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Saturday, July 24, 2021
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
8:56am CookBook- "Lost Boys (Still Believe)" - I Love The 80's (Deluxe Edition) (Just-Us)
8:54am Howard Shore- "The Grace of Undu00f3miel (feat. Renu00e9e Fleming)" - The Grace of Undu00f3miel (feat. Renu00e9e Fleming) (WMG - Reprise)
8:52am Mu00fasica para estudiar- "Musica Instrumental Para Estudiar" - Musica Instrumental Para Estudiar (BELIEVE - Fire Music Publishing)
8:40am The Romantics- "One in a Million" - Super Hits (Epic/Associated/Legacy)
8:36am Nina Hagen- "Superboy" - Nunsexmonkrock (SME - SMI)
8:31am Crucifix- "Death Toll" - Dehumanization (Kustomized)
8:30am John Bartmann- "Happy African Village" - Public Domain Soundtrack Music: Album One (MERLIN - John Bartmann)
8:23am Lauryn Hill- "To Zion (Album Version)" - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (Ruffhouse)
8:16am Howard Shore- "The Grace of Undu00f3miel (feat. Renu00e9e Fleming)" - The Grace of Undu00f3miel (feat. Renu00e9e Fleming) (WMG - Reprise)
8:16am Collage- "Romeo Where's Juliet" - The Soul of Solar (WMG - Sanctuary Records)
8:02am Miles Davis- "Solea" - Stella By Starlight (BELIEVE - Good Old Times)
7:54am Zero Ohms- "Active Side of Infinity" - Beyond the Portal (lotuspike)
7:51am Bruno Lasnier- "Tips of a Soulman" - Let's Talk About Acid Jazz: A Collection of Hot & Groovy Trax (MERLIN - Uppm / Koka Media)
7:46am Layo & Bushwacka- "Sleepy Language" - Sleepy Language (MERLIN - XL Recordings)
7:42am Craig Mack- "Get Down" - Get Down (WMG - Bad Boy)
7:34am The Trammps- "Disco Party" - Disco Party (WMG - Rhino Atlantic)
7:28am Mistah F.A.B.- "6 Shots" - Amerikkka Dont Love Us (MERLIN - Zoo Entertainment / Faeva Afta)
7:24am cupcakKe- "Picking Cotton" - Audacious (2016 cupcakKe)
7:20am Whodini- "Freaks Come Out at Night (Instrumental)" - Escape (SME - Sony Music UK)
7:15am G Tom Mac- "Cry Little Sister (Original Lost Boys Film Version)" - Thou Shalt Not Fall (Edge Artists)
7:14am Howard Shore- "The Grace of Undu00f3miel (feat. Renu00e9e Fleming)" - The Grace of Undu00f3miel (feat. Renu00e9e Fleming) (WMG - Reprise)
7:05am Hu00fcsker Du00fc- "It's Not Funny Anymore" - Metal Circus (EP) (ORCHARD - SST Records)
6:51am Kalima- "Shine" - Feeling Fine (ORCHARD - LTM Recordings)
6:42am Darkside- "The Limit" - The Limit (Matador)
6:33am Fred again..- "Angie (Iu2019ve Been Lost)" - Angie (Iu2019ve Been Lost) (WMG - East West Records UK Ltd)
6:26am David Crosby- "Laughing" - If I Could Only Remember My Name (Rhino Atlantic)
6:22am Feist- "Intuition" - The Reminder (UMG - Interscope)
6:15am Sonny Stitt- "Propapagoon" - Sonny Stitt (UMG - GRP)
6:09am La Femme- "Nouvelle-Orlu00e9ans" - Paradigmes (MERLIN - Disque Pointu)
6:02am Artie Shaw & His Orchestra- "Nightmare" - Highlights from Self Portrait (SME - RCA Bluebird)
5:54am Ryley Walker- "Pond Scum Ocean" - Course In Fable (Husky Pants Records)
5:48am Hospital Bracelet- "Summer Friends" - South Loop Summer (Counter Intuitive Records LLC)
5:45am Pansy- "Anybody Help Me (None)" - Anybody Help Me (Earth Libraries)
5:40am Sam Cooke- "Come And Go To That Land" - Sam Cooke And The Soul Stirrers (UMG - Specialty Records)
5:36am Laura Misch- "Walk Alone to Hear Thoughts of Your Own" - Lonely City (MERLIN - Laura Misch)
5:31am Atmosphere- "Get Fly" - You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (WMG - Rhymesayers)
5:24am Vijay Iyer- "Combat Breathing" - Uneasy (UMG - ECM Records)
