Dear 2020 Donors!

Event Date: 
Thursday, July 8, 2021 - 9:51am

We would like to thank you for your patience with us. It took longer than we anticipated to send out all of the gifts from the 2020 Fall Fundraiser. We had initially set our deadline as the end of February and after extending our deadline by a couple of months, the last of the packages went out the second week of June.

Lack of access to our building, not having volunteers to help in person, and limited mail services all contributed to the delay and for this we apologize. We would like to express our appreciation for continuing to support our radio station. We also want to ensure everyone receives the gifts they donated for.

There are a variety of reasons yours may not have reached you. We may not have received an update to your address, if it changed since last October. It also may have simply got lost in the mail or was returned to us. We also reached out to a large number of donors inquiring about which size shirt they wanted and if we did not hear back we did not send the package.

If you have not received your gifts or if a check you sent in has not been processed please email us at as soon as possible so we can help you! Again, we appreciate your patience with us in what has been a very strange and stressful time. We are looking forward to resuming our normal operations and have plans for a much smoother 2021 Fundraiser process. Thank you for keeping KALX going through a decidedly difficult time! We appreciate you.