Interview with John Dwyer

Event Date: 
Monday, December 5, 2022 - 1:30pm

Tune in on Monday, December 5th @ 1:30PM to hear Rare Earth speak with John Dwyer of Osees ahead of the band's show at The UC Theatre in Berkeley on December 9th.

Psych-punk psychic warrior, ear worm-farmer, and possessor of many stamped passport pages... John Dwyer does not let up. His group  Osees (aka Thee Oh Sees, OCS, The Oh Sees, etc) have transmogrified to fit many a moment - from hushed druggy folk to groovy demonic pop chants to science fictional krautrock expanse and beyond - to suit his omnivorous whims.

Photos: Alexis J Gross & Titouan Massé