Kelly Moran Interview

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 8:15am
Kelly Moran by Elie Katzenson

On Wednesday, May 15th @ 8:15AM, The Pencil Sharpener airs her recent interview with experimental pianist/composer, Kelly Moran, during this year's MUTEK SF festival. Together, they discuss Moran's ideal immersive concert design, her departure from a strictly premeditated playing style, and why it's important to produce one's own music.

Kelly Moran’s horizonless vision in prepared piano and other musical mediums is partially owed to extensive academic training.  After completing her studies, Moran could be found in the studio, recording her own music, or taking the stage at area venues to perform alongside artists from across the avant-garde spectrum.

With her latest Warp Records release, Ultraviolet, the prepared-piano specialist abandons the meticulous compositions of her previous albums, editing down improvisations and bejeweling them with layers of synthesizers and effects.