Send us pictures of your KALX swag!

KALX is now on Instagram!  In celebration, we are asking you, our dear listener, to send us pictures of you in your beloved KALX swag.  Be it a pin, sweatshirt, shirt, patch, or anything with KALX, send it our way in order for it to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram.

Hanging out at the beach this Spring Break?  Going over seas?  Bring your KALX swag along and take pictures of you flaunting it off.

How do you send us your pictures, you ask?  Easy!  Just tag KALX in your photo.  If you are posting it through Facebook, simply tag KALX.  If you are posting it through Instagram tag KALX (@kalxradio) in the picture.  Don't forget to add the hashtag - #kalxswag!  At the end of this little campaign, we'll post the pictures on our Facebook in a separate album for all of you to peruse your fellow KALX lover's pictures. 

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