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Sunday, December 8, 2019
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
7:03am Hugo Kant- "Entering The Black hole" - Out Of Time (Melting)
6:58am Inhalt- "Language" - Commerce (Dark Entries)
6:54am Tommy Guerrero- "archaic days" - Year of the Monkey (Galxia)
6:49am Savages- "You're My Chocolate" - Five Finger Discount (Chameleon)
6:37am Plastic Crimewave Syndicate- "Pierce The Veil (Jasper's Last Freak)" - Massacre Of The Celestials (Cardinal Fuzz)
6:33am Netune- "Productivity Is Science" - 3.5 (Heliotrope)
6:30am Detroit Illharmonic- "Welcome To Fear city" - Terminal Underground (Ambridge)
6:25am The Liminanas- "Zippo" - Malamore (Hozac)
6:20am Kirkbin Sinek- "Toprak Ana" - Toprak Ana (Venus)
6:15am Sonny Boy Williamson- "Nine Below Zero" - Final Sessions 1963-4 (Blue Night)
6:05am Donald Byrd- "Kofi" - Kofi (Blue Note)
6:01am Paul K- "Sagan" - The Fermi Paradox (Basicu)
5:58am White Stripes- "Effect and Cause" - Icky Thump (Warner Brothers)
5:44am Forest Management- "Various Sources of Light" - Passageways (Whited Sepulchre)
5:42am --- "--" - -- (--)
5:36am Acid Arab- "Staifia" - JDID (Crammed Discs)
5:30am The Disgruntled Taxpayers- "Confidence" - $5 Toaster (Hungry Spaniel)
5:29am --- "--" - -- (--)
5:02am JRR Tolkein- "The Hobbit" - JRR Tolkein reads and sings his The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring (Caedmon)
5:00am --- "--" - -- (--)
4:51am Fifty Foot Hose- "Fantasy" - Cauldron (Modern Harmonic)
4:47am Molly Sarle- "Humans" - Karaoke Angel (Partisan)
4:42am Lake Mary & the Ranch Family Band- "Watermelon" - Sun Dogs (Full Spectrum)
4:38am West Side Story- "Quintet" - West Side Story Soundtrack (Columbia)
4:36am --- "--" - -- (--)
4:30am The Psychedelic Space Beef Band- "Deadline" - Meet the Beefers (Space Beef Band)
4:21am Lake Mary & the Ranch Family Band- "Sun Dogs" - Sun Dogs (Full Spectrum)
4:20am --- "--" - -- (--)
4:18am Voodoo Glow Skulls- "Here Comes The Sun" - Face The Music (Centipede Records)
4:07am Cavity A.D- "The Possessed" - Wraith (Valley King)
4:04am Big Stick- "Potato Chip Dip" - LP (Drag Racing Underground)
3:58am Anna Meredith- "Moonmoons" - FIBS (Moshi Moshi)
3:37am Merzbo- "Neuro Electric Butterfly" - Hybrid Noisebloom (Vinyl Communications)
3:30am --------- "----------" - ---------- (-------)
3:28am Vox Dei- "Vox Dei Terroriste" - Bippp - French Synth Wave 1979-85 (Everloving)
3:24am Sequoyah Murray- "Blue Jays" - Before You Begin
3:20am ---------- "----------" - -------- (---------)
3:16am Lonnie Holley- "How Far Is Spaced-Out?" - MITH (Jagjaguwar)
3:12am Rodriguez- "Cause" - Coming From Reality (Light in the Attic)
3:07am The Escorts- "Corruption (Man's Self Destruction)" - Prisoners Of Soul (Alithia)
3:04am Operator Music Band- "Mondo" - Duo Duo (Broken Circles)
3:00am HTRK- "Mentions" - Venus in Leo (Ghostly International)
2:50am David Nance- "More Than Enough" - Negative Boogie (Ba Da Bing)
2:47am The Dubs- "Could This Be Magic" - Doo Wop Box 2 (Rhino)
2:44am Negativeland- "Melt The North Pole" - Truth False (Seeland)
2:40am Waq Waq Kingdom- "Mumm Tells Me" - Essaka Hoisa (Phantom Limbs)
2:37am Segun Bucknor & His Revolution- "La La La" - Nigeria 70 (Strut)
2:35am Devandra Banhart- "Abre Las Manos" - Ma (Nonesuch)
2:30am -------- "-------" - ------- (------)
2:25am David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights- "Threads" - Bobbie's a Girl (Merge)
2:21am Purple Mountains- "She's Making Friends, I'm Turning Stranger" - Purple Mountains (Drag City)
