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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
12:19am King Crimson- "One More Red Nightmare" - Red (EG)
12:12am Yes- "Long Distance Runaround" - Fragile (Deluxe Version) (Rhino/Elektra)
12:06am Yes- "Yours Is No Disgrace" - Yours Is No Disgrace (WMG - Atlantic 0191)
12:00am Dar Williams- "Midnight Radio" - Promised Land (Razor & Tie)
12:00am Diana Krall- "Sunshine Express" - Joyful Sadness / The Music of Vince Benedetti (TCB - The Montreux Jazz Labelu2122)
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:47pm Daniel Blumberg- "Madder" - Madder (WMG - Mute (Artist Intelligence))
11:36pm Drew McDowall- "Agalma I (Folding)" - Agalma I (Folding) (Dais Records)
11:24pm William Basinski- "All These Too, I, I Love" - Lamentations (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
11:09pm The Real Tuesday Weld- "Black Birdies Come" - The Clerkenwell Kid Live At The End Of The World (Antique Beat)
10:55pm Stick In The Wheel- "Possible Reasons For Eventual Admission" - Hold Fast (FROM HERE RECORDS)
10:31pm Ringo Jack- "Gold Reserve" - Old Tombstone (West Valley Music)
10:31pm Godspeed You! Black Emperor- "u201cGOVERNMENT CAMEu201d (9980.0kHz 3617.1kHz 4521.0 kHz) / Cliffs Gaze / cliffsu2019 gaze at empty watersu2019 rise / ASHES TO SEA or NEARER TO THEE" - G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END! (MERLIN - Constellation)
10:30pm Bringols- "Lifelines" - Sunset House Sensation 2014 (Pandabar Records)
10:17pm Rudimentary Peni- "The Old Lie" - Great War (Sealed Records)
10:06pm Hangedup- "Kinetic Work" - Kicker In Tow (Constellation)
10:01pm Esmerine- "Where There Is No Love There Is No Justice" - If Only a Sweet Surrender to the Nights Be True (MERLIN - Madrona Records)
9:59pm Donald Miclette- "Soldiers Letters" - Red Hot Country (Red Room Records)
9:29pm Podington Bear- "Blue Highway" - Soul (MERLIN - HUSH)
9:22pm The Body- "Nothing Stirs" - Nothing Stirs (Thrill Jockey)
9:13pm Manilla Road- "Cage Of Mirros" - Metal / Invasion (GoldenCore Records)
9:05pm Miss Murgatroid- "Theme for the Sleepless" - Bella Neurox (Miss Murgatroid)
9:00pm Hans Reichel- "Le Bal" - Yuxo: A New Daxophone Operetta (a/l/l)
8:55pm The Associates- "Paper House" - The Affectionate Punch (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
8:51pm Killing Joke- "Twilight Of The Mortal" - Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (UMG - Virgin Catalogue)
8:47pm The Sound- "Party of the Mind (2013) [2013 Collection Remaster]" - Party of the Mind (2013) [2013 Collection Remaster] (WMG - Warner Music UK)
8:35pm u9ad8u6a4bu5e78u5b8f- "Back Street Midnight Queen" - Saravah! (u30adu30f3u30b0u30ecu30b3u30fcu30c9)
8:30pm Maanam- "Luciolla" - Milosc Jest Cudowna (1975-2015) (WMG - WM Poland/WMI)
8:24pm Ahmed Fakroun- "Gilty" - Compilation (fakrounmusic)
8:19pm Hamid El Shaeri- "Law Konty" - Shara (Mazzika Group)
8:18pm Queen- "Radio Ga Ga" - Greatest Hits II (Universal Music)
8:14pm Joviale- "Blow!" - Blow! (WMG - NEVER SEVEN)
8:11pm Teeth Agency- "Anon" - Anon (Stones Throw Records)
8:07pm Suemori- "Minamoto (None)" - Maebashi (MERLIN - Osu00e0re! Editions)
8:03pm Mrs Buckle Down- "Caen" - Red (The Best Music)
8:02pm Donald Miclette- "Soldiers Letters" - Red Hot Country (Red Room Records)
7:57pm Pyrolator- "Die Hu00e4ngebru00fcckenbauer" - Wunderland (Bureau B)
7:51pm Pyrolator- "Augenblick" - Wunderland (Bureau B)
7:45pm Thomas Dinger- "Fu00fcr Euch" - Fu00fcr mich (Bureau B)
7:39pm Morgan Buckley- "Call Incoming" - Shout Out To All The Weirdos In The Rathmines (self-released)
7:37pm Wilson Tanner- "My Gull" - II (Efficient Space)
7:31pm Tirzah- "Send Me" - Send Me (MERLIN - Domino Recording Co)
7:27pm Tirzah- "Slow Jam" - I'm Not Dancing (Greco-Roman Ltd)
7:21pm Waswaas- "Invocation" - Antidote (The Trilogy Tapes)
7:19pm Martin Gore- "Howler's End" - Howler's End (WMG - Mute (Artist Intelligence))
7:06pm Jabu- "Pretend (Original Mix)" - Sweet Company (Original Mix) (MERLIN - do you have peace?)
