CocoRosie Interview

Event Date: 
Monday, January 20, 2020 - 5:00pm
CocoRosie // Estudio a Pedal

On Monday, January 20th @ 5PM, DJ Velvet Einstein hosts sisters Bianca & Sierra Casady of cross-disciplinary performance duo, CocoRosie, for a live in-studio interview.

CocoRosie's songs blend a myriad of styles and references from hip-hop to folk and opera with a focus on beat programming and production using found objects, children’s toys and other unique percussion to create a particular atmosphere of nostalgia and mystery.

Taken as a whole, CocoRosie’s music is an ongoing psychologically intimate dialogue between the siblings. Each sister has multiple personae and vocal styles; Bianca delivers troubadourian-style-rap while Sierra often responds with ethereal tones while accompanying their voices on harp, piano, or guitar.

The duo will release their 7th studio album, Put The Shine On, on March 6th via Marathon Artists.

Photo Credit: Estudio a Pedal