5:24am Joe Hisaishi- "u4ebau751fu306eu30e1u30eau30fcu30b4u30fcu30e9u30f3u30c9 - from 'Howl's Moving Castle'" - Dream Songs: The Essential Joe Hisaishi (Universal Music)
5:18am Spanish Love Songs- "El Niu00f1o Considers His Failures" - Schmaltz (BELIEVE - Uncle M Music)
5:15am Jimmy Eat World- "Blister" - Clarity (UMG - Capitol Records)
5:11am French Vanilla- "Friendly Fire" - How Am I Not Myself? (MERLIN - Danger Collective Records)
5:07am Duran Duran- "Union Of The Snake" - Greatest (Parlophone UK)
4:57am The Flying Burrito Brothers- "Hippie Boy" - The Gilded Palace Of Sin (UMG - A&M)
4:48am The Cars- "You Wear Those Eyes (2016 Remaster)" - The Elektra Years 1978 - 1987 (WMG - Rhino/Elektra)
4:44am The Knack- "She's So Selfish" - Get The Knack (UMG - Capitol Records)
4:37am OutKast- "Player's Ball" - More Music From 8 Mile (UMG - Shady Records)
4:23am Ju00f3nsi- "Danu00edell In The Sea" - Danu00edell In The Sea (WMG - EMI Data Load)
4:18am Los Zafiros- "Cuando Yo La Conoci" - Locura Azul (ORCHARD - Fuego Entertainment Music Int. (Femi))
4:10am Ravi Shankar- "Tune In Dhun" - Three Ragas (MERLIN - RReMark)
4:07am Ravi Shankar- "Dhun Tarana - Drut Teental" - Ragas Varanasi (RReMark)
4:01am Tiny Giant- "Ngu00e0y Mu1edbi" - Nhu1ea1c Gu00e3y Tu1ed5ng Hu1ee3p Su1ed1 1 (BELIEVE - Nhu1ea1c Gu00e3y)
4:00am Saltamartu00ed- "Un fill de vulcu00e0" - Saltamartu00ed (ORCHARD - Colu00b7lecciu00f3 Electrodomu00e8stica)
4:00am Raymond Scott & His Orchestra- "Twilight Zone" - Out of This World - 40 Sci-Fi Classics (K-Tel)
3:49am Yello- "You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess" - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (UMG - Yello)
3:43am Andra Day- "Gold" - Gold (WMG - Warner Records Label)
3:21am Hyperculte- "Bataille" - Hyperculte (MERLIN - Bongo Joe)
3:02am Mary Lattimore- "Don't Look" - Silver Ladders (MERLIN - Ghostly International)
2:55am Dinah Washington- "Me and My Gin" - Le meilleur du jazz des annu00e9es 50 (100 versions originales) (MERLIN - Tsk Music)
2:49am Tate County Singers featuring Otha Yurner and the Afrossippi Allstars- "Jesus Is On The Mainline" - Jim Dickinson Field Recordings Delta Experimental Project vol. 3 (ORCHARD - Birdman Records)
2:38am Jackie DeShannon- "The Weight" - Classic Masters (UMG - Capitol Records)
2:28am The Stranglers- "No More Heroes" - Ashes to Ashes (SME - Sony BMG Music Entertainment)
2:26am Dr Feelgood- "I Don't Mind (2006 Remaster)" - All Through The City (with Wilko 1974-1977) (WMG - Parlophone UK)
2:11am Various Artists (Bhangra Remixes)- "Love Is So Strange" - Half Dreaming (ORCHARD - Quince)
2:02am The Ophelias- "Night Signs" - Almost (MERLIN - Joyful Noise Recordings)
1:58am Emma Pollock- "Don't Make Me Wait" - In Search of Harperfield (ORCHARD - Chemikal Underground)
1:52am Light Conductor- "Light Conductor" - Sequence One (MERLIN - Constellation)
1:49am Nonpareils- "The Timeless Now" - The Timeless Now (WMG - Mute (Artist Intelligence))
1:43am Jou0101o Cirilo- "Po D`Terra" - Space Echo: The Mystery Behind the Cosmic Sound of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed! (MERLIN - Analog Africa)
1:32am Bobby Womack- "Please Forgive My Heart" - Please Forgive My Heart (MERLIN - XL Recordings)
1:01am Hawkwind Light Orchestra- "Void Of Wasteland" - Void Of Wasteland (WMG - Cherry Red Records)
12:57am Dinosaur- "For One" - To The Earth (ORCHARD - Edition Records)
12:47am Jaimie Branch- "birds of paradise" - FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise (MERLIN - International Anthem Recording Co.)
