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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:05am Taj Mahal- "Honky Tonk Woman" - All Blues'd Up: Songs of the Rolling Stones (MERLIN - Intersound)
11:00am The Rolling Stones- "Everybody Knows About My Good Thing" - Blue & Lonesome (UMG - Polydor Records)
10:59am Sparklehorse- "Shade And Honey" - Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain (UMG - Capitol Records)
10:48am Noah Haidu- "Air Dancing" - Slowly: Song For Keith Jarrett (Sunnyside)
10:47am Dj Maze- "American Movieu2019s Show" - The Battle Movies, Vol. 3 (P2S Records)
10:44am The Offspring- "Hassan Chop" - Let The Bad Times Roll (UMG - Concord Records)
10:41am The Rolling Stones- "Respectable" - Some Girls (UMG - Polydor Associated Labels)
10:38am The Replacements- "Kiss Me on the Bus" - Kiss Me on the Bus (WMG - Warner Rhino Off Roster-Audio)
10:34am The Misunderstood- "Got Love If You Want It" - Got Love If You Want It (WMG - Cherry Red Records)
10:28am Eric Burdon- "Don't Bring Me Down" - Best Of 1966-1968 (Vibra Music Entertainment S.A.S.)
10:23am Erase Errata- "Hotel Suicide" - Night Life (MERLIN - Kill Rock Stars)
10:20am The Offspring- "Behind Your Walls" - Let The Bad Times Roll (UMG - Concord Records)
10:14am Metallica- "Leper Messiah (Remastered)" - Master Of Puppets (Deluxe Box Set / Remastered) (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
10:06am Bob Mould- "Black Sheets Of Rain" - Poison Years (Virgin Records)
9:59am Miles Davis- "It Never Entered My Mind" - CABU Jazz Masters: Miles Davis (BD Jazz)
9:54am Graham Nash- "Myself At Last" - This Path Tonight (Deluxe Edition) (WMG - Blue Castle Records)
9:50am The Delines- "The Oil Rigs at Night" - Colfax (El Cortez / The Delines)
9:44am Bernice- "Lone Swan" - Lone Swan (BELIEVE - Figureight)
9:38am Brijean- "Ocean" - Feelings (Ghostly International)
9:33am Marianne Faithfull- "The Bridge of Sighs (with Warren Ellis)" - The Bridge of Sighs (with Warren Ellis) (WMG - BMG Rights Management France SARL)
9:28am Joni Mitchell- "Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire" - Carnegie Hall 1972 (Go Faster Records)
9:25am mark mulcahy- "The Way She Really Is" - smilesunset (the mezzotint label)
9:22am Ferenc Snu00e9tberger- "Dowland: I saw my Lady weep (Arr. for Guitar and String Quartet)" - Hallgatu00f3 (UMG - ECM New Series)
9:15am Lana Del Rey- "White Dress" - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (UMG - Polydor Records)
9:11am Active Child- "Color Me" - In Another Life (SME - Masterworks)
9:08am The Colorist & Emiliana Torrini- "Serenade" - Serenade (MERLIN - Rough Trade)
9:05am The Byrds- "Everybody's Been Burned (Single Version)" - The Complete Album Collection (SME - Columbia/Legacy)
9:01am Hilary Woods- "Black Rainbow" - Colt (MERLIN - Sacred Bones Records)
9:00am Carl Craig- "Coding Sequence" - Versus (MERLIN - InFinu00e9)
9:00am Carl Craig- "Coding Cycle" - Versus (MERLIN - InFinu00e9)
8:00am Tindersticks- "The Organist Entertains" - The Organist Entertains (MERLIN - Beggars Banquet)
7:47am Malibu Ken- "Tuesday" - Malibu Ken (WMG - Rhymesayers)
7:46am Yshwa- "Where the Sunshine Goes" - Melody Ln. (646413 Records DK)
7:45am Yshwa- "Sunshine (Instrumental)" - Melody Ln. Instrumentals (646413 Records DK)
7:41am Dame Darcy- "Silver Dagger" - Dame Darcy's Greatest Hits (Lindsey Baker/Bop Tart Records)
7:38am Steve Gunn- "Stonehurst Cowboy" - Stonehurst Cowboy (MERLIN - Matador)
7:32am David Karsten Daniels- "Minnows" - Sharp Teeth (FatCat Records)
7:31am Nancy Allen Lundy/Ralph Farris- "The Violin Sings in a Common Language: No. 5, Haiku" - Stanley Grill: Rustling Flights of Wings (Innova)
7:30am The Bob Prince Quartet- "Pop Goes The Weasel (Exercise 2)" - Good Housekeeping's Plan For Reducing (SME - Columbia/Legacy)
7:22am Darren Johnston- "To Have the Courage" - Blood of the Air (Edgetone Records)
7:15am Darbuki Kings- "Blue Eyes" - Lawrence of Suburbia (Darbuki Kings Records)
7:12am Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
7:06am Wayne Darling/Arni Egilsson/ Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen- "Speak Low" - The Art of the Bass (Laika-Records)
7:04am Flying Jazz Queens- "Langa More" - Afrobeats and Percussions (Sound and Vision)
7:03am Django Reinhardt- "Beyond The Sea (La Mer) (Remastered 2002)" - Die Legenden des Jazz - Django Reinhardt (SME - Columbia)
6:56am Panda Bear- "Dolphin" - Buoys (MERLIN - Domino Recording Co)
6:55am Hicham Chahidi- "Sweet Home" - Sweet Home (Music Screen)
6:50am Darkstar- "Armonica" - News From Nowhere (Warp Records)
6:38am Laurie Spiegel- "Synthesis: Imagination And Form - None Of The Above: Passage" - Unseen Worlds (Unseen Worlds)
6:33am Dark Horses- "Wise Blood" - Hail Lucid State (MERLIN - Last Gang)
6:29am Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
6:24am Poru00e3o GB- "Dia dos Namorados" - Emou00e7u00f5es Inexperientes (Trans Records)
6:24am DARKSIDE- "Heart" - Heart (MERLIN - Matador)
6:23am KLAUSURA MIXTAPE- "Stattene a casa (feat. Le Coliche)" - KLAUSURA MIXTAPE (CortoMuso inc.)
