Michael Hearst sitting in a recording studio with blue and purple lights
Friday, September 17th - 11:00am
Posted on 9/15/2021

Join DJ Velvet Einstein on Thursday, September 16th @ 11AM to hear his recent interview with musician and author Michael Hearst.

Tune in to hear them discuss Michael's recent book "Unconventional Vehicles" and companion album "Songs for Unconventional Vehicles."  They delve into the challenges of converting forty-five of the strangest cars, trains, planes, submersibles, dirigibles and rockets into song.

Photo of Vincent Tran in a fuzzy coat against a blue sky holding earphones to their head
Friday, September 24th - 12:00pm
Posted on 9/21/2021

Method to the Madness is back once again with another exciting show! Join our host Moody on Friday, 9/24 @ 12PM as he speaks with the Arts and Entertainment Editor from The Daily Californian, Vincent Tran, about what it's like to be a journalist in a world filled with creativity.

Artistic Rendering of Taj Weekes
Wednesday, September 29th - 10:00am
Posted on 9/22/2021

Join DJ Sex 14s on Wednesday, September 29th @ 10AM when he speaks with singer-songwriter, Taj Weekes.