Tonstartssbandht Interview

Event Date: 
Wednesday, December 15, 2021 - 1:00pm
Photo of Tonstartssbandht in front of wooden fenceing.

On Wednesday, December 15th @ 1PM, DJ The Breeze speaks with guitarist/singer, Andy White, of the Orlando based brother duo, Tonstartssbandht.

Using little more than a 12-string guitar and a drum kit, Andy and Edwin White weave together the gentle headiness of Laurel Canyon and the sweaty pacing of Cologne; like a gyroscope, its constant motion produces the illusion of stillness—and that stillness gives it a sense of intimacy and introspection, something that’s further illuminated by the new emphasis placed on the brothers’ intertwining vocals.

New album, Petunia, is out now on Mexican Summer Records.