6:19am Negative Scanner- "Shoplifter" - Nose Picker (Trouble In Mind Records)
6:15am Phillip Greenlief- "Chapter 3" - PG13 (Edgetone Records)
6:11am Candy Machine- "Nerve Central" - Tune International (DeSoto Records)
6:08am Marbled Eye- "Laughing Sound" - Leisure (Digital Regress)
6:07am Louis Armstrong- "All That Meat and No Potatoes" - Louis Armstrong Plays Fats Waller & W.C. Handy (Master Classics)
6:01am Dark Blue- "Hanging From The Chandelier" - Pure Reality (MERLIN - Epitaph)
5:57am Darker My Love- "Northern Soul" - 2 (Strange Addiction)
5:51am Wooden Shjips- "Golden Flower" - V. (Thrill Jockey)
5:49am Burning Sky- "Native Funk" - Blood Of The Land (Canyon Records)
5:48am Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
5:43am The Dark Fantastic- "Fall to My Knees" - Goodbye Crooked Scar (WMG - Up Records)
5:40am Marissa Nadler- "Blue Vapor" - Blue Vapor (Sacred Bones Records)
5:36am Josh Urist- "Marilyn Lee" - The Cold Equations (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (MERLIN - Yeggs Records)
5:32am dark time sunshine- "Look Forward (Instrumental)" - Anxtrumentals (None)
5:25am The Skull Eclipses- "Pillars" - The Skull Eclipses (MERLIN - Western Vinyl)
5:20am James Darkin- "Through the Keyhole" - Go No Matter What (Terminal 2 Records)
5:08am Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
5:00am Dark Sea Dream- "Behind The Eyes" - Dark Sea Dream (Prophase Music)
4:45am John Browning- "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 38: I. Allegro appassionato" - Beethoven: Concerto for Piano, Violin, Cello and Orchestra, Op.56 & Barber: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 38 (SME - RCA Red Seal)
4:36am Lush- "Never-Never" - Never-Never (MERLIN - 4AD)
4:34am Pale Saints- "Little Gesture" - Little Gesture (MERLIN - 4AD)
4:31am Deux Filles- "The Letter" - Silence & Wisdom (MERLIN - De Wolfe)
4:17am Chapterhouse- "Treasure" - Whirlpool (Expanded Edition) (SME - Sony Music UK)
4:13am The Beloved- "Sweet Harmony" - Top 10 - Cool Down (Warner Strategic Marketing)
4:06am Tom Middleton- "HEVA" - Anjunadeep The Yearbook 2015 (Anjunadeep)
4:04am Octo Octa- "Spell For Nature" - She's Calling EP (T4T LUV NRG)
4:00am Pauline Anna Strom- "I Still Hope" - Angel Tears in Sunlight (PLANCHA)
3:59am Diana Ross- "Love Hangover" - Afternoon Delight (UMG - UMG Recordings, Inc.)
3:41am The Pogues- "Planxty Noel Hill" - Planxty Noel Hill (WMG - Warner Music UK)
3:41am Brian Tatcher- "Hot Love (Instrumental Dub Version)" - Night City Life (Compiled by Ilan Pdahtzur) (Spacetalk)
3:26am 808 State- "Baton Rouge (Cajun Mix)" - Baton Rouge (Cajun Mix) (WMG - Union Square)
3:24am The Pogues- "Wild Cats of Kilkenny" - Wild Cats of Kilkenny (WMG - Warner Music UK)
3:19am Clannad- "I See Red" - Magical Ring (SME - RCA Records Label)
3:18am Mr. Ketsa- "Duplicates" - Ketsa, Vol. I (Sound of Music SD)
3:16am The Hollywood prime Time Orchestra- "K2000" - Tv Toons: Les meilleurs gu00e9nu00e9riques des su00e9ries TV Amu00e9ricaines 80's, Vol. 3 (Playtime)
3:16am Ultimate DJ Tools- "Channel Surfing" - Scratch Sound Effects, Vol. 3: TV Breaks (Independent Artist)
3:15am Dj Maze- "Generic Old School" - The Battle Movies, Vol. 2 (P2S Records)
3:10am Jan Hammer- "The Original Miami Vice Theme" - Miami Vice - The Best Of (HIP-O)
3:01am J-Sweet- "Streethawk" - Slit Jockey Presents 10 Years of Grime (MERLIN - Slit Jockey Records)
2:55am DJ Rap- "Good To Be Alive" - GO Music From The Motion Picture (SME - Work/Sony Music Soundtrax)
2:50am 808 State- "Mondays, Pt. 1" - Mondays, Pt. 1 (WMG - Union Square)
2:49am RainbowArlows- "Holmi" - Higher than U (RainbowArlows)
2:39am Khotin- "Ivory Tower" - Finds You Well (Ghostly International)
2:30am The 7th Plain- "To Be Surreal" - Chronicles II (A-ton)
2:23am Sparklehorse- "Shade And Honey" - Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain (UMG - Capitol Records)
2:18am Underworld- "Born Slippy (Nuxx) (Radio Edit)" - Throwback Trance - Ministry of Sound (SME - Ministry of Sound Recordings)