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Monday, May 10, 2021
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
9:00am Nurse With Wound & Stereolab- "Simple Headphone Mind" - The Swinging Reflective - Favourite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy (Jnana Records)
8:56am Endless Melancholy- "Light" - Music For Quiet Mornings (Deep Elm)
8:51am V.A.- "Ending" - ROCKMAN X SOUND BOX (SMD itaku (music))
8:47am Bel Canto- "A Shoulder to the Wheel" - A Shoulder to the Wheel (WMG - WM Norway)
8:36am Unkle;Ian Brown- "Be There" - The Greatest (Polydor Records)
8:33am Alessia Cara- "Here" - BRIT Awards 2017 (EP Entertainment, LLC / Def Jam)
8:29am Nina Simone- "Everything Must Change" - Nina Simone La su00e9lection (SME - Sony Music Entertainment)
8:24am Bonobo- "Stay The Same" - Stay The Same (MERLIN - Ninja Tune)
8:20am Incubus- "Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)" - The Essential Incubus (SME - Epic/Legacy)
8:19am Tone Ranger- "Cheyenne" - Tone Ranger (Jumpsuit Records)
8:19am Michael Nyman- "Fish Beach" - Drowning By Numbers: Music From The Motion Picture (Parlophone Catalogue)
8:15am u30ddu30fcu30ebu30fbu30b5u30a4u30e2u30f3- "Gumboots" - Gumboots (WMG - Non-Wea/Other)
8:07am Air- "Le Soleil est pru00e8s de moi" - Le Soleil est pru00e8s de moi (WMG - Non-Wea/Other)
7:45am Biosphere- "Cimmerian Shaft" - Polar Sequences (Headphone)
7:40am CIRCULAR- "The Chillier" - Divergent (Beatservice)
7:32am Innersphere- "Out Of Body (Logical Mix)" - Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty - The Orb Remix Project - Part 1 (PMI Dance)
7:24am Metal Sharon- "Ballooon Dance" - Unusual Suspects 2 (Twisted Records Ltd)
7:18am Younger Brother- "Elephant Machine" - The Last Days Of Gravity (Twisted Records Ltd)
7:10am Shpongle- "Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit" - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland (Twisted Records Ltd)
7:07am Soundtrack- "Stickerbrush Symphony (Bramble Blast)" - Donkey Kong Country 2 Game Soundtrack (Nintendo)
7:06am Rebellious Anarchy- "Bled 4 U (feat. Macaroni Guap)" - Und3r D0g (1511587 Records DK)
7:06am Svint Mvrcus- "Til' Death" - Alone (1176370 Records DK)
7:06am spookybands- "That Donkey Kong Shit" - M.O.M. (Mothers of Monsters) [Original Soundtrack] (Various Artists)
7:05am Dman- "Aquarium" - Aquarium (Umbrella Caps Records)
6:59am Ulrich Schnauss- "Nobody's Home" - Far Away Trains Passing By (Domino Recording Co)
6:52am Critical Point- "Messages (Main Mix)" - Messages (Beats) (MERLIN - MAW Records)
6:43am Underworld- "Cups" - Beaucoup Fish (UMG - UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
6:37am Sylvester- "I Need Somebody to Love Tonight" - Stars (Fantasy)
6:29am Bringols- "Lifelines" - Sunset House Sensation 2014 (Pandabar Records)
6:27am Patrick Cowley- "Don't Ask" - Muscle Up (Dark Entries Records)
6:22am Yellow Magic Orchestra- "La Femme Chinoise" - Yellow Magic Orchestra (SME - Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.)
