Interview with The Aquadolls

Event Date: 
Friday, June 2, 2023 - 3:45pm
The Aquadolls

On Friday, June 2nd @ 3:45PM, Lucky Star airs a recent interview with L.A. based band, The Aquadolls, ahead of their show the following day (June 3rd) at Bottom of the Hill in SF.

The Aquadolls’ third album, Charmed (which is named after the popular ‘90s/‘00s TV show), is a natural progression for their discography. Don’t let the relatable tales focused on love and relationships, heartbreak and longing for more fool you, The Aquadolls still are about having fun and showcasing humor in their lyrics. Charmed charts the growth in The Aquadolls’ sound, fusing elements of melodic ‘60s harmonies and ‘90s-driven crunchiness with a modern twist that ushered in a new era for them, and it serves as a strong representation of what they want to do.

Even as the current edition of The Aquadolls continues to evolve, their signature sound as a guitar-driven band remains the same. Armed with a continued desire to promote their message of self-love and positivity, Charmed is the perfect step forward. Combining a cohesive sound with this message, The Aquadolls are comfortable growing up with their audience — who view things through never perfect, Vaseline-tinged view of the world.