CUP Interview

Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 3, 2020 - 10:00am
Picture of CUP

On Tuesday, March 3rd @ 10:00AM, DJ Velvet Einstein speaks with the duo of Nels Cline (the guitarist/composer best known for his work with Wilco) and Yuka C Honda (the composer/keyboardist/programmer best known for her work with Cibo Matto), CUP

Together they will discuss the CUP collaborative process, bringing their songs to a live performance, and how working with and performing with electronics has changed over the years.

Combining aspects of electronica, folk, improvisation, and some heated rocking, this debut recording—perhaps predictably—defies easy categorization. But fear not! Contained within this package is a sometimes sweet, sometimes jarring, but always compelling excursion into what a shared sensibility sounds like, and after taking the journey that is Spinning Creature it all feels just right as CUP's music veers from the accessible to the abstract and back.