The Bird And The Bee Interview

Event Date: 
Monday, September 2, 2019 - 5:15pm
The Bird and the Bee

Join DJ Velvet Einstein on Monday, September 2nd @ 5:15PM when he speaks with L.A. based indie-pop duo, The Bird And The Bee.  Tune in and hear all about the band's recent exploration into the David Lee Roth era of Van Halen.

Since forming in 2005, The Bird And The Bee have brought a breezy elegance to their music, putting their own idiosyncratic twist on time-bending indie-pop. On their latest album, the L.A.-based duo find an unlikely vessel for that sound: covers of some of the most massive and magnificently wild songs from David Lee Roth-era Van Halen.

The fifth full-length from singer Inara George and multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurstin, Interpreting the Masters, Volume 2: A Tribute to Van Halen both sheds new light on the glory of classic VH and further proves the playful brilliance of The Bird And The Bee. The album follows Interpreting the Masters, Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates, a 2010 release hailed as “wink-free pop bliss” by Entertainment Weekly. This time around, George and Kurstin find common ground with their source material in a shared affinity for fantastically intricate rhythms, unforgettable melodies, and—most essentially—a certain ecstatic spirit imbued into every song.