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Is listening to us over the airwaves just not enough for you to meet your daily dosage of KALX? Then get ready to see original writing, artwork, and photography brought to you regularly by KALX volunteers!

The Weblog will feature content like top-charting album reviews, local event coverage, and a behind-the-scenes look into the station. Learn more about what music is vibing with our DJs, get to know our artistic side through featured designs, and get a heads up on what events we’re looking forward to in the future.

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Weblog Posts

The Moss at Cafe Du Nord
Posted on 2/9/2023

Review and photos by Chris LeBoa

Tianna Esperanza at Sweetwater Music Hall
Posted on 3/28/2023

Review & Photos by Shae Lake

As soon as Tianna Esperanza took the stage, the room froze. Doused in purple lights, her long, dark dress and matching hair wrap made her look regal, otherworldly. She wasted no time, immediately launching into a brief rendition of “Backlash Blues” by Nina Simone. “Do you think all us colored folks are just second-class fools?” she crooned into the microphone, gazing out into the audience. And thus, Tianna Esperanza set the tone for the exquisite and intense performances to follow.

Posted on 3/15/2023

Review by Jackie, Photos by Skylar Heyvald

“This crowd is very mellow. This crowd would like Radiohead.” —Concerningly Drunk Father

Junior Boys
Posted on 1/27/2023

Review by Mia Call and photos by Ashlyn Reynolds

NoSo at the Rickshaw.
Posted on 2/24/2023

NoSo, Squirrel Flower, and Maria BC put on a bone-chilling and ethereal performance that could only be described as a haunting, warm musical experience where the audience more closely resembled swaying kelp than the typical moshing and frantic imagery associated with indie pop or rock concerts.

Christian Kuria performs at Noise Pop
Posted on 2/28/2023

On February 24th, Christian Kuria, an up and coming R&B artist hailing from Vallejo, California, took the stage at the New Parish in Oakland as part of the annual Noise Pop Festival. This sold out show was opened by Malia, an R&B/soul artist and Dash George, a hip hop artist. I remember hearing fans recalling how much they enjoyed the openers.

Thee Sacred Souls
Posted on 3/1/2023

Review by Ryen Smith, photos by Maya Cooper.

The night of the 21st was exquisite as Thee Sacred Souls’ music acted as a mirror into the hearts of all persons in the crowd.

Reptaliens at the UC Theatre
Posted on 3/5/2023

On Thursday, February 23rd, Portland-based band Reptalienscaptivated concert-goers at the UC Theatre in Berkeley. Reptaliens created a surreal atmosphere that made everyone in the theatre feel the music throughout their bodies. They opened for  STRFKR and came second in the lineup behind one-man band Das Kope   at one of this year’s Noise Pop Festival concerts.

Album Cover via Mega Mango
Posted on 3/29/2023

Review by Sophia Risin. Photos from Mega Mango.

Posted on 4/29/2023

On the evening of March 26th, the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco was filled with a crowd adorned in vintage leather jackets, white flowy skirts, and flowers in hair, eagerly waiting for night two of Weyes Blood’s "In Holy Flux" Tour. Weyes Blood (pronounced “wize blood”) is the stage name of Natalie Mering, a California born artist whose musical style has been labeled as psychedelic folk, chamber pop, and soft rock.