2:16am Girl Band- "Laggard" - The Talkies (Rough Trade)
2:11am Yves Tumor- "Dajjal" - Serpent Music (PAN)
2:09am ---------- "--------" - --------- (----------)
2:05am Black Belt Eagle Scout- "Half Colored Hair" - At The Party With My Brown Friends (Saddle Creek)
2:01am The Ocean blue- "Vanity Fair" - The Ocean Blue (Sire)
1:57am Automatic- "Calling It" - Signal (Stones Throw)
1:52am The Pop Group- "Don't Call Me Pain" - Y (Mute)
1:49am ---------- "--------" - -------- (--------)
1:45am Tyler, The Creator- "Are We Still Friends" - Igor (Columbia)
1:39am Catherine Brenot- "Et Tout Est Yin Et Tout Est Yang" - Night City
1:35am Joviale- "Storm" - 4 Down (DEEK)
1:32am ------- "-----" - ----- (-----)
1:30am Velvet Negroni- "Confetti" - Neon Brown (4AD)
1:25am Battles featuring Shabazz Palaces- "IZM" - Juice B Crypts (Warp)
1:19am Big Boi featuring Killer Mike- "Kryptonite" - Got Purp? Vol2 (Virgin)
1:13am Glass Candy- "The Possessed" - After Dark 2 (Italians Do It Better)
1:10am -------- "--------" - ------- (-------)
1:06am Joe Cuba Sextet- "El Pito (I'll Never Go Back To Georgia)" - Nuyrican Funk Experience (NASCENTE)
1:01am Cumbia De Sal- "Cumbia En Moog" - The Afrosound of Colombia Volume 1 (Vampi Soul)
12:40am Sarathy Korwar- "Mumbay" - More Arriving (Leaf)
12:37am 1939 Ensemble- "The Watchmaker" - New Cinema (Jealous Butcher)
12:25am Swans- "The Hanging Man" - Leaving Meaning (Young God)
12:23am ------ "------" - ----- (----)
12:20am --------- "------" - ----- (------)
12:18am Negativeland- "Destroying Anything" - True False (SEALAND)
12:15am Delia Derbyshire- "Falling" - The Dreams (Fantome Phonographique)
12:03am Thighpaulsandra- "Brown Pillows" - Practical Electronics (Editions Mego)
Saturday, December 7, 2019
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:43pm This is My Fist- "6-30-2002" - KALX Archives (KALX)
11:02pm The Mallrats- "10-5-2002" - KALX Archives (KALX)
9:42pm The Gordons- "Coal Miner's Song" - The Gordons (Flying Nun)
9:40pm Mission of Burma- "This is Not a Photograph" - Signals, Calls, and Marches (Ace of Hearts)
9:38pm Husker Du- "Real World" - Metal Circus (SST)
9:34pm Swell Maps- "THe Helicopter Spies" - ... "Jane from Occupied Europe (Rough Trade)
9:04pm Wax Chattels- "7-18-2018" - KALX Archives (KALX)
9:02pm End Time- "Block Chain Gang" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:57pm End Time- "Right Incision" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:53pm End Time- "Culture Fink" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:51pm End Time- "Get It Right" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:50pm Catch Up- "Spinning Wheel" - Catch Up vol. 1 (Sommor)
8:50pm End Time- "Bug" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:48pm Mighty Revelries- "Sunshine After Every Rain" - Time for Peace is Now: Gospel Music About Us (Luaka Bop)
8:47pm End Time- "Bonjo Cleans the Ganges" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:45pm End Time- "No Reason" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:43pm Puccio Roelens- "Smooth and Manly" - Research of Sound (Sonor Music Editions)
8:43pm End Time- "Pointless Venture" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:40pm End Time- "Empty Spaces" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:38pm End Time- "Mature Gumby" - KALX Live! (KALX)
8:37pm Essra Mohawk- "I Have Been Here Before" - Primordial Lovers (Rhino)
8:32pm Dennis the Fox- "Piledriver" - Yee-Haw! The Other Side of Country (Normal)