6:17am Quantic- "Politick Society (feat. Noelle Scaggs)" - An Announcement to Answer (MERLIN - Tru Thoughts)
6:14am Antonio Carlos Jobim- "Stone Flower" - Ultimate Bossa Nova Collection (SME - Legacy Recordings)
6:07am Ween- "Tried And True" - Quebec (Schnitzel Records)
6:00am Unknown Mortal Orchestra- "Puzzles" - Multi-Love (MERLIN - Jagjaguwar)
5:51am GoodMorrow- "Soulchildren" - Feb. Blaq (Independent Artist)
5:48am Naughty By Nature- "World Go Round" - World Go Round (WMG - Tommy Boy Music, LLC)
5:33am Gary Byrd- "If The People Only Knew (The Power of the People)" - Presenting The Gary Byrd Experience (SME - RCA/Legacy)
5:32am RainbowArlows- "Holmi" - Higher than U (RainbowArlows)
5:28am Shahram Shabpareh- "Prison Song" - Persian Funk (Secret Stash Records)
5:25am Al Hirt- "Harlem Hendoo" - Soul In the Horn (SME - RCA/Legacy)
5:19am Kelenkye Band- "Jungle Music" - Mr Bongo Record Club Volume 2 (BELIEVE - Mr Bongo)
5:16am SONYA SPENCE- "Let Love Flow On" - Beach Diggin', Vol. 2 (compiled by Guts & Mambo) (Heavenly Sweetness)
5:11am Yasuko Agawa- "L.A. Night" - L.A. Night (u21171984 Invitation/Victor Entertainment, Inc.)
5:02am J-Live- "Them That's Not" - The Best Part (MERLIN - Triple Threat Productions Inc.)
4:59am Niko Soprano- "What More Can I Say" - Beat Power (Melting Pot Music)
4:55am Afu-Ra- "Whirlwind Thru Cities" - Body Of The Life Force (eOne Music)
4:52am Magic in Threes- "Pushin' Off" - Magic in Threes (G.E.D. Soul Records)
4:46am FloFilz- "Bassment Jazz" - Speakthru (Jakarta)
4:45am Dontcry & Casiio- "Luckies" - Luckies (Joeri Ritzen Records)
4:42am serpentwithfeet- "Old & Fine" - DEACON (MERLIN - Secretly Canadian)
4:38am Zacari- "Heaven Sent (feat. J-Louis)" - Heaven Sent (feat. J-Louis) (Zacari)
4:35am Yaeji- "When in Summer, I Forget About the Winter" - When in Summer, I Forget About the Winter (MERLIN - XL Recordings)
4:32am Magic in Threes- "Pushin' Off" - Magic in Threes (G.E.D. Soul Records)
4:29am Martin Denny- "Quiet Village" - Exotica (UMG - Caroline Records)
4:23am Asha Puthli- "Space Talk" - The Devil is Loose (CBS / Asha Puthli Inc.)
4:20am The Undisputed Truth- "Method To The Madness" - Method To The Madness (Rhino/Warner Bros.)
4:16am Kahil El'Zabar- "HOW CAN WE MEND A BROKEN HEART" - HOW CAN WE MEND A BROKEN HEART (MERLIN - Spiritmuse Records)
4:11am Ann Peebles- "Slipped, Tripped, Fell In Love" - Straight From The Heart (Hi Records Under Exclusive License to Fat Possum Records)
4:06am Jackson Sisters- "I Believe In Miracles" - Funked! : Volume 2 1973-1977 (UMG - Debutante Ltd.)
3:59am Dynasty- "I Don't Want to Be a Freak (But I Can't Help Myself) [Single Version]" - I Don't Want to Be a Freak (But I Can't Help Myself) [Single Version] (WMG - Metro Select)
3:59am Le Visiteur- "Make My Body Move (Original Mix)" - Slow Moves (Original Mix) (MERLIN - Slightly Transformed)
3:54am Kellee Patterson- "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby" - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby (Jazzman)
3:48am Lyn Christopher- "Take Me With You" - Lyn Christopher (UMG - Geffen)
3:45am Menahan Street Band- "Midnight Morning" - Midnight Morning (MERLIN - Daptone Records)
3:43am The Eptones- "No One Else But You" - A Love Thatu2019s Real / No One Else But You (Numero Group)
3:40am Eddie Holman- "Four Walls" - I Love You (UMG - Geffen)
3:38am Lenny Welch- "A Taste of Honey" - Since I Fell for You (SME - Columbia/Legacy)
3:29am Asheru and Blue Black of The Unspoken Heard- "Elevator Music" - Soon Come... (Seven Heads Entertainment Ltd.)
