Interview with Madison McFerrin

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 - 2:00pm
Madison McFerrin

Tune in on Wednesday, May 31st @ 2PM to hear Excuse My French sit down with  independent artist, producer, and musician, Madison McFerrin, before she hits the stage at The Independent in SF on Friday, June 2nd.

Madison McFerrin recently released her highly-anticipated debut album, I Hope You Can Forgive Me. The self-released record represents a personal artistic evolution in her career in which she learned to improvise, self-produce, and ultimately trust herself in the midst of an ever-changing landscape in the global pandemic. An astonishing meditation on the themes of love, self preservation, fear, and conjuring, she approaches vulnerability with a burning desire.

A majority of the tracks on I Hope You Can Forgive Me are self-produced by McFerrin, a newly refined skill she honed during the pandemic. In addition to being a producer and arranger, she is also an instrumentalist, playing bass, synth, and creating background vocals for several of the songs. The intimate album’s sole feature is her father, Bobby McFerrin, who appears on the record’s focus track “Run”, a powerful song about her family and a spiritual connection with an ancestor who she learned escaped enslavement; taking the next step sonically while thematically exploring self love and intimacy.