Featured Design: July 2019

Lavinia Sfetcu

This month's Featured Design was created by new KALX volunteer Lavinia Sfetcu! 

Artist's Statement: This is my first design I've created since starting my journey as a KALX Volunteer! Essentially, my design is a self portrait. All the colors represent my pure excitement to start my volunteer work, along with the endless opportunities of friendships, new music, and creative productivity.

My design is inspired by concert posters I’ve seen in Downtown Oakland in recent days for the Misfits show (with Danzig!) and Rancid displayed all over a section of a wall.  I grew up creating posters and album art for my favorite bands as a hobby and am excited to create designs for KALX and keep that punk, DIY aesthetic.  The most enticing thing about doing design work for KALX is the pure freedom to create anything and everything.  When walking into the KALX station for the first time, I couldn't contain my excitement to start my journey of getting involved with something with so much rich history.  Everywhere you turn, there's artwork from past station flyers, concert shows, and band stickers.  Your eyes wonder from graphic to graphic, taking in the ideas and concepts that is portrayed in each design. The atmosphere gives you the feel that you're in your best friend's room with their favorite band posters plastered all over the walls, some peeling from all years.  It's apparent that the small space of KALX has lots of stories to tell.

I am currently a part-time Marketing Coordinator for different businesses. I am using my volunteer hours to help better myself in digital design, while surely being exposed to more music!  At first, the final goal of volunteering was to become a DJ.  Now, learning about all the fun ways to earn volunteer hours has become in itself a reward and I can't wait to see what this journey has in store for me.