- "Broken Dreams" - Lost Prevention (Galapagos4)
12:48am Anti Citiz3ns- "Blackout (feat. Orko Eloheim)" - The Awakening EP (s/r)
12:44am Vakill- "Worst Fears Confirmed" - Worst Fears Confirmed (Molemen Inc)
12:40am Main Flow- "Keep on Loving Me (feat. Justin Werner)" - Return of the Castle (Wanna Battle)
12:36am Evil Ebenezer- "Love You (feat. NaRai)" - Evil Eye (Camobear)
12:32am Juice- "Rollin' on L.S.D (feat. M.E.E.K Mzteek)" - Tip of the Iceberg (Molemen Inc)
12:30am Zoen- "Shine (feat. Nabahe & Ceschi)" - One Night Between (Milled Pavement)
12:28am Panik- "The World in Your Eyes" - Instrumentals Vol. 8 (Molemen Inc)
12:21am Ayentee- "The Story" - The Manual (Day by Day)
12:18am K-Def- "Relay the Piece" - The Exhibit (Redefinition)
12:15am L*Roneous- "Tell a Vision" - Lgorithms (LR1)
12:10am Goldini Bagwell- "Vainglorious (feat. Serge Severe, DJ Spark & Sleep)" - Secondhand Smoke (X-Ray EP) (Heaven Noise)
12:06am Matre- "The Last Shall Be First" - Easter Sonday (Top2Bottom)
12:01am RJD2- "Act 2" - Okayplayer: True Notes Vol. 1 (Okayplayer)
Sunday, February 1, 2015
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:56pm Philip Corner- "Ogive I" - Satie Slowly (Unseen Worlds)
11:54pm mic break
11:45pm Andrew Liles- "Lord, We Beseech You" - The Equestrian Vortex (Death Waltz Originals)
11:37pm Noveller- "Mannahatta" - No Dreams (Taiga)
11:34pm Jess Rowland- "Return of the Spambots" - Spambots (Edgetone)
11:31pm Instagon- "Invokation 666" - 666 (S/R)
11:28pm Tanya Tagaq- "Howl" - Animism (Six Shooter)
11:20pm 3+- "Tsukuyomi" - Kazesarai (Time Released Sound)
11:17pm mic break
11:10pm John Luther Adams- "Above Sunset Pass" - The Wind in High Places (Cold Blue Music)
10:55pm Sygtryggur Berg Sigmarsson- "Revealing the Future" - So Long (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
10:51pm mic break
10:47pm Malfinia Ensemblo- "Mensa Lavango" - Varsovia (Kvitnu)
10:44pm Insect Ark- "Lift Off" - Long Arms (Geweih Ritual Documents)
10:40pm Stephen Rennicks- "I Love You All (credits)" - Frank (Silva Screen)
10:29pm Amy Denio- "Tasogare (excerpt)" - Tasogare (Public Eyesore)
10:25pm mic break
10:18pm Richard Pinhas and Oren Ambarchi- "San Francisco - T2V2 (excerpt)" - Tikkun (Cuneiform)
10:10pm Cornelius Boots- "Sleeping Dragon" - Mountain Hermit's Secret Wisdom (Zeroth Law)
10:05pm Robert Rich- "Filaments" - Filaments (Soundscape Productions)
10:02pm Ernst Reijseger- "A una Rosa" - Requiem for a Dying Planet (Winter & Winter)
9:57pm Steve Roden- "Transparency (red)" - Flower & Water (Dragon's Eye)
9:53pm mic break
9:48pm Thomas Newman and Rick Cox- "Stair" - 35 Whirlpools Below Sound (Cold Blue Music)
9:43pm Eskimo- "Bilge" - Utica (Long Pig)
9:40pm Lounge Lizards- "Where Were You" - No Pain for Cakes (Antilles)
9:35pm Bodice Rippers- "Snake Oil" - Vol. I (S/R)
9:31pm Hans Grusel- "Quarintimes" - Serge Modular Users 2009 (Resipiscent)
9:28pm Lord Tang- "Mud, Walk" - EP 1 (Alarm)
9:24pm mic break
9:21pm Grouper- "Call Across Rooms" - Ruins (Kranky)
9:19pm Dokuro- "Wings of Desire" - Avalon (S/R)
9:08pm Fred Frith- "Part I" - Rivers and Tides (Winter & Winter)
9:03pm Theresa Wong- "Bury Them And Keep Quiet" - The Unlearning (Tzadik)
8:56pm Acid Baby Jesus- "Diogenes" - Selected Recordings (Slovenly)
8:55pm Mic Break- "n/a" - n/a (n/a)
8:50pm Thundercat- "For Love I Come" - The Golden Age Of Apocalypse (Brainfeeder)
8:46pm Death Vessel- "Circa" - Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us (Sub Pop)
8:42pm Donovan Woods- "No Time Has Passed" - The Widowmaker (Aporia)
8:37pm Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra- "La Blanche" - Pulsion (Ubiquity)
8:36pm Mic Break- "n/a" - n/a (n/a)
8:32pm Dead Brothers- "Black Moose" - Black Moose (Voodoo Rhythm)
8:24pm Scott Walker + Sunn O)))- "Brando" - Soused (4AD)
8:22pm DJ Koze- "Track ID Anyone?" - Amygdala (Pampa)
8:15pm Hot Chip- "Flutes" - In Our Heads (Domino)
8:08pm Mic Break- "n/a" - n/a (n/a)
8:06pm El Combo Loco- "Cumbia De Luna" - The Afrosound Of Colombia Vol 2 (Vampi Soul)
8:05pm Ausmuteants- "Family Time" - Order Of Operation (Goner)
8:01pm Marianne Faithfull- "Late Victorian Holocaust" - Give My Love to London (Easy Sound Recording Company)
8:00pm Dark Gypsies- "Blue Blood" - Greco's Back (Rebel House)
7:55pm Mic Break- "n/a" - n/a (n/a)
7:51pm Twerps- "Stranger" - Range Anxiety (Merge)
7:47pm Sleater-Kinney- "Price Tag" - No Cities To Love (Sub Pop)
7:37pm Chris Robinson Brotherhood- "Rosalee" - Big Moon Ritual (Silver Arrow)
7:35pm Ex Hex- "Hot And Cold" - Rips (Merge)
7:33pm Meatbodies- "Off" - S/T (In The Red)
7:29pm Mic Break- "n/a" - n/a (n/a)
7:25pm Clark- "Beacon" - S/T (Warp)
7:18pm Panda Bear- "Boys Latin" - Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper (Domino)