Scott Lucas (of Local H) Interview

Event Date: 
Tuesday, May 11, 2021 - 3:00pm
Photo of Local H

Join DJ Stormy Phoenix on Tuesday, May 11th @ 3PM when she speaks with Scott Lucas of long standing alt-rock band, Local H.

Local H is the iconic alt-rock duo known for their blistering live shows and pioneering the two-piece band set-up. Formed in 1987 in Zion, Illinois, the band originally consisted of Scott Lucas (vocals, guitar, bass) and Joe Daniels (drums). Daniels left in 1999 and was replaced by Brian St. Clair until late 2013. Ryan Harding would replace him shortly thereafter, and continues to drum for the duo to this day.

Over 30 years into the band’s career, Local H endures.  Latest album, LIFERS, features fellow alt-rock luminary Juliana Hatfield and was produced by Steve Albini and Andy Gerber.

Photo Credit: Julia Simone Paul