3:26am Nickelus F- "Trill Burr" - STUCK (AGM)
3:17am Suff Daddy- "Magic (feat. J.Lamotta & Ill Camille) feat. J.Lamotta,Ill Camille" - Seasons in Jakarta (Jakarta)
3:15am Magic in Threes- "Pushin' Off" - Magic in Threes (G.E.D. Soul Records)
3:10am Gaidaa- "Morning Blue" - Morning Blue (1377623 Records DK2)
3:02am The Marvelows- "In The Morning" - The ABC's Of Soul, Vol. 1 (UMG - Geffen)
2:42am Thurston Moore- "Untitled Track" - Root (Lo Recordings)
2:31am Nurse With Wound- "Duelling Banjos" - Automating Volume One (Jnana Records)
2:27am u30cfu30cau30bfu30e9u30b7- "Car Is DNA" - 4: Aids-A-Delic (Public Bath)
2:15am Espledor Geometrico- "Mekano Turbo" - Mekano Turbo (Geometrik Records)
2:01am Merzbow- "Contrapuntti Indian" - Aqua Necromancer (Editions Merzbow)
1:55am Jazz Spastiks- "Mathematics (feat. Soundsci)" - Camera of Sound (Jazz Plastik)
1:54am Fluff- "/georgia_loops_2/" - /georgia_loops_2/ (DasKaffeeHaus)
1:50am Conrad Jr.- "Water" - Pimp Leisure Time (Ashy Grip Ent/Go Gettas Worldwide)
1:47am Your Old Droog;Tha God Fahim;Your Old Droog, Tha God Fahim- "Dunkin Dutchman" - Tha YOD Fahim (Fat Beats Records)
1:45am Conway The Machine- "Gold BBS'S" - LULU (MERLIN - ALC / EMPIRE)
1:41am Pharoahe Monch;Th1rt3en;th1rt3en x Pharoahe Monch- "Cult 45" - A Magnificent Day For An Exorcism (Fat Beats Records)
1:37am Kovacs The Hun, Andru00e1s Wahorn- "Manimals (Feat. Andru00e1s Wahorn)" - Mirror World (Content Label)
1:34am Ceschi;Anthony Maintain- "Illnesses of the Ego (feat. Ceschi)" - Ghost Pipes (Fake Four, Inc.)
1:27am Roughneck Jihad- "No Tickets" - Namoratunga II (2169015 Records DK)
1:25am DJ Muggs- "Resume" - Winter (Soul Assassins Records)
1:15am Moor Mother, billy woods- "Arkeology" - Brass (Backwoodz Studioz)
1:07am Raz Fresco & Futurewave- "James Bond Gold Medal (feat. Asun Eastwood)" - Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen (Brown Bag Money & Bakers Club)
1:01am Reanimator- "Sleeping Dogs Lie (Instrumental)" - The Ugly Truth Instrumentals (Strange Famous Records)
1:01am SmooVth- "Double Dutch" - Amongst Wolves (Crate Divizion)
12:56am Alex Albrecht- "Unexpected" - Campfire Stories (Analogue Attic)
12:53am Warmth- "Cirrus" - The Darkest Place (Archives)
12:45am upsammy- "Spat" - Bend (Dekmantel)
12:40am Gacha Bakradze- "Thank You for This Upload" - Obscure Languages (Lapsus Records)
12:33am Forest Drive West- "Ritual" - Dualism EP (MERLIN - Livity Sound Recordings)
12:27am Facta featuring Parris- "Diving Birds feat. Parris" - Facta Blush (Wisdom Teeth)
12:20am Ondo Fudd- "Veto Plank" - Blue Dot (Can You Feel The Sun)