Interview with Lucrecia Dalt

Event Date: 
Monday, May 15, 2023 - 10:00am
Lucrecia Dalt

On Monday, May 15th @ 10AM, Berlin-based // Colombia-born, artist Lucrecia Dalt speaks with DJ Massari ahead of her show in SF at The Chapel on Tuesday, May 16th.

Tracing a timeline of Lucrecia Dalt’s sonic trajectory is an elusive endeavor. As a musician, sound artist, performer, and composer, Dalt has traversed a myriad of musical portals, relaying innate sensory impulses and excavated references into luminous constellations. Shimmering with modulation and the incandescent tones of her voice, Dalt’s compositions summon magnetic atmospheres in her distinctive, and ever-expanding, universe of sound.

Following the acclaimed releases of Anticlines (2018) and No era sólida (2020) as part of the RVNG Intl. family, Dalt returned in 2022 with her eighth solo album ¡Ay! – conjuring a new realm where her signature experimentation and treasured early influences meld together.

¡Ay!, is an album where the sound and syncopation of tropical music encounter adventurous impulse, lush instrumentation, and metaphysical sci-fi meditations in an exclamation of liminal delight. In sound and spirit, ¡Ay! is a heliacal exploration of native place and environmental tuning, where Dalt reverses the spell of temporal containment. Through the spiraling tendencies of time and topography, Lucrecia has arrived where she began.

Photo Credit: Aina Climent