12:41am Babatunde Lea- "Inconspicuous" - Suite Unseen: Summoner of the Ghost (Motema Music,Llc)
12:34am Snehasish Mozumder/SOM- "Uthsav On Six (studio)" - Jazz and North Indian Styles (Random Chance, Inc.)
12:28am Sun Ra- "Unmask The Batman" - Of Abstract Dreams (Strut)
12:19am Jamael Dean- "Emi" - Black Space Tapes (Stones Throw Records)
12:09am Jasper Hu00f8iby- "We Didn't Earn The Sun" - Planet B (Edition Records)
12:05am Bu0142oto- "Chryja" - Kwasy I Zasady (MERLIN - Astigmatic Records)
12:01am Broun Fellinis- "The Ark Has Landed" - Black Ambient Mud (MNC Distribution)
Friday, July 23, 2021
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:46pm Tele Novella- "Wishing Shrine" - Merlynn Belle (MERLIN - Kill Rock Stars)
11:40pm James Johnston / Steve Gullick- "Blue Rider" - We Travel Time (God Unknown Records)
11:36pm Rob Noyes- "Vout" - Arc Minutes (Vin Du Select Qualitite)
11:32pm Renu00e9e Reed- "Ou00f9 est la fu00e9e" - Renu00e9e Reed (MERLIN - Keeled Scales)
11:29pm Peggy Seeger- "The Invisible Woman" - First Farewell (MERLIN - Red Grape Records)
11:15pm Writhing Squares- "Rogue Moon" - Chart For The Solution (MERLIN - Trouble In Mind Records)
11:11pm La Femme- "Le sang de mon prochain" - Paradigmes (MERLIN - Disque Pointu)
11:02pm Broke For Free- "Playground Pigeon" - XXVII (Broke For Free)
10:48pm Steve Lacy- "Louise" - The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy (BELIEVE - Start Up Records)
10:36pm Claude Luter for Ever- "Cru00e9ole Jazzu00a0" - Claude Luter for Ever (Editions Milan Music)
10:33pm Amu00e1lia Rodrigues- "Al Mouraria" - Les idoles de la musique portugaise : Amu00e1lia Rodrigues, Vol. 1 (BELIEVE - Mon patrimoine musical)
10:30pm Amalia Mendoza- "Paloma Herida" - Calavera, Dia de Muertos (BELIEVE - Alpharecord/Fonotil)
10:29pm Bharncey- "Abeke" - Abeke (Lamba Records)
10:20pm Jap Kasai- "nandaa korya yoo" - OWN u2103 (CHINABOT)
9:50pm Roxy Music- "For Your Pleasure" - The Thrill Of It All (UMG - EG Records)
9:44pm Soul Coughing- "Mr Bitterness" - Ruby Vroom (MERLIN - Woah Dad!)
9:41pm Catherine Wheel- "Crank" - Chrome (UMG - Virgin EMI)
9:38pm Nine Below Zero- "Eleven Plus Eleven" - Third Degree (UMG - UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
9:36pm The Rascals- "Too Many Fish in the Sea" - Solid Gold Rascals (Flashback Digital NZ Pty Ltd)
9:34pm Alison Krauss- "Dark Skies" - I've Got That Old Feeling (UMG - Rounder)
9:32pm Bradford Singers- "Just To Know I Made It In" - One Step & Angel On Vacation (UMG - Vee-Jay Records)