Interview with Jared Mattson

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - 2:00pm
Jared Mattson

On Wednesday, May 24th @ 2PM, Excuse My French speaks with guitarist Jared Mattson before his show in SF at The Knockout on Friday, May 26th.

New album, Peanut, is a big deal for Mattson, who's stepping out on his own after playing with his twin brother as The Mattson 2 for over 20 years.

Like many debut solo albums from musicians in bands, Jared Mattson’s Peanut didn’t originally come from a need to break away. As a composer for the Mattson 2, Jared Mattson was working up a batch of new songs through the winter of 2019-2020, looking ahead to the next album he and brother Jonathan Mattson, the blitzkrieging drummer, would record. As the pandemic hit stateside, Jared holed up in his home studio and kept developing the new music. And during that process it became increasingly clear to them that this wasn’t shaping up to be the next Mattson 2 album. This was a Mattson 1 album.

On Peanut, Jared is both departing from and expanding upon his work with Mattson 2. The album is a slowly unfolding blend of R&B, reggae and art rock that paints a portrait of a musician with a fantastic sense of groove, rhythm and pacing.

Photo Credit: Lucky Banks-Kenney