7:02pm SSIEGE- "Novo Eden" - Fading Summer (YOUTH)
6:54pm Hector Zazou- "Devant La Mer" - Reivax Au Bongo (Crammed Discs)
6:37pm Yoon Sang- "The Dawn (uc0c8ubcbd)" - Forever Best 002 (KDM)
6:32pm Yu Su- "Xiu" - Xiu (BELIEVE - biu00e9 Records)
6:20pm Cocoonics- "Why the End of the World Has Not yet Come" - Wu... / Ha! (BELIEVE - Eating Music)
6:18pm Astro Age Steel Orchestra- "Love In Gas Music" - Happy Living (Sony Records)
6:08pm Virgo Four- "Take Me Higher" - Sources - The Trax Records Anthology Compiled by Bill Brewster (Harmless)
6:08pm Drop Dealer- "Piece Of Your Love" - Piece Of Your Love (Free Music House)
6:02pm Deep Forest- "Sweet Lullaby" - Deep Forest (Columbia)
6:00pm u66fdu6211u90e8u6075u4e00BAND, u66fdu6211u90e8u6075u4e00 & u5927u585au8b19u4e00u90ce- "u30b5u30fcu30abu30b9 (u5927u585au8b19u4e00u90ce CIRCUS Kenny's Sunflower Journey Remix)" - u30b5u30fcu30abu30b9 (ROSE RECORDS)
5:59pm Baka Beyond / Baka Forest People- "Water Drums 1" - Water Drums 1 (WMG - Ryko Rhino)
5:57pm Dream System 8- "Heather Runs the Marathon" - We Sleep Again (Minty Fresh)
5:51pm Rush- "Time Stand Still" - Chronicles (Universal Music)
5:47pm PHASES- "Lonely Nights" - For Life (WMG - Warner Records)
5:43pm Amy Guess- "Late Night" - 10 Times out of 10 (Stiff Records)
5:39pm The Ramona Flowers- "Skies Turn Gold" - Part Time Spies (Distiller)
5:35pm Seeb- "Grip" - Grip (Universal Music AS)
5:32pm Castlecomer- "Fire Alarm" - Castlecomer (UMG - Concord Records)
5:27pm Michael Vidal- "Dreams (Come Back to Me)" - Dream Center (MERLIN - Couple Skate Records)
5:24pm The Elwins- "C'mon C'mon" - Beauty Community (Hidden Pony Records)
5:18pm Baby Queen- "Want Me" - Want Me (UMG - Polydor Records)
5:15pm The Japanese House- "Saw You In a Dream" - Saw You In a Dream - EP (SME - Dirty Hit Ltd)
5:11pm Babygirl- "You Were in My Dream Last Night" - You Were in My Dream Last Night (MERLIN - Sandlot Records)
5:08pm Penelope Q- "Easy Way Out" - Easy Way Out (MERLIN - penelope)
5:02pm Erasure- "Always" - Total Pop! - The First 40 Hits (Remastered) (Mute/BMG)
4:58pm The Human League- "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" - The Greatest Hits (Virgin Records)
4:55pm Duran Duran- "Planet Earth" - Greatest (Parlophone UK)
4:52pm Go-Go's- "Our Lips Are Sealed" - Beauty And The Beat (Universal Music)
4:48pm The Smiths- "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" - Singles (Coqueiro Verde Records)
4:45pm Dream System 8- "Help Me See" - We Sleep Again (Minty Fresh)
4:36pm Dream System 8- "I Like the Way That You Hold Me" - I Like the Way That You Hold Me (MERLIN - Minty Fresh)
4:33pm The Weeknd- "Nothing Compares" - After Hours (UMG - Republic Records)
4:29pm The Smashing Pumpkins- "The Hidden Sun" - The Hidden Sun (WMG - Sumerian Records)
4:24pm The Reds- "Waiting For You" - Band Of The Hand (UMG - Geffen* Records)
4:21pm Dream System 8- "I Think of You" - We Sleep Again (Minty Fresh)
4:09pm Dream System 8- "Color the Stars" - We Sleep Again (Minty Fresh)
4:05pm 'Til Tuesday- "Voices Carry" - Voices Carry (Expanded Edition) (Epic/Legacy)
4:01pm Local H- "Cool Magnet" - Pack Up The Cats (UMG - Island Records)
3:56pm R.E.M.- "Shiny Happy People" - Out Of Time (Warner Bros.)
3:51pm Pearl Jam- "Jeremy" - rearviewmirror (greatest hits 1991-2003) (Epic/Legacy)
3:45pm Local H- "Innocents" - LIFERS (Antifragile Music)
3:34pm Hole- "Heaven Tonight" - Celebrity Skin (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
3:31pm Nada Surf- "Popular" - MY PERFECT LIST - POP ROCK EMO (WEA)
3:28pm Veruca Salt- "Volcano Girls" - Eight Arms To Hold You (UMG - Outpost)
3:24pm Local H- "Turn The Bow" - Turn The Bow (Antifragile Music)
3:16pm Soul Asylum- "Runaway Train" - Grave Dancers Union (Columbia)
3:10pm Stone Temple Pilots- "Creep (New Version) [Remastered]" - Core (Super Deluxe Edition) (Rhino Atlantic)
3:07pm Local H- "Winter Western" - LIFERS (Antifragile Music)
2:47pm Cowboy Junkies- "We Hovered with Short Wings" - Demons: The Nomad Series, Vol. 2 (MERLIN - Proper Records)
2:40pm El Conejo- "Tres Tigres Tristes" - Future Folk: Friendly Faces; Different Spaces (The Slow Music Movement)
2:33pm Foday Musa Suso- "Laminba" - Kerman: Listen, 8e - Full Download Album (SME - Masterworks)
2:31pm Kutiman- "A Giant Snail" - Wachaga (BELIEVE - Siyal Music)
2:22pm Ale Mu00f6ller- "Sprakfu00e5le" - Hu00e4sten och Tranan (Amigo)
2:15pm Kalandra- "Helvegen" - Helvegen (By Norse Music)
2:06pm Money Mark;Mia Doi Todd;Jeff Parker- "Music Life" - Music Life (City Zen Records)