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Is listening to us over the airwaves just not enough for you to meet your daily dosage of KALX? Then get ready to see original writing, artwork, and photography brought to you regularly by KALX volunteers!

The Weblog will feature content like top-charting album reviews, local event coverage, and a behind-the-scenes look into the station. Learn more about what music is vibing with our DJs, get to know our artistic side through featured designs, and get a heads up on what events we’re looking forward to in the future.

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Posted on 8/24/2023

Review by Laila Karkori, photos by Jaida Berkheimer

“Must be at least 6 years old to attend” read the event poster as I walked into the Great American Music Hall. The energy was electric on the evening of July 23rd as a crowd of uniformly stylish, enthusiastic individuals filled the venue awaiting the San Francisco rock band, Pardoner. Comprised of River Van de Berghe, Colin Burris, Max Freeland, and Trey Flanigan, Pardoner were wrapping up a month-long summer tour, with San Francisco being their final stop.

Posted on 8/24/2023

Early Tuesday night, before dusk had even settled, a swarm of people had amassed outside of the Greek Theater, buzzing with excitement for the evening that awaited them on the other side of the security checkpoint. What awaited, of course, was the Berkeley leg of legendary country songwriter Lucinda Williams’ joint tour with indie darlings Big Thief, whose sprawling double-lp Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You, out on 4ad, cemented them as a household name early last year.

Bruno Major performs at the Warfield
Posted on 9/21/2023

“But there's nothing, like doing nothing, with you” and in the crowd of the sold out, 2 and a half thousand people, there really was nothing that could compare to the magic energy of Bruno Major’s show at the Warfield on September 11.