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NASA Hubble images
Tuesday, February 19th - 11:59pm
Posted on 2/17/2019

Tune in to this week's Midnight Express on Tuesday February 19th @ 11:59PM for a show that will have the theme of Space Attack!

KALX and DJ Amazing Grace welcome our extraterrestrial overlords to the 90.7 earth airwaves with an hour of music about space beings, space travel, alien girlfriends, and all music interplanetary.

Ardent Sons
Friday, February 15th - 9:00pm
Posted on 2/15/2019

Join DJ Cia Cia La Pirata as she welcomes Oakland-based soulful rock-and-roll trio Ardent Sons to KALX Live! this Saturday February 16th @ 9:00PM for a live performance and interview!

Empowerment vs. Exploitation
Saturday, February 16th - 11:00am
Posted on 2/15/2019

Tune in on Saturday February 16th @ 11AM when Women Hold Up Half the Sky hosts curator Cassandra Rockwood-Rice and conceptual artist Aishwarya Vardhana in conversation about "EvE: Empowerment vs. Exploitation" a multi-disciplinary art exhibit opening Friday March 1st at Warehouse 416. 

Check out the Gallery in Oakland

Gina and Meredith
Friday, February 22nd - 12:00pm
Posted on 2/15/2019

On the next Method to the Madness, Friday February 22nd @ Noon, host Ojig Yeretsian speaks with Gina Colombatto and Meredith Hays, facilitators of the workshop series The Ultimate Shavasana: Where Examining Death Makes Life a Little Bit Easier. As death educators, they help people talk about their fears around dying and tap into the joy of being alive. Tune in to hear them speak about why it’s so important to embrace our mortality. 

Bicicletas Por La Paz
Saturday, February 16th - 12:30pm
Posted on 2/14/2019

Join DJ Mama Coco on Saturday, February 16th @ 12:30PM when she hosts Oakland based Latin Circus Funk band, Bicicletas Por La Paz, for a live performance and interview.

Bicicletas Por La Paz fuses Colombian folklore with modern psychedelic funk to create a high-energy sound that combines thick harmonies and hip-hop drive with positive and political messages in both Spanish and English.

Posted on 2/12/2019

Jóhann Jóhannsson was a Golden Globe winning and Academy Award nominated composer renowned for his solo work and compositions for films The Theory of Everything, Sicario, and Arrival. Back in April 2017, he sat down with KALX’s own DJ Velvet Einstein to discuss his album Orphée, Ovid’s Metamorpheses, Cold War-era archival sounds, and how the IBM 1401 computer found its way into his work.

Olivia Krause in Studio
Monday, February 18th - 9:00am
Posted on 2/11/2019

On February 18th @ 9AM ART CRUSH will feature multimedia creator Olivia Krause.

Hosts Jozefien and Svea visit her in her studio at Part II Gallery in Downtown Oakland. 

Choir Boy
Friday, February 15th - 2:00pm
Posted on 2/11/2019

DJ Hella Bent recently spoke with Salt Lake City based "synth-noir" meets bedroom dream-pop four piece, Choir Boy.  Tune in on Friday, February 15th @ 2PM to hear the band discuss their recent tour, the Dais Records re-issue of their 2016 album, Passive With Desire, and their plans for the upcoming year.

Ron Gallo
Thursday, February 14th - 1:30pm
Posted on 2/11/2019

Tune in on Thursday, February 14th @ 1:30PM when DJ Beast Monster Thing hosts garage rock singer-songwriter, Ron Gallo, for a live in-studio interview.

Be Yours
Thursday, February 14th - 3:00pm
Posted on 2/8/2019

After a five-year hiatus, DJ Rubberband Girl is reviving the beloved Quirkyalone radio special this Valentine's Day from 3PM to 5:30PM with guest-host DJ Microtone. They will be celebrating the spirit of the Quirkyalone with a mix of songs (and musings) reflecting on solitude, single-hood, independence, individuality and above all self-acceptance.