StationStories: Ashleyanne, volunteer 2008

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Ashleyanne began volunteering at KALX in 2008 as a DJ and host.

"I grew up on an island in the Delta, without the ability to connect to cable television, like my peers. The only lifeline I had to music was the radio. Without MTV (nor the internet), I didn’t experience new bands or new music trends through music videos – it was all through the playlists and personalities I heard on the radio. And in high school, when I started to travel west to Berkeley and Oakland for shows, I found KALX. The station’s signal came to me at the best possible time – I was ready for allll the genres, all the hard-to-reach garage bands to find their way into my life, and KALX delivered.  

I honestly can’t imagine what my life would be like if KALX wasn’t there. KALX is where I first had the chance to try DJing on for size. To try on radio hosting. To find out whether or not the dreams that I had for my career could be feasible. Now, with almost 10 years of professional radio production under my belt, I can fully see just how special KALX is. Where else can you hear the latest demo from the band that lives just down the street from you in the same hour as Prince and Public Enemy? KALX! Where else can the random weirdo come in and learn how to make all kinds of radio? KALX! There’s no other radio station on the planet like it! KALX! KALX! KALX!" 

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