Die Geister Beschwören Performance and Interview

Event Date: 
Sunday, April 15, 2018 - 9:30pm

Tune in on Sunday, April 15th @ 9:30PM when DJ Carnacki hosts freak-folk artist and experimental composer from Portland Oregon, Die Geister Beschwören (Call Up The Ghosts) for a live in-studio performance and interview. 

Die Geister Beschwören is an exploration of Primitive folk, dusty field recordings and instrumentation collected from around the globe. Having materialized from behind the Redwood Curtain in the late nineties, Die Geister Beschwören developed modestly alongside his other musical project, the 18-year running, heavy psychedelic rock outfit, Datura Blues.  While Datura Blues satisfy a collective effort and engage in more grandiose musical pursuits, Die Geister Beschwören demonstrates an enthusiasm for Ethnomusicology, with comaraderie towards the New Weird America movement.