Interview with Olivia Barton

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 - 2:00pm
Olivia Barton

On Wednesday, May 10th @ 2PM, Excuse My French speaks with Nashville based singer-songwriter, Olivia Barton, ahead of their show with Lizzy McAlpine at The Fox Theater in Oakland on Saturday, May 13th.

Barton writes songs that sound like stream-of-consciousness journal entries—because they are. With grit and radical self-compassion, they ask and answer questions in real time, taking you through a “diary of the healing process” (Sound of Boston).

Barton's sophomore album This is a Good Sign was released in November 2022. The 90s-inspired folk-pop songs live in a raw but playful sonic landscape somewhere between Sheryl Crow and early Angel Olsen, asking to be both screamed through open car windows and cried along with in late-night headphones. The opening track, “I Don’t Sing My Songs” is reflective of the full album’s arch, starting by directly facing reality: “I stay inside / I call my dad / I wait to feel” and ending with an inner knowing: “I know that good feelings are so possible within me” - leaving you cracked open and seen, vibrating with hope and confidence in the connectedness of things.