StationStories: Taylor, volunteer 2007-11

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Taylor volunteered at KALX from 2007 to 2011 as a student DJ, News Director, and DJ Training Director.

"I was a KALXer from 2007-2011. KALX definitely got me fully certified as a music nerd, and I went from music nerding on KALX to music nerding at local clubs to music nerding at Gracenote. For the last three years I've been music nerding at YouTube, where I work on music rights management. It's a pretty cool, well-paying job, and truthfully I feel like I owe it all to 90.7 FM Berkeley.

The folks at Gracenote, my first real corporate job, were all big fans of KALX (some were even current and former KALXers) and my time at KALX gave me a lot of credibility in their eyes. It was also through KALX that I got my internship at XLR8R (through Disco Shawn, a longtime KALX DJ and station manager, who was also the editor at XLR8R). One of my interviewers at Google was a big XLR8R fan, which definitely helped me land the job. So I'm quite serious when I say that I owe my career in the music industry to my time at KALX."  

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