Interview with Hannah Jadagu

Event Date: 
Tuesday, September 19, 2023 - 11:00am
Hannah Jadagu

On Tuesday, September 19th @ 11AM, Pacifica sits down with NYC based bedroom pop musician, Hannah Jadagu, before Jadagu plays SF's Brick & Mortar Music Hall on September 20th.

Fresh out of high school in 2021, Hannah Jadagu released her debut EP, What Is Going On?, a collection of intimate bedroom pop tracks recorded entirely on an iPhone 7, which was, at the time, Jadagu’s most accessible mode of production. An off-the-cuff approach to music making and instinctive ability to write unforgettable hooks belied the intensity of Jadagu’s subject matter. In a short run time, What Is Going On? confronts some of the nation’s most urgent struggles all through Jadagu’s compassionate perspective.

Written in the years between graduating from high school in Mesquite, TX and her sophomore year of college in New York, latest album Aperture (Sub Pop) finds Jadagu in a state of transition. 

“Where I grew up, everyone is Christian; even if you don’t go to church, you’re still practicing in some form,” Jadagu says, laughing. “Moving out of my small hometown has made me reflect on how embedded Christianity is in the culture down there, and though I’ve been questioning my relationship to the church since high school, it’s definitely a theme on this album, but so is family.”

Photo Credit: Sterling Smith