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Friday, August 29, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
4:32pm Klaus Johann Grobe- "Koffer" - Im Sinne Der Zeil (Trouble In Mind)
4:27pm JJ Jackson- "OO-Ma-Liddi" - Great Googa Mooga! (Ace)
4:25pm Esquerita- "Esquerita and the Voola" - Capitol Collector's Series (Capitol)
4:22pm Lord Sitar- "Black Is Black" - Lord Sitar (EMI)
4:20pm Dead Westerns- "Just To Be In Your Sight" - Just To Be In Your Sight (20 Sided)
4:17pm Allah-La's- "Had It All" - Worship The Sun (Innovative Leisure)
4:11pm Blue Angel Lounge- "Melloch Halb & Halb" - A Sea of Trees (A. Recordings)
4:05pm Hope Blister- "Dagger" - ...Smile's OK (4AD)
4:00pm Lush- "Love At First Sight" - Ciao! (4AD)
3:55pm Darling Buds- "Gently Fall" - Erotica (Chaos)
3:49pm Giorgio Moroder- "Ivory Tower" - The Neverending Story (EMI America)
3:44pm Les Big Byrd- "They Worshipped Cats" - They Worshipped Cats (A. Recordings)
3:41pm Clark- "Vengeance Drools" - Body Riddle (Warp)
3:36pm Massive Attack- "Splitting The Atom" - Heligoland (Virgin)
3:28pm Sonogram- "Daily Planet" - LED Melodies (Simulacra)
3:23pm Hollie Cook- "Looking For Real Love" - Twice (Mr. Bongo)
3:16pm Javelin- "Tell Me What Will It Be?" - No Mas (Luaka Bop)
3:12pm Tipsy- "Grossenhosen" - Trip Tease (Asphodel)
3:06pm Kid Koala & Martin Tetreault- "The DJ Factory Turn Crazy" - Phon-O-Victo (Les Disques)
2:59pm Sylvia- "The Next TIme That I See You" - Pillow Talk
2:53pm Interview with- "Triton Bloom" - Live on KALX (--)
2:49pm Dailon- "Cerebral Foreplay" - The Meaning (Raw Data)
2:46pm Triton Bloom- "DDY" - Wavvy.ludes (Raw Data)
2:35pm Interview with- "Triton Bloom" - Live on KALX (--)
2:32pm Galimatias- "Ocean Floor Kisses" - Ocean Floor Kisses (s/r)
2:28pm Mndsgn- "Afternoon Shuffle" - Yawn Zen (Stones Throw)
2:24pm --- "--" - -- (--)
2:19pm Oliver- "Fast Forward" - Light Years Away
2:17pm Dinosaurus Rex- "Touch (Lancaster Remix)" - Keats Collective Remixed (Keats)
2:13pm Saint Pepsi- "Fall Harder" - Fiona Coyle/Fall Harder 7" (Carpark)
2:05pm --- "--" - -- (--)
2:02pm K. Raydio & Psymun- "Glass House" - Luciddreamingskylines (s/r)
1:58pm Do D.A.T.- "Take Flight ft. Aled Ordu" - Oakland In Blue Soundtrack (s/r)
1:55pm Souls of Mischief- "Ghetto Superhero" - There Is Only Now (Linear Labs)
1:50pm --- "--" - -- (--)
1:46pm Galt MacDermot- "Duffer" - Nucleus (Kilmarock)
1:43pm Jungle- "The Heat" - s/t (XL Recordings)
1:38pm Taylor McFerrin- "Place In My Heart (ft. Ryat)" - Early Riser (Brainfeeder)
1:34pm FKA Twigs- "Two Weeks" - Lp1 (Young Turks)
1:28pm --- "--" - -- (--)
1:23pm 1-O.A.K.- "Don't It Feel Good" - The Champagne Room (HNRL)
1:19pm Ikonika- "I Know (That You Are The 1) (ft. Dam-Funk)" - Hyperdub 10.2 (Hyperdub)
1:15pm Steve Arrington- "Without Your Love" - Way Out (80-84) (Stones Throw)
1:09pm --- "--" - -- (--)
1:05pm Sorceress- "Stutter Step" - Dose (Wonderwheel)
12:58pm Bjork- "Violently Happy (Masters At Work Remix)" - Violently Happy (Island)
12:52pm Octo Octa- "Who Will I Become" - Between Two Selves (100% Silk)
12:48pm --- "--" - -- (--)
12:44pm Niteppl- "Bloom ft. Manics" - Bloom (Popgang)
12:37pm La Roux- "Uptight Downtown (Midnight Magic Remix)" - Trouble in Paradise (Interscope)
12:31pm Dubtribe Soundsystem- "Sunshine's Theme" - Sunshine's Theme (Organico)
11:55am Society of Composers, Inc.- "Metamorphoses II" - Pendulum (Navona)
11:52am --- "--" - -- (--)
11:50am John Barry- "Bees Knees" - John Barry the EMI Years Vol. One (Scamp)
11:47am Tamion 12 Inch- "Apostrophe S" - Let's Suffer (Ersatz Audio)
11:43am Space Waves- "Sad Song" - Sing My Song (Mindwave)
11:40am Zhou Xuan- "Hua Yang de Nian Hua" - In the Mood for Love (Block 2)
11:36am --- "--" - -- (--)
11:31am Donato Dozzy- "Vapourware 04" - Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask (Spectrum Spools)
11:26am Verdell Primeaux & Johnny Mike- "Four Harmonized Peyote Songs" - Bless the People (Canyon)
11:22am Laurie Spiegel- "Riding the Storm" - Unseen Worlds (Scarlet Records)
11:19am White Sea- "Ex-Pat" - In Cold Blood (Crush Music)
11:16am --- "--" - -- (--)
11:08am Miranda July- "Medical Wonder" - Binet-Simon Test (Kill Rock Stars)
11:06am Mirel Wagner- "Dreamt of a Wave" - When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day (Sub Pop)
11:04am Free to Fight- "Target Practice" - Free to Fight (Candy-Ass)
11:00am Team Dresch- "The Council" - Captain My Captain (Chainsaw/Candy Ass)
10:56am --- "--" - -- (--)
10:52am Yalls- "Settle Down" - Fantasy (Gold Robot)
10:49am Fishing- "Swimmer" - Shy Glow (Create Control)
10:45am Land Observations- "From the Heights of the Simplon Pass" - Grand Tour (Mute)
10:42am Ensemble Organum- "Great Mystery of the Passion: Hymn Gloria Iaus" - Signature (Harmonia Mundi)
10:40am --- "--" - -- (--)
10:29am Alan Watts- "Season of Summer" - Haiku (Locust Music)
10:25am Yan Jun- "Big Can, track 1" - Big Can (Kwanyin Records)
10:23am --- "--" - -- (--)
10:18am Morgan Delt- "Beneath the Black and Purple" - S/T (Trouble Mind)
10:15am Jean Binta Breeze- "A Song to Heal" - Tracks (Shanachie)
10:12am Hoahio- "Bouken Gaboten-Jima" - Otomo Yoshihide Plays the Music of Takeo Yamashita (P-Vine)
10:09am Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas- "Neck Tattoo" - Secret Evil (Instant)
10:07am --- "--" - -- (--)
10:03am Hu Mei-hong- "Falling Into Your Embrace" - Hu Mei-hong Best (Asia Records)
10:00am Misora Hibari- "Rockabilly Kenpo" - Hibari's Dreams on Stage (Nippon Columbia)
9:54am Roselit Bone- "Roselit Bone" - Blacken & Curl (S/R)
9:49am Mike Cooper- "In the Morning" - Trout Steel (Paradise of Bachelors)
9:46am --- "--" - -- (--)
9:40am Kicell meets Harry Hosono- "Shinshinshin" - Happy End Parade (Speedstar)
9:38am Hard Times- "I Can't Wait Till Friday Comes" - Psychedelic States:Maryland in the 60s (Gear Fab)
9:35am Dobie Gray- "Look At Me" - Sings for 'In' Crowders that Go 'Gogo' (Collectable)
9:32am Tampa Red & Georgia Tom- "No Matter How She Done It" - Guitar Wizard (Columbia)
9:30am --- "--" - -- (--)
9:25am Healing Potpourri- "Shivering Hands Touching Fingers" - Way Water Bends Light (Brad Grammar)
9:15am Spids Nogenhat- "Ud Pa Landet" - De Sidste Her Pa Jorden (Orpheus)
9:10am Raveonettes- "Sisters" - Pe'Ahi (Beat Dies)
9:08am --- "--" - -- (--)
9:00am Nobukazu Takemura- "Sign" - Hoshi no Koe (Thrill Jockey)
8:52am Velvet Underground and Nico
8:47am Polynesians- "Te Manu Pukarua" - Beatiful Hawaii
8:44am Julia Holter- "Don't Make Me Over" - Don't Make Me Over (Domino)
8:41am Delta 5- "Make-Up" - Singles and Sessions1979-1981 (Kill Rockstars)