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Photo of Pat Mastelotto
Friday, July 30th - 10:00am
Posted on 7/28/2021

Join DJ Jon The Reptilian on Friday, July 30th @ 10AM to hear his recent interview with King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto.

Photo of Rebecca Pinals
Friday, July 30th - 12:00pm
Posted on 7/28/2021

Join our host Moody on Method to the Madness, Friday July 30th @ noon, as he meets with the Schmidt Science Fellowship Recipient, Rebecca Pinals, and discusses the impact that nanotechnology may have on our future.

Photo of Kate Vargas
Friday, July 16th - 10:00am
Posted on 7/14/2021

Join DJ Jon The Reptilian Friday July 16th @ 10am for an interview with Kate Vargas. After learning to play the flute and developing an interest in jazz in high school, Vargas studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, then headed to the Big Apple.

Monday, July 12th - 12:00pm
Posted on 7/9/2021

Summer is officially here!  Time to relax with your favorite libation and soak in the tropical sounds of exotica, surf, Hawaiian slack key, calypso, cumbia, highlife, and so much more. Join your travel guides in paradise, DJ ((echoplex)) and DJ Poindexter for their sixth annual Exotic Expedition on Monday, July 12th @ Noon.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

Thursday, July 8th - 9:51am
Posted on 7/8/2021

We would like to thank you for your patience with us. It took longer than we anticipated to send out all of the gifts from the 2020 Fall Fundraiser. We had initially set our deadline as the end of February and after extending our deadline by a couple of months, the last of the packages went out the second week of June.

Photo of Marisa Anderson and William Tyler
Tuesday, July 6th - 9:25pm
Posted on 7/5/2021

Join DJ Carnacki on Tuesday, July 6th @ 9:25PM when he airs his recent conversation with guitarists Marisa Anderson and William Tyler.

Photo of Selim Goncu
Tuesday, July 6th - 9:00am
Posted on 7/5/2021

Tune in to The Graduates this Tuesday @ 9AM for an interview with Selim Goncu from the Department of Music. Selim is a composer who writes orchestral music. In the interview, he discusses what music means to him and why he creates it. He also discusses trends in music composition more broadly as well as the meaning and purpose of doctoral degrees in composition.  

Seacology Logo
Friday, July 2nd - 2:00pm
Posted on 6/26/2021

Join our host Moody, Friday July 2nd @ 2pm, as he meets with the Executive Director of Seacology, Duane Silverstein, and discusses the importance of keeping island ecosystems healthy all around the world.

Photo of Rachel Hammond
Tuesday, June 22nd - 9:00am
Posted on 6/21/2021

Tune in to The Graduates this Tuesday @ 9 AM for an interview with Rachel Hammond from the Goldman School of Public Policy. Rachel just completed a masters degree in public policy and is ready to use the knowledge and skills she got from the program to address issues surrounding basic needs like child care and housing that profoundly impact the lives of families.

Photo of Jason Becker
Posted on 6/13/2021

A note from the interviewer, John The Reptilian: As a teenager in the 1980s Jason Becker was one of the most promising up & coming players & one of the most talented guitarists of all time.  In 1988 he recorded his groundbreaking solo album Perpetual Burn. Prior to that he had recorded albums with  Marty Friedman under the name Cacophony. He landed the role of lead guitar in the David Lee Roth band & recorded the album A Little Ain't Enough.