2013 Fundraiser Oct. 18 Through Oct. 27

We would like to thank the many businesses that have donated their special products and services this year.

Below you will find our standard KALX logo thank-you gifts.

$35 pledge will get you:

  • Embroidered KALX patch
  • 2013 sticker

$110 pledge will get you:

  • Long-sleeve T-shirt
  • Embroidered KALX patch
  • 2013 sticker

$60 pledge will get you:

  • T-shirt OR Too Much Coffee Man mug
  • Embroidered KALX patch
  • 2013 sticker

$160 pledge will get you:

  • T-shirt 
  • Long-sleeve
  • Too Much Coffee Man mug
  • Embroidered KALX patch
  • 2013 sticker

How to Give

Pledge by Phone: Please call our office during business hours, Monday - Friday, 10am - 5 pm at 510-642-1111. During the fundraiser, call 510-642-5259 between 6am and midnight.

Pledge by MailDownload the 2013 Pledge Form, select your pledge/logo package and mail along with a check to KALX

Donate Online: Donate online with a credit card

NOTE: With this option, you are eligible to receive only ONE short sleeve t-shirt OR ONE mug (with any donation of $60 or above). To donate, choose your option from the list below:


2013 Thank You Gifts