KALX In The News

"In a landscape that's seldom hospitable to college radio, KALX appears to be thriving" -East Bay Express

"Venerable yet still spunky Berkeley college radio station KALX toasts its big 5-0 with a series of 50th anniversary head-turners beginning with a show of flyers, posters, T-shirts and artifacts at Oakland's Rock Paper Scissors Collective" -San Francisco Chronicle

"The great thing about KALX is that you may not like this particular song you're listening to at the moment, but you don't want to turn it off because the next song may be the best thing you've ever heard" -Oakland Tribune

"The sense of pride among volunteers and staff members at the radio station can be traced to its long history of finding and influencing underground artists"- Daily Californian

"And for all of its 50 years, from the days of reel-to-reels and campus strife to digital transmission around the world, KALX and its music-obsessed, radio-loving volunteers have collectively projected a consistent identity and ethic: It’s profoundly eclectic and free"- UC Berkeley News Center