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Akiko Yano
Wednesday, January 29th - 8:30am
Posted on 1/27/2020

DJ Massari recently spoke with Japanese singer-songwriter, Akiko Yano, about her latest in the Wewantsounds’ Yano reissue series Gohan Ga Dekitayo, her time in Yellow Magic Orchestra, work with Studio Ghibli and more. Tune in on Wednesday, January 29th @ 8:30 AM to hear the entire interview.

Picture of Scraper
Saturday, January 25th - 9:00pm
Posted on 1/21/2020

Tune in Saturday, Janurary 25th @ 9PM for another edition of KALX Live! with Renee Black as she hosts Scraper from San Francisco. 

Best of 2019
Monday, January 20th - 12:01am to Sunday, January 26th - 11:59am
Posted on 1/20/2020

Tune in to your mighty KALX 90.7FM between Monday, January 20th and Sunday, January 26th to hear your favorite DJs spin their favorite releases of 2019.

Check out our Best of 2019 lists HERE!

Wyclef Jean
Wednesday, January 22nd - 2:00pm
Posted on 1/20/2020

Join DJ Surface Tension on Wednesday, January 22nd @ 2PM when he hosts Haitian lyricst, musician, and producer, Wyclef Jean for a live in-studio interview. Wyclef performs live at Cornerstone in Berkeley later the same evening.

CocoRosie // Estudio a Pedal
Monday, January 20th - 5:00pm
Posted on 1/18/2020

On Monday, January 20th @ 5PM, DJ Velvet Einstein hosts sisters Bianca & Sierra Casady of cross-disciplinary performance duo, CocoRosie, for a live in-studio interview.

CocoRosie's songs blend a myriad of styles and references from hip-hop to folk and opera with a focus on beat programming and production using found objects, children’s toys and other unique percussion to create a particular atmosphere of nostalgia and mystery.

Picture of Whiskerman
Friday, January 17th - 2:00pm
Posted on 1/14/2020

Tune in Friday, January 17 @ 2 pm, DJ Sparkle Motion will host Graham Patzner, frontman of Whiskerman, for an in-studio acoustic session and interview ahead of their show at the Independent in San Francisco on Saturday, January 18.

Picture of Hawak
Saturday, January 18th - 9:00pm
Posted on 1/14/2020

Tune in Saturday, Janurary 18th @ 9PM for Oakland-based screamo group Hawak hosted by DJ Helen Earth on this next addition of KALX Live!

Picture of Angelex
Saturday, January 11th - 9:00pm
Posted on 1/10/2020

Tune in Saturday, January 11th @ 9PM for groovy local group Angelex hosted by Cia Cia La Pirata on KALX LIve!

Album Reviews of 2019
Posted on 1/8/2020

With hundred of albums circulating through the station every week, the ones that stay get reviewed by volunteers before they make their way onto the airwaves. 2019 brought us an incredible wave of new music, along with reissues that remind us that some records are not to be overlooked. KALX volunteers Chandler Le Francis and Keesan Nam discuss 3 albums they enoyed from the past year in detail below:

Laurie Spiegel - Unseen Worlds (Scarlet Records)
Genre: Electronic Avant-Garde

Written by Chandler Le Francis

2019: A Year In Concerts//Carmen Llerena
Posted on 1/7/2020

A note from the directors:

Live music has always gifted a unique experience to every individual in its presence. As someone who frantically searches for the right answer to the question what’s the best concert you’ve ever been to and ends up listing a dozen different shows for a dozen different reasons, it has only become more apparent that it is not only impossible, but unfair, to try and find a “right” answer when the artists, the instruments, the venue, the genre, the crowd and more all take part in the ritual of attending a show.