Interview with Cedrik Fermont

Event Date: 
Thursday, February 2, 2023 - 10:00am
Cedric Fermont

On Thursday, February 2nd @ 10AM, Velvet Einstein airs a recent interview with Berlin based Belgian-Congolese composer, musician, author, lecturer, radio host, sound artist, mastering engineer, and organiser, Cedrik Fermont.

Together, they will discuss the history of Fermont's interest in experimental, electronic, noise music from Asia and Africa, the process of selecting and gathering music from so many different regions, and the recent Syrphe releases from Egyptian-Canadian composer AHA and sound artist/composer Ni Zheng.

Cedric's compositions and installations vary from sound art and electroacoustic to noise, to industrial to more conventional “dance” music such as electronica or acid and so on.

Photo Credit: Magda Bondos