Lion's Law Interview

Event Date: 
Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 8:15am
Lions Law

Join DJ Renee Black on Saturday, October 12th @ 8:15AM to hear her recent conversation with French punk/oi! band, Lion's Law.

Originating in Paris, France, members from Street Kids, Maraboots and Komitern Sect decided to start an English speaking oi band which sparked the beginning of Lion's Law in 2012. Since then they have taken the international stage by storm, playing with the original oi bands of Europe.

Lion's Law is Swann (bass guitar), Daick (rhythm guitar), Louis (vocals, lead guitar), Thomas aka Thomoi (drums) and Wattie (singer). They are members of many other bands making up the heart of the oi scene in France. Watch out for their new album coming soon and be sure to check out their other albums; A Day Will Come, Open Your Eyes and From The Storm. Lion's Law is strong, simple and aggresive!