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Photo of Jason Becker
Posted on 6/13/2021

A note from the interviewer, John The Reptilian: As a teenager in the 1980s Jason Becker was one of the most promising up & coming players & one of the most talented guitarists of all time.  In 1988 he recorded his groundbreaking solo album Perpetual Burn. Prior to that he had recorded albums with  Marty Friedman under the name Cacophony. He landed the role of lead guitar in the David Lee Roth band & recorded the album A Little Ain't Enough.

Photo of Seth Shostak
Friday, June 18th - 12:00pm
Posted on 6/13/2021

On the next Method to the Madness, Friday, June 18 at noon, host Lisa Kiefer speaks with SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Senior Astronomer, Seth Shostak. SETI is a nonprofit research organization located in Silicon Valley close to the NASA Ames Research Center that is home to researchers and scientists looking for life in the universe.

Photo of Colin
Saturday, June 12th - 9:00pm
Posted on 6/11/2021

This week on the KALX Live! show, host DJ Cia Cia La Pirata  welcomes Colin from Marin County based Peppermint MoonColin’s intimate performance features ethereal, psych-tinged dream pop, which he’s recorded expressly for this week’s show. DJ Stormy Phoenix drops in

Photo of Adam Uliana
Tuesday, June 8th - 9:00am
Posted on 6/5/2021

Tune in to The Graduates this Tuesday, June 8 @ 9 AM for an interview with Adam Uliana from the Department of Chemical Engineering. Adam is one of the authors of a recently published paper about a water filtration technique designed to make desalination and filtration more efficient and to reduce the volume of waste from these processes. Adam discusses how this technique works and what possibilities it presents.

Sunday, June 6th - 5:30pm
Posted on 6/5/2021

On Sunday, June 6th @ 5:30PM, DJ Velvet Einstein speaks with David Harrington of the Kronos Quartet and Kronos collaborator Michael Hearst about the upcoming Kronos Festival taking place on June 11-18, 2021.

Photo of Joel Ross
Friday, May 28th - 12:30pm
Posted on 5/27/2021

Join DJ Nickel Hardaway on Friday, May 28th @ 12:30 PM when he speaks with Chicago born, Brooklyn based vibraphonist-composer, Joel Ross.

Photo of Nadia Sirota
Tuesday, May 25th - 10:00pm
Posted on 5/20/2021

On Tuesday, May 25th @ 10PM, DJ Velvet Einstein airs his recent interview with New York based violist // composer, Nadia Sirota.  Together, they discuss her work within compositional feedback loop improvisation along with her efforts to help lower the barrier to entry for Classical music.

Photo of Vintage Fiction
Saturday, May 15th - 9:00pm
Posted on 5/15/2021

Join Feel Good Weird for a live performance on Saturday, May 15th @ 9PM with Vintage Fiction, exclusively prerecorded for KALX Live!

Wednesday, June 9th - 9:00am to Friday, June 11th - 6:00pm
Posted on 5/12/2021

Don't miss your next opportunity to join the greatest station in the world!

Join KALX 90.7 FM, the campus radio station. We are recruiting new student volunteers for the summer. Be a DJ, work in news or sports, create web content, or write for public affairs. Although we will be remote this summer, you can gain many valuable skills working at KALX.

Photo of Orville Schell
Friday, May 21st - 12:00pm
Posted on 5/9/2021

On the next Method to the Madness, May 21 at noon, host Lisa Kiefer speaks with Orville Schell, former professor and dean of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, about his debut novel, My Old Home.  After decades of writing books and articles on China policy, his first novel follows exiles caught between American and Chinese politics from Mao's Revolution in 1